Wedding @ Walker Hill Hotel

Walker Hill hotel
Walker Hill 3
Walker Hill 2
Media source:
According to the broadcasters, it has been confirmed that Sang Hyun and Maybee will be holding their wedding at the Walker Hill Hotel on 8th February @ 4pm. Though the initial plan was to have the wedding with a concert format, consideration had to be placed on the venue and relatives and it will proceed as a ceremony with music. As have been announced earlier, Sang Hyun and Maybee will be singing at the wedding.
If I remember correctly, I think this should be the same venue where Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung had their wedding in September 2013. There was a picture of the beautiful and romantic outdoor venue overlooking the river as in the last pic below.  I wonder if Sang Hyun and Maybee will be taking their vows in this lovely setting or have it indoors in an equally beautifully decorated wedding hall.
Sigh …… wish we could be there to share the special occasion. Would love to listen to their duet.

One of the beautifully decorated halls @ Sheraton Grande Walkerhill – Vista Hall
Walker Hill
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4 Responses to Wedding @ Walker Hill Hotel

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Well, yes, this is the same place and I have seen many other famous people, who had the wedding her! It’s familiar to me, just like I would already have been there! 😀 So, SH has changed his mind and he stood in line and there will be a normal wedding. I wonder why he has changed his mind?! Perhaps, it won’t be a good idea to give a concert to relatives… 😀 Never mind singing to each other is a nice idea and if the lyrics is really wonderful, then it would be a fantastic and unforgettable moment!^^ The hall and the outside area are beautiful and perhaps, it would be good to hold as an outdoor event, but I think at the beginning in February the weather would be very cold and if they don’t want to stand there in a big coat or don’t want to catch cold (and as I know SH he takes care himself very much) they will hold the wedding inside! I think they should have waited until the spring or early summer as the outside wedding party could have been much nicer! But only SH and EJ know why it was so urgent! 😀
    When SH has shown how to go on catwalk, the wedding “march” came into my mind. Perhaps, he has practiced for it in Human Condition! 😀 But there he was without bride! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      Yes this place is lovely, especially having it outdoors overlooking the Han river but as you said, it would be too cold at the moment so most likely the ceremony will be held indoors. I remember seeing a very romantic pic of Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung having their ceremony outdoors. This place seems to be a very popular venue.

      From earlier media interviews, SH had mentioned that he had realized later that it would be a problem having the open concert format. He had to consider food catering for his elderly relatives so it’s not as simple as he had thought. And probably he has to find a good venue. Though not all might agree with me, it would be wonderful if we could share this memorable event. I would love to see them together and hear them sing a duet. It’s probably unlikely but I hope they can consider a broadcast of this segment. And I hope to also see their wedding picture 🙂

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        They will record all the wedding, so, I am sure we could see it! If they are really creative, and I think they are, seeing their music videoclip, they could make a wedding videoclip from the videos and from the song they sing together! If they didn’t think about it until now, it’s time to do it! Then SH can share their joy and their wedding with his other “family”, with the fans, if he really loves them! 😀 Or if he is more material boy ( 😀 ), he could release a single in DVD format… If not, I am sure some official photos will be about the wedding!
        By the way, Jay Chou’s wife had an amazing dress and that heart on the back! Wow!!! That could be a great love, if it appears on the dress, too…! I wonder how creative the organizer will be when he/she plans SH’s wedding and dress and suits!^^

      • juleecwk says:

        I don’t expect that SH would want to release this as a DVD as it’s a special and private occasion, unlike a concert. But it would really be great if there is a recording which they can share such as through MGB FB or youtube. Even just a brief portion would be great especially the duet and even just a wedding photo from their pictorial or on the wedding day.
        Dear Sang Hyun, are you reading this? 🙂

        JC’s wedding was lavish and the bride’s gown was really lovely. Yes, I noticed that heart cutout at the back and the grand train behind. I didn’t like JC’s suit very much and would have preferred a simpler design, but perhaps he wanted to keep to the theme of being a prince for his princess 🙂

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