Wedding Photo Shoot In Hawaii

Sang Hyun and Maybee at the airport, leaving for their wedding photo shoot in Hawaii.
Judging from the date of the posting, it should be on 14th January.

Hope we’ll be able to see their lovely photos soon.

14-01-2015 (1)

14-01-2015 (2)

14-01-2015 (3)

14-01-2015 (4a)

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4 Responses to Wedding Photo Shoot In Hawaii

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Well, SH found a very nice place for the wedding photo shooting! Hawaii is beautiful, with the wonderful blue sea, the vulcanos and the many palm trees! I think the photos would be wonderful as the land is beautiful, they are lovely and I am sure they will have fantastic dresses!
    EJ is very interesting as she could be very closed person, her hands are always crossed in front of her body and she holds a very big bag hiding herself or…? 😀 And her hair is brown again?! Good! Otherwise, from the big bag always the K-dramas come into my mind and I start to laugh. In many dramas I have seen elder ladies, mothers and mother-in-laws with a big bag and if they were angry they always hit their children, husband… with that bag! 😀
    SH’s black jacket is very good and he seems to be very happy!

    • juleecwk says:

      One reason for the crossed arms could be because of the very cold weather and they were not dressed warmly enough, probably since their destination would be warm and it’s a short walk into the airport. I always like to use a big bag when I travel because of the many stuff I need to put into it 🙂

      I was thinking they would have preferred to do their photo shoot in a warm place so that they can wear their nice wedding suits and gowns and shoot with nice outdoor scenery. Hope they will publish some of the pics and also show a recording of their duet.

  2. shandy says:

    Yoon was still filled with scruples…..
    I think he’s trying to keep his intimacy with Maybee out of
    sight of the public.

    But carrying a big handbag to hit someone is really a good
    tool for punishing someone ! ^_^
    What kinda stuff Yoon’s keeping in his big bag ??????^_^

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