‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 3 (20150117)

‘Human Conditon 2’ Episode 3 broadcast on 17th January 2015.
I had been rather concerned in the previous episode that the men had so little to eat in that freezing weather so I’m glad to see them with more food in this episode.  The once bare house is looking more like a home and it’s nice to see them getting creative with what they have.  This episode is certainly much more fun, and that ‘catwalk’ scene had me laughing out loud.
Full episdoe (raw) : http://asianpin.com/dm-%EC%9D%B8%EA%B0%84%EC%9D%98-%EC%A1%B0%EA%B1%B4-%EB%8B%A4%EC%84%AF-%EA%B0%80%EC%A7%80-%EC%97%86%EC%9D%B4-%EC%82%B4%EA%B8%B0-3-94%ED%9A%8C-150117/

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3-1aSang Hyun adding little touches around their room, hammering nails into the wall to serve as their coat hangers and decorating the wall with their group photo taken the day before. He had felt that filling up the house made it a bit more fun to live in and previously he had not counted on the joy achieved through self satisfaction.
As the floor was a bit uneven with exposed parts, Hyun Woo and Tae Gyu created their ‘Paju Air 1’ house slippers made from masking tape and bubble wrap.  Ji Won too tried out his disposable version by wrapping his feet in a plastic bag but it wasn’t very practical as the feet would sweat too much and disposable would only increase the amount of rubbish.
3-6c-2While preparing dinner, the men had some fun showing their own cat walking styles as compared to the demo by Jae Young (a model by profession). 


3-6c2Sang Hyun projects his ‘intense eyes’ which had everyone laughing as the effect was more aggressive than smouldering.
3-7 Tae Hui and Jae Young managed to purchase seasoned galbi at a good price from their market trip and everyone got to enjoy some meat at last. What a contrast from their humble start as now there are bowls, spoons and chopsticks for everyone and also a dining table and gas stove for cooking.
To lighten up the atmosphere, Tae Gyu used a bottle of water to simulate champagne, shaking it up and popping the cap which did not go far. When Tae Hui mentioned that Ji Won seems to be always eating a lot during his trips to the market and his shopping partner Tae Gyu remarked that he himself only got to eat a third of it, an indignant Ji Won protested that it wasn’t so.  As the scene was replayed, it showed Tae Gyu actually eating much more than Ji Won. Sang Hyun then concluded that Ji Won should not go for market shopping again.
3-9aNext morning the members decide to drop by at the village center to help with some chores. While the rest started sweeping snow in the compound, Sang Hyun and Tae Hui went in to talk to the elders and could not resist the rice cakes they were having for breakfast. The village aunt said she would later serve them lunch so Tae Hui suggested that they finish up with the work first. But with Sang Hyun’s attention still on the rice cakes, he hardly heard him but continued eating. 
3-10aThe members got to enjoy a good home cooked lunch and had to refuse the continuous offer of more food and even makgeolli (traditional Korean alcoholic beverage made from rice) from the generous village aunt as the bottle would have been added to their rubbish.
A disappointed Sang Hyun suggested that they could reuse the bottle, to which the aunt responded by offering him the whole bottle.  Having had to decline it and with Sang Hyun still wondering wistfully if they could have just one cup, Ji Won and Tae Gyu served him water instead.
3-14eStill craving for makgeolli, Sang Hyun quietly asked the kind village aunt for a cup after he had finished washing the dishes. But from the size of that bowl, it was certainly more than a cup.



3-14hFeeling woozy from too much makgeolli and unable to concentrate on the chat with the elders, he decided to head for home. 


On finding an earthen jar outside the house, Tae Gyu, Ji Won and Tae Hui had the idea of using it as a temporary fridge to store leftover food by burying the jar in the ground. Since it’s Winter and the ground was frozen hard, they could not manage to dig much even though they tried spraying hot water onto the earth.
Unable to make much progress, Ji Won suggested that they use Tae Gyu’s styrofoam box instead as they would not need to dig such a deep hole as for the jar. Sang Hyun felt they were not doing it the right way and commented that it was not very efficient.
Tae Hui felt hurt that he should make such a comment as they were trying their best.
In a later scene as he spoke to the camera, he said that they were just trying to think of what they had to do and was not expecting a compliment. But to just say one word ‘inefficient’ was a bit upsetting.


Sang Hyun joined in and tried to place some bricks around the box but it did not seem to fit. One of them retorted by repeating his words, saying that the bricks were inefficient. With the thought that they knew what they were doing, he walked off. The atmosphere seemed strained and Ji Won wonders if Sang Hyun is angry.
Not feeling good about their misunderstanding and wondering aloud why anyone would dig up the ground during Winter. When Tae Gyu walked in, it seemed as if nothing had happened as they made up and apologized to each other.


As they talked about what had happened earlier, Sang Hyun commented that he had felt like swearing at them.
3-18aUsing their self made wood chips for a carom game, Sang Hyun was happy that he managed to beat both Ji Won and Tae Gyu. But he was not as lucky with Tae Hui who managed to hit 2 of his chips off the table twice.


3-19This being the end of their 3rd day, it was time to weigh their accumulated rubbish. Should their total be less than 1 kg, their reward would be a plate of pork belly but if that was exceeded, their penalty would be 2 pails of cold water.  I think the PD was saying that for every kg, they would take turns to pour the cold water on themselves?  With the temperature then at minus 9 degrees C, that would be terrible. 
The PD even had 2 crew members to do a spot check in the house for any waste which they might not have brought out. For more accuracy even if the bin would be subtracted, they decided to just weigh the rubbish. Much to their relief, their general wastes was just 104 g and food residue wastes 77 g which came up to a total of just 181 g. 
3-19bThey then realized they had mistakenly thought that 1 kg was 100g.  Their first challenge of living without 5 necessities had finally ended and they can get back to normal life before taking on the next challenge. Unexpectedly they decided not to accept the pork belly reward which was returned to the crew but went back in to enjoy a simple dinner together.
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