Good Leadership In ‘Human Condition 2’

HC 2
Related report:
PD Lee Min Ho of the ‘Human Condition 2’ has praised Sang Hyun for demonstrating good leadership being the elder brother of the group and has shown a passion which was beyond expectations of the filming crew as he would find things to do on his initiative. While living well with the younger brothers, he would take the lead to set the atmosphere. Currently with the shooting of the 2nd part, all the members follow him well. They become close quickly and the atmosphere is good.
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One Response to Good Leadership In ‘Human Condition 2’

  1. Mimi says:

    From the first moment of the shooting (seeing his simple furniture ) , I recognized SH likes simplicity and touched how he likes to do thinks his own hands (y) .. I felt how passionate he’s when he was playing with the cat appeared near the sweet potato drum , how he could be with the guys and the filming crow!! SH is a leading type and can always give a special taste to the atmosphere through his cheerful character 😀 I like his smile a lot and his caring for others … All of them are cute , cooperative and helpful (y) but I wonder if MB were with him , would he care for the guys the same way ? 😉 😀 .. I can’t wait for the coming episode and I’m sure there will be strong ties between them even after filming .. I’m so excited and proud of u oppa , fighting ❤

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