‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 1-2 (20150103)

To watch other parts of Episode 1 of ‘Human Condition 2’
hc 2
Nationwide ratings (Nielsen) @ 6.4% for the 1st episode of ‘Human Condition 2’ broadcast on 3rd January 2015. This is a 1.1% increase from the last episode of the season 1 (5.3%).
Source: http://www.asiatoday.co.kr/view.php?key=20150104001136575
The challenge for the 6 members team for this season is going back to rural living for 3 days without the 5 present day conveniences of car, internet, money, rubbish and phone.
hc 1-3
After the 6 members had become acquainted with each other over breakfast and while on the bus to their destination, Eun Ji Won had asked Sang Hyun when the wedding would be held. I think the concern being that filming might clash with the date. Probably he meant it as a joke when he proposed that since this is the ‘Human Condition’, Sang Hyun should have a wedding without the bride.

hc 1-5
Of course that did not make sense for Sang Hyun.  When Eun Ji Won again repeated that he shouldn’t have the wedding, Sang Hyun shot back with ‘You also had a wedding!’
which must have been a bit sensitive for Ji Won as he had gone through a divorce in 2012.  But the moment passed as they were laughing again together.

hc 1-6

hc 1-7

hc 1-9
Their destination for countryside living in Paju which happens to be where Sang Hyun’s parents are living.

hc 1-9a

hc 1-10
Though the house they were assigned to seems nice on the outside, they soon found out otherwise as they were informed of their challenge of living without the 5 conveniences.

hc 1-11Getting their allowance after giving up their wallets and what is their minimal cost of living allowance?
A measly 5000 won

hc 1-12

hc 1-13
Since minimal rubbish is one of the conditions, each of them got back the thrash they had disposed off earlier. Their rubbish for 3 days would be weighed and there would be a penalty should it exceed 1 kg, but an award will be given if it’s less than that. They could not believe that even the food waste was returned to them and would be included.

hc 1-14Before surrendering their mobile phones, they were given 5 minutes to make a last call and everyone got busy.
hc 1-15Not surprisingly, Sang Hyun’s text message was to Maybee whose nickname on his phone is BiBi.  He was telling her that he would not have use of the phone for 3 days and her reply was to keep in contact when he’s able to do so, and to take care.
hc 1-16
As Sang Hyun had said, this would be the first time for him to be without his mobile for 3 days. In response to Ji Won’s question what he does a lot of with his mobile, he replied that it’s texting and selcas with Maybee.

hc 1-17

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5 Responses to ‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 1-2 (20150103)

  1. shandy says:

    Hmmm….. fresh, crisp !
    I have a profound greed for the countryside air, the air
    we breathe here every day is gonna make us suffocated.
    I feel like wanna suck in the crisp air as much as though
    I wanna be present on the spot, together with our fav man.

    The appealing country scene is sooooo irresistible, every
    thing there seems so natural, it’s a blend of nature and
    pastoral life, pleasant and peaceful, simple yet charming….

    Yoon prefers to have his new-wed home with Maybee built
    next to his parents in Paju with so much charm of pastoral
    surroundings, mainly coz’ of the simple country life that had
    been inspiring him since young. It’s not surprising if he as
    a nature lover still wanna retain his pastoral mode of life.
    Paju embraces too much of his childhood, the happiest time
    of his life….

  2. Zsuzsi says:

    If they are chatting and sending selcas so many times, they cannot spend too much time together! If I want to joke, I can say, he is sadder being faraway from his mobile for three days than faraway from EJ. 😀 I think it’s the time to know each other much better, so instead of selcas and chats, be together as much as it’s possible! Otherwise, the landscape is very nice and it seems to be a very calm place. I can understand why SH has chosen it as his new home and I think the air is much fresher than in Seoul, so, the best for growing up children.
    Otherwise, who are used to the luxury things, it’s hard to give up! 😀 Talking to each other is much better than pushing the impersonal keyboard!!!

    • juleecwk says:

      I’m sure SH have been meeting MB very often, as he has mentioned in the media interviews.
      Probably they don’t talk so much over the phone but prefer doing that face to face.

      The countryside does exude a calming feeling, quiet and without much traffic.
      But one would need a car for easier traveling unless it’s just a short distance to the nearby neighborhood.

  3. blueskies says:

    I was and still am a fan of this show. Even though l missed the past members, I am so liking this new cast. Everyone seem to have a bonded. I hope you keep up the good work on this site. *thumbs up *

    Do you know where can i watch the eng sub for this show? It had juz started airing in kbsworld this week.

    • juleecwk says:

      Though there is a subbed version which is now being shown on cable TV, I’m not sure whether there are subbed eps online. Hopefully there will be later as I saw one site with subbed ep of the previous season.

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