Wedding Photo Shoot

Some lovely studio wedding photos at last. Love the soft white and green theme which gives a romantic feel. My favorites are the one with Sang Hyun seated and Maybee standing next to him with the bouquet and the last photo with them holding hands. It’s good to see Seung Chul in the group photo too. Hope we will also get to see some pics from the pictorial shoots in Hawaii.
Pics from Rari Studios @

30-01-2015 (1)

30-01-2015 (2)

30-01-2015 (6)

30-01-2015 (3)

30-01-2015 (4)

30-01-2015 (7)

30-01-2015 (8)

30-01-2015 (5)

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14 Responses to Wedding Photo Shoot

  1. Henrietta says:

    Happy and lovely couple! Wish you all the best!!

  2. Mimi says:

    In the last post we hopped to see SH wedding photos and now those beautiful photos are with us (y) .. Definitely they are wonderful photos and SH smiling face reveals his happiness and expresses how glad he’s !! He’s gorgeous as usual and MB ‘s dresses are beautiful .. My favorite picture is the one they are holding their hands .. It’s lovely to see NSC with that wide smile .. Congratulation oppa and wish to see your smile forever after marriage holding your baby 😉

  3. Zsuzsanna says:

    It’s interesting that the photosystem in Hungary is different, the brides are sitting and the grooms are standing. But I like this conception, too! Of course, the bride’s dress could be more visible if she is standing. Ohterwise, the second, the darker bride dress is more beautiful, at least for me! EJ looks in it on the first photo like the young Yoko Ono, in the second dress like the Snowqueen!
    SH is very elegant, like the girls and the boys, too! The bow tie fits to SC very well, he should wear such an elegant suit with bow tie more often! 😀 The girls’ lace applications on the dresses are also beautiful and the color is perfect! I think EJ wasn’t in easy situation to changing so many dresses!!!
    Reading the reactions of fans on the FB I laughed so much, when someone asked if it was a real shooting or an advertisement,,, 😀 When I saw the third photo it came the same idea into my mind as SH is the same as on the GSGM family winter photoshooting with that female model… Unfortunately, this is real one… 😦 Hopefully, this lovely smile would remain on his face after the wedding for a long time… 😀

    • Zsuzsanna says:

      I wonder how long and why he would wear that ring? Will he change the ring after the wedding or he will wear two??? I wonder why he wears it, although EJ doesn’t wear any!

  4. Lichi lisy says:

    Looks to me like an ad…. Hope she really loves him for real!

    • Zsuzsanna says:

      She should love him as she can get everything with him, what she wants: a perfect singer, a very good actor, a charming, lovely, goodlooking, rich, famous and sexy man with lovely, helpful, loveable and romantic personality and who puts his family to the first place and everything is just behind that! He is a perfect husband type and he could help her career, too! Who is that crazy woman who won’t love such a man???

  5. Lichi lisy says:

    Love the pic that they’re holding hands and looking each other. Best photo!

  6. Mimi says:

    Agree with you Lichi but why doesn’t she wear a ring ? I’m surprised

  7. Mimi says:

    In the engagement period , there must be a ring due to us in the Middle East .. After marriage it jumps to the left hand 🙂 perhaps the task is different in Korea but in dramas I see the ring is very important and until now MB hasn’t worn one !!!! Honestly I care about their life after marriage wishing she’s the real one who gives SH the entire happiness he’s waiting for ❤

  8. juleecwk says:

    The gown is lovely and the other one too is very elegant. They make a lovely couple and now I can imagine a bit how they might look on the wedding day. Wonder if they will also wear the traditional clothing. So SC is going to be one of the best man 🙂

    Are you ladies still bothered by the ring? Whether it’s on their fingers or not does not matter, it’s their commitment to each other and they are getting married next week. Just want to wish them lots of love and happiness. 🙂

  9. says:

    Wishing SH and Maybee all the best for their married life!!!

  10. sheeprondo says:

    Lovely couple and lovely photos 🙂
    I guess the ring is still there because our idol has lied to us about the time they started dating. Sang Hyun must have fallen in love with Maybee soon after the completion of “I Hear Your Voice” in 2013 as it was the time the ring appeared.
    I think that is a white lie as artistes have to consider the feelings of their fans.
    When the ring first appeared, I was curious, but I have never been bothered. There was a time I felt jealous of Seung Chul because he wore a similar ring. How silly of me!!
    My idea is, as long as Sang Hyun is Happy, we will support him and be happy too.

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Rondy,
      Why jealous of SC since he’s a guy and he’s married? 🙂
      I know many have been caught totally by surprise and were shocked when the news was first announced. I don’t blame the fans who were disappointed as they felt SH had not been honest. But I can also understand SH’s perspective.

      It is not easy for a public figure to keep his life private. Most likely for SH, personal relationships are private matters so it must have been tough for him not to admit to being in one until they decided to get married. Who knows how a relationship might work out. And he has his reasons for wanting to get married within a short time. As he has expressed this wish to settle down from 2 years ago I think, it wasn’t totally a surprise to me. It has been my wish too that he would be able to find his special someone so it is actually good news to me. I can understand the fans disappointment but I do not judge SH for what he does or the choices he makes. I just want to see him living a happy life.

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