Wedding Song For Sang Hyun

In the scene below from episode 1 of ‘Human Condition 2’, Sang Hyun had requested the 5 members to sing at his wedding.  Looks like he’s serious about the invitation as it was mentioned in today’s media report that the other 5 members will be singing the song ‘With You’ (님과 함께) at Sang Hyun’s wedding. I hope they can show this in one of the episodes.

hc ep1-1

hc ep1a

hc ep1-2
Tae Hui had suggested that Ji Won be the lead vocalist and when the latter replied that he would be in charge of rap, Sang Hyun asked them to sing together.
I think this could be the song sung by Kim Bum Soo in 2011. A lively and entertaining number.
Kim Bum Soo – 님과 함께 (With You)
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2 Responses to Wedding Song For Sang Hyun

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    That’s why there’s no place for fans! SH has too much acquaintances between the famous people, although, for me it’s not important as I didn’t want to participate at the wedding! 😀
    Otherwise, I do hope that all of them can sing well, as at a so special day a wrong voice could make the day “more memorable” for the couple and the guests, too! 😀 Do remember for the first film of SH, Tone Deaf Clinic! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      Not only do I hope to see the 5 members sing but also SH & MB’s duet 🙂
      Yes, I remember well that fun ending scene in TDC where PHS was lip synching in that wedding song.
      Everyone was thinking what a great voice she has and then suddenly the recording got stuck.

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