‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 4 (20150124)

In this episode, the 6 members meet up again to take on a new challenge of living within a budget.
Their allowance this time would be 90,000 won to last them over 3 days (15,000 won per person) and which would be given to them all at once.
To watch full episode (raw): http://asianpin.com/dm-%EC%9D%B8%EA%B0%84%EC%9D%98-%EC%A1%B0%EA%B1%B4-%EB%8B%A4%EC%84%AF-%EA%B0%80%EC%A7%80-%EC%97%86%EC%9D%B4-%EC%82%B4%EA%B8%B0-4-95%ED%9A%8C-150124/
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDcDOE14jYg (kiss re-enactment)
Though their total allowance might not be a lot, the members were delighted that they would get the whole amount all at once. It was agreed that Tae Gyu would be in charge of cooking and their priority would be to get a burner, blankets and floor cover material. Sang Hyun, Tae Gyu and Jae Young would be in charge of buying food from the market while the other 3 would source for the items. Unfortunately, Hyun Woo had forgotten to bring the fare card which he had previously purchased.
4-2Sang Hyun suggested that they get enough food to last them 3 days and to cook fish cake soup. They were happy to get a big bag of salt for 1000 won and managed to get all the ingredients for the soup including radish.



Meanwhile, the other team went off to a scrap yard where they managed to find what they needed …. laminated paper for floor material, a burner and heater, hot water dispenser, clothes rack, dish drainer, wooden chair and a hula hoop. They were lucky to get the 2 red stools for free as these were going to be discarded. Ji Won then suggested that they play a prank on the other team by lying that they had overspent and had even taken a loan of 2 weeks allowance.
4-6Sang Hyun and Tae Gyu were surprised at the sight of all the items brought back by Tae Hui. He had returned first as the scrap yard owner had given him a lift while the other 2 members took the bus.
Tae Gyu seemed the most flustered and alarmed when Tae Hui nonchalantly said that they had used up all their money. Rushing out after the latter, he kept asking how much they had borrowed. He was also wondering why they bought unnecessary items such as the 2 red stools and the hula hoop.
It was the last straw when Ji Won said that they had spent a total of 230,000 won ….. 50,000 won from their allowance and a loan of 180,000 won (2 weeks allowance).
Ji Won goes through each item but gave an inflated price. Saying that they had bought all these for everyone, he showed Sang Hyun a wooden chair which they had bought for him.
Feeling non too pleased with their reckless spending, Sang Hyun told them to return the items and to place them in the storage shed. Tae Gyu was too worked up to want any further discussion and when Ji Won asked where they could have got all the items for 200,000 won, he couldn’t help but grabbed him by the collar.
For a last laugh , Tae Hui and Ji Won added another shocker that there is more debt and the delivery van would be coming again with a bookcase.
  That was too much for Tae Gyu who angrily asked the camera man why they wanted to film this and wanted to know how much Ji Won had really borrowed. Sang Hyun seemed too dumbfounded to say anything.
I have a feeling that Tae Gyu, Sang Hyun and Jae Young did not know that they had being set up with the hidden camera. Looking at their body language, there were some signs their discomfort was genuine. Jae Young seemed rather uncomfortable as he watched their heated exchange, Tae Gyu with his crossed arms and Sang Hyun with his mouth slightly agape, looking uneasily sideways at Tae Gyu’s outburst and scratching behind his ears.
4-13aFinally Tae Hui decided to tell them the truth that they had not exceeded their budget and had bought all the items for only 50000 won (around 40,000 won in earlier footage). Tae Gyu was so relieved that he gave them a hug and Sang Hyun was able to smile again.


4-15Laying the floor with the laminated paper and using the plastic wrap as a measuring tool to get the correct cut-out to fit the curved wall.


I had a good laugh at this part with Tae Gyu and Sang Hyun’s parody of Yu Hui Yeol’s Sketchbook talk show where they imitated the latter’s favorite posture with his arm under his armpit and Tae Gyu’s probing of Sang Hyun’s date and re-enactment of his first kiss with Maybee.
To Tae Gyu’s question about the song ‘Not A Flashy Confession’ which Sang Hyun had sang during his proposal, Sang Hyun said that he had liked this song very much since young and would like to sing it to a loved one when she appears. And when Maybee heard this song on the car radio and mentioned that she likes it very much, he had immediately switched to this song for the proposal.
Regarding their relationship of only 5 months, Sang Hyun said they could not meet often due to their busy schedules. So when they do meet, they would have long chats in the car for up to 4 hours. Tae Gyu was curious and wanted to know more so he started prodding Sang Hyun to share that all important moment.
4-17Though Sang Hyun had at first said that the memory was for himself, he finally blurted out about his first kiss with Maybee.  That night after dinner, they were chatting in the car at around 2-3 in the early morning when it suddenly started raining heavily and the windows were misted over. That was when he recalled the scene from Titanic with the hand smacked against the misted up car window (replay of the scene from Titanic).  He found himself looking at her lips as she talked and was repeatedly thinking to himself ….. finally he decided to make the first move.


As Tae Gyu wanted a demo, re-enactment of the romantic scene …… his far from romantic expression is so funny that it made me laugh out loud.


4-21When Sang Hyun described how he had used his other hand to pull ‘her’ head towards him, Tae Gyu’s expression was priceless ….. and they both burst into laughter.



4-24The next morning, they set out to the village center to help out with needed chores. One of the elders needed help to clear the young trees on the plot of land where he was growing ginseng. During summer, their leaves would cast a shadow and block sunlight which the ginseng required for better growth. Their house as indicated by the brown label and the ginseng field by the green label in the picture above.




4-28The village elder had shown them the proper way to cut off the branches with a scythe and though it had seemed simple enough, they realized it’s really hard work. With Sang Hyun huffing and puffing and a tired Tae Gyu losing his balance on the slopes, the elder finally asked them to go back to the village and help with the mandu preparation while the rest continued with their tasks.





4-33Everything seemed to be going well when Ji Won accidentally broke a bottle. As they had to remove the broken glass, they resorted to using lots of tissues. He felt bad about the accident and especially when the lady had a cut on her fingers.
When I was watching this scene, I had wondered why she had used her hands to remove the broken glass. That is dangerous.  Couldn’t they have used a dustpan and broom instead?


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