‘Human Conditon 2’ Episode 3 Stills

HC ep 3

HC ep 3-1a

In the coming episode 3 of ‘Human Condtion 2’ which will be broadcast on 17th January, Tae Gyu tries to make a temporary fridge for storing their leftover food by burying the jars in the ground. The earth was frozen hard and as he tried hard to break it up, he was nagged by elder brother Sang Hyun for the inefficient method which gave rise to some conflict between them.
Ep 3 preview
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2 Responses to ‘Human Conditon 2’ Episode 3 Stills

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    I don’t know how many °C was outside, but if there was minus and in the house there was too hot (I don’t think so as that stove wasn’t too useful) then it’s a good idea to keep the remaining food in the field. As under the field there’s always warmer in winter and much warmer than we go down and down digging a hole into it! I “like” those people who gives very “good” advices without doing anything and just seeing when the others are working. I think SH is a hard-worker and like to solve every problem with really good ideas or not so good ones! 😀 But he never gives anything up! Great! I think both men are strong-willed peoples that’s why it’s hard to make a common decision! 😀 Hopefully, it would be funny! 😀

  2. shandy says:

    Storing food in the ground sounds an unfamiliar territory
    to me. But it’s big on sharing !
    Oh, it’s really fun, interesting !!!!!!!! And it’s educational ~~

    Think Yoon’s nagging must have given rise to a better idea
    for TG to work out the whole thing. Good luck to him !
    I expect a witty stuff come out in between Yoon and TG.
    Wow, what a nice day to catch up on Yoon on HC again,
    seems like I’m waiting for this big day, a big hit will
    sparkle between the two brothers, luv Yoon so much ! !!!!!!!

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