‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 1-3 (20150103)

Living with minimal conveniences and having to make do with whatever is at hand must be especially difficult for those who have always led an easy life and take everything for granted. It is only when one is without, then one can fully appreciate even the simple things in life. 
I think the ‘Human Condition’ is a good show which carries a valuable life message for everyone. Perhaps more people should go through a brief period of living without certain conveniences and learn to appreciate what they have. Much more than that, it could help us to be more resilient and resourceful, be more selfless and caring for others and to realize our inner strength. And most importantly, to never give up.
This clip link is for the part where Heo Tae Hui, Bong Tae Gyu, Hyun Woo and Kim Jae Young makes a trip to the village convenience store to get some food while Sang Hyun and Eun Ji Won tries to set up their makeshift stove in the house. As the 4 men tried to shop within their budget and with minimal waste, they had an unfortunate mishap with a broken egg and had to clean it up with their bare hands.
This part shows how Sang Hyun and Ji Won struggles with their makeshift stove.
Watch full episode (raw): http://asianpin.com/dm%EC%9D%B8%EA%B0%84%EC%9D%98-%EC%A1%B0%EA%B1%B4-%EC%9E%90%EA%B8%89%EC%9E%90%EC%A1%B1-%EC%A0%84%EC%9B%90%EC%83%9D%ED%99%9C-93%ED%9A%8C-150103/
The challenge finally begins …..
hc 2-1The men finally gets to see the inside of the house which must have been a shock as there’s nothing much in there ….. no furniture, stove or gas and a dusty bare room, simply nothing. There’s not even a proper place to sit and where are they supposed to sleep?
hc 2-7
So what to do now?  Sang Hyun seems a bit down as they sat on their luggage to figure things out so the other members try to cheer him up.

hc 2-7a

hc 2-9They will split into 2 teams …. with Sang Hyun and Tae Gyu taking care of cleaning and cooking while the other 4 men  go out to search for flooring material.
hc 2-11
As they checked out the place, they found a sweet potato drum which Sang Hyun suggested to install inside the house to serve as a stove after connecting the smoke exhaust pipe to the outside.

hc 2-14

hc 2-17Fortunately the men managed to get some plastic foam insulation from a kind villager which they could use as the floor material for the room.
hc 2-18aTime for a nap after all the hard work.  Sang Hyun was the only one who had brought along a sleeping bag.

hc 2-21a

hc 2-22
Wondering where he is on awakening …..
hc 2-26
Sang Hyun is hungry and digs out some chocolate from his luggage to share with Tae Gyu.
hc 2-30
While the other men leaves for the village to get food for dinner, Sang Hyun and Ji Won got busy with their make-shift stove installation. The plan is to connect the smoke exhaust pipe through the opening of the interior wall of the toilet and extend it outside through the opening on the opposite wall.
hc 2-32
But it isn’t as simple as it looks. Either the available tubes were too large or too short so he had to hunt for the correct size tubes to fit the hole and connect them together.
hc 2-33This connecting piece is too short to join the pipe on top and also too small to fit the larger opening of the drum.

hc 2-35

hc 2-36
Sigh, this is not long enough to reach the inner wall.

hc 2-37a

hc 2-38
So frustrating as this pipe cannot go through from either side.

hc 2-39

hc 2-42Happiness is getting a perfect fit finally.
hc 2-47
Doing a check to see if the exhaust pipe works.

hc 2-48

hc 2-50a
Unfortunately there seems to be a leak somewhere as there’s a strong smell of smoke.  Sang Hyun thinks it’s probably from this connection so he got some wet clay to patch up the opening.
hc 2-57
It must have been freezing as these icicles can be seen forming on the roof.
hc 2-56
With the men back from their grocery shopping in the village, it was time to start a fire to cook dinner. Some of them had difficulty with chopping up the logs but Sang Hyun finally managed to accomplish the task. Even then, it was really frustrating when they couldn’t get the fire started even after trying hard over an hour.
hc 2-60
Finally Sang Hyun suggested using a candle and even then, it took a while before they got the fire burning.
hc 2-64

hc 2-65

hc 2-67
Precious sweet potato rice prepared with utmost effort. 
hc 2-69
For the cold and hungry men, this must have been the best meal ever. Thanks to Tae Gyu’s mum, they had delicious kimchi.
hc 2-70
And just when everything seems to be going well, smoke could be seen coming out of the pipe joint.
hc 2-71Cough cough …… how are they going to sleep tonight?  More challenges coming up in the next episode on 10th January.
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2 Responses to ‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 1-3 (20150103)

  1. shandy says:

    Why one still can spare to think about romance or fashion
    when six of the men have to put a jerk into an adverse living
    condition ? Come on, the temperature is close to freezing
    point, the two men, EJW and HJH should think more about
    how to get through it without five sophisticated things!

    Looking at them taking more than an hour juz to raise a fire for
    doing cooking, oh, I so pity them especially our fav man.
    They’are supposed to spend 14 days in the countryside, 13 days
    are now left for them to keep going without 5 conveniences, I’ve
    my brain cracked too…..to keep moving is to keep their capacity
    of sustainability. First and foremost they have to keep themselves
    warm under the frozen weather. Secondly they must have a
    reliable place for preparing meals. Luckily Yoon popped up
    with the idea of installing the sweet potato drum as an indoor
    stove….but juz wonder how this thing can be used for cooking
    other food besides the sweet potatoes, oh yeah, sweet potatoe
    is one of Yoon’s favorite food.

    Yoon always likes the idea of working things up with his own hand.
    But there’re so many hampers in fixing up the pipe from inside
    to outside of the building. EJW seemed to be too easy to give
    up…. Indeed Yoon was the first man to get upset upon knowing
    the stark truth of five most necessities being restricted, but he
    soon picked up to revive EJW’s spirit instead.

    I like seeing the way Yoon put things up, bouncing up and down
    like a vigorous lad with endless energy. He had regained his
    confidence, nothing now was gonna stop him from moving forward.
    The country life can be seemed as tough as a team of boy scouts
    camping in the wild. It’s a challenging yet an interesting
    experience of life.

    The later part of their ordeal came to be known as a fight with the
    block of wood. HTH tried very hard with an axe to chop the
    wood but his labor was in futile. EJW then joined in the maneuver
    and whose effort was classified as another one of a kind. But it
    is really interesting watching the two men working hard on the
    stubborn log. The struggle wouldn’t take long when Yoon came
    to their help. Whoa, I am so appealed to see how Yoon manage
    to get the mission done, he’d have won the credits and trust from
    those younger ones. ^_^

    Throwing away the indulgence of comfort and sophistication, six
    men have to lead a tough life but the harsher one has yet to
    come….The stubborn smoke filling the house poises itself another
    problem to Yoon. I’m so eager to see how Yoon’s gonna square
    thing up for the next episode….^_^

    • juleecwk says:

      I think this makeshift stove can also be used as a fireplace for some heating inside the house besides using it to roast sweet potatoes. Probably the main cooking will have to be done outdoors due to the need for a strong fire and too much smoke generated if done indoors. I think the worst thing is the subzero temp and the need to keep warm.

      This somehow reminds me of Family Outing 2. SH had also chopped wood in one of the FO2 episodes so it comes in useful. He also likes making things at home so he should be quite a handyman. Probably the other guys need some practice before they can manage the axe. I suppose they will need to work as a team to get things done and can provide encouragement for each other. I believe the bond they share will be even stronger when this is over.

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