Custom Made Dining Table (Human Condition 2) 20150110

hc 10-01-2014

In tonight’s episode of ‘Human Condition 2’, Sang Hyun successfully makes a dining table for 6 people out of discarded wooden planks from the neighbourhood.  As the members do not have a kitchen table, it had been an inconvenience having to eat their food placed on the floor.
Once again Sang Hyun has shown his resourcefulness in creating something useful from recycled material.  It was a makeshift stove in last week’s episode and now a custom made dining table for 6 …… he’s definitely an admirable handyman.
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One Response to Custom Made Dining Table (Human Condition 2) 20150110

  1. shandy says:

    Yoon gives me a lot of surprises, that’s what he mentioned
    he’d made a dog house for Manseok and its family earlier on,
    with such workmanship which could be as fine as he’d make
    a table through his dab hands with the help of the rest for all to
    enjoy dining at.

    I luv his idea of DIY, a course of saving money as well as
    making use of the unwanted materials by converting them
    into something which is of great usage.

    Once again, Yoon’s ingenuity unfolds his faceted talents !!!!

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