‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 1-1 (20150103)

To watch parts of episode 1 of the ‘Human Condition 2’ on KBS2:
hc 1First time we get a look inside Sang Hyun’s neat bachelor pad which must be the one he’s staying in Geumho.

hc 2

hc 3

hc 4
In answer to the question ‘what are necessary conditions for humans to live?’,
he answered ‘food, clothing & shelter’.

hc 5

hc 6
Sang Hyun says he doesn’t like the cold and didn’t want to catch a cold from wet hair so he bought a hair dryer. And as he had a slight cold yesterday, he prepared a drink made with Vin Chaud and onion peel which he said is good for cold prevention.
hc 7
Onion peel is rich in quercetin and good for disease prevention and fatigue recovery.
(I didn’t know that)
hc 9
Sang Hyun’s crash course in preparing Vin Chaud-onion brew:
Mix the wine and onion peel, boil over low heat for 20-30 minutes.
hc 10Healthy eating …… Vin Chaud-onion peel drink and sweet pumpkin.
hc 10a
Embarrassed to show what his fridge is filled with …..

hc 11

hc 13
A full shelf of skincare products and another of various lip balm

hc 14

hc 15
There’s food at least
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5 Responses to ‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 1-1 (20150103)

  1. sheeprondo says:

    Sang Hyun looks more like a family man than a movie star 🙂
    His cheerful expressions and his warm smile are so adorable 🙂

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    Well, it’s interesting SH’s flat, nothing special, just like an average flat! I thought that I would see any photos or paintings on the wall or more elegant furniture! Perhaps, in bedroom?? I wonder if that purple carpet is for the dog or for doing some gymnastics? I can see the Astroboy, but where is the Panda? In the bedroom? 😀 And why that cat is on the lamp??? As I see he loved Switzerland as the cow is on his desk! 😀 As I remember he mentioned that he would have honeymoon there, am I right??? Or did he forget it? And of course the RC models… 😀
    Answering for the question he forgot one thing: Mate! People are unable to live long without a mate! He should know it, especially, now…
    I don’t like the fried pumpkin, but I could cook very delicious soups from it, this was told not by me… 😀 His drink is very interesting, like a special mulled wine! 😀 My Mom used only the onionskin for sore throat, cooking with some sugar, better than any pills! I think he should have many problem with his throat as he has many wine in his fridge and that pan seems to be used many times! 😀 And of course, many cosmetics, but he looks really good! So, it’s worth, although, I have to tell not the most expensive cosmetics are the most effective ones! The lipcare balms are very important, although, drinking 3-4 litres of water could help a lot! I think if he would be married the double-sided fridge won’t be enough for them! 😀
    Otherwise, the cooking photo is my favorite!

  3. Mimi says:

    First of all , I like SH smile much mainly when he’s embarrassed before opening the fridge 😀 I expect to see something strange and I laughed a lot to see those amounts of cosmetics 😀 .. The flat is small I think and enough for a wife and three kids , that’s why a big house in Paju is needed 😉 but I like the simple furniture with the modern touch .. With a lady in the house there should be more vases , flowers and pictures .. Agree with Suzy , the fridge won’t be sufficient for two persons 😀 .. I like SH care for healthy food , skin care and lip balms (y) but please oppa , a lot of wine is not good at all for ur health in general .. Please accept my advice .. Wish u the best in life , marriage and career , fighting ❤

    • juleecwk says:

      I think there is mention that red wine has health benefits? Of course everything in moderation.
      Seeing the many tubes of lip balm in his fridge, now I’m wondering why he needs so many.

  4. shandy says:

    The house decoration reflects Yoon’s personality.
    Yoon is not in a haste to flaunt his social status, an extension
    of his down-to-earth characteristics : practical, simple with an
    open heart.

    The knick-knack display the self, an expression of his taste,
    that the Astro boy is a reflection of his childhood like; the cow
    connects him to nature . Panda could be lined with the cow,
    if it is not a soft-toy made. I try to think about what Yoon is

    The dumbbell set is beside the cow, a proof of Yoon keeping
    his fitness of arm muscles.
    I shall see the way he decors his house, he decors his lifestyle
    and lets out his thinking. He always likes to place himself in his
    own comfort zone. House, is the coziest place where he could
    nestle snugly at.

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