‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 5 (20150131)

This episode was fun and gave me a lot of laughs watching the members compete with each other in childhood games. It’s also heartwarming to see them growing closer and living like family. However, there were 2 parts which I felt should not have been included.
Full episode (raw): http://asianpin.com/dm-%EC%9D%B8%EA%B0%84%EC%9D%98-%EC%A1%B0%EA%B1%B42-e97-150131/
Related clips:

Recalling the accident from the previous episode when Ji Won had accidentally broken a bottle at the village center, the concern was the unexpected increase in their rubbish.  They came up with some creative ways to reduce their wastes such as making pillow cushions from bubble wrap, recycling of waste paper and re-using the makgeolli bottle and paper cups for planting spring onion.
5-2aReminiscing on activities in the past, Sang Hyun said that he would mimic one of the songs from the 90s which was sung by folk singer-songwriter Song Chang Sik. He and Tae Gyu then did a rendition of the part which was a bit much for Tae Hui’s ears.
5-6Since the members decided to have a campfire, they collected some wood earlier in the day. They had intended to burn their rubbish but was told that the Ministry of Environment does not allow open burning especially for synthetic substances which had to be done at the incineration plant.
No problem starting a fire this time as they had purchased a gas torch and could enjoy heating up the rice cakes which the kind villager had given them that morning.
5-9aSang Hyun being interviewed by Tae Gyu again on his parody talk show. With some impromptu background humming by Ji Won’s band, he reads out a message to Maybee.
“Are you watching this now? I am now in Paju. Even with the temperature of minus 10 degrees C, I would be thinking of you while filming. When I’m having a good time, when I wake up, it is always her that I am thinking of.”
5-8aSang Hyun’s hilarious singing of a part of the song by folk singer Song Chang Sik and his version of gentle dancing below which was more like stretching his legs.


I really think this Q&A should not be in the script even if just for laughs as it seems a little insensitive to me.
Talking about their ideal woman, they were curious to know the kind of woman that Tae Gyu is interested in. He was deliberately vague when he revealed that there was once a DJ and solo singer which he felt was not bad when he had listened to her on the radio. When the members continued to prod him, he finally admitted that it was Maybee and everyone started laughing.
Sang Hyun *sighing* and to Tae Gyu “Is that worth broadcasting? What’s the matter with you?” while the rest were still laughing hard.  Tae Gyu went on to explain that it’s not like this now as that was in the past. She has an offbeat charm and he had thought that it was not bad listening to her talk. But the image he had and the feeling was completely different.
Sang Hyun was next asked about his kind of ideal woman. He had been asked this question many times before so we know he prefers the more chubby kind. But to have him say it again this time and which could give a wrong impression, I just felt this question too should not have been included.
5-15Enjoying some indoor games the next morning. The first game is similar to ‘5 Stones’ which had been one of my childhood games too ….. throwing up one stone and sweeping up the rest with the same hand.  Jae Young scored the most as his big hands could scoop up and catch the chips more easily.
For the 2nd game, the winner would be the one whose chip landed nearest to the target. This time the members split into 2 teams and the penalty for the losing team members who be a flick of the finger against their forehead. This seems to be a common form of penalty we see quite often in Kdramas.




I had a good laugh at this part as Tae Hui had felt indignant that he had to ‘struggle’ alone as Tae Gyu and Ji Won wanted to dish out the finger flick penalty on him too. So he was ‘scolding’ his team members for staying put. In the end, all 3 of them received their penalty.
5-21They then proceeded outside for a game of tag.  The loser would have to strip off one piece of clothing each time  and be subjected to an outdoor bath when they have nothing left to take off.



Sang Hyun feeling aggrieved that Ji Won had only saved Jae Young and left him behind.
5-27Since all of them ended up being caught by Tae Gyu, they started a second round.
Sang Hyun lost so he had to strip off his padded vest.




Sang Hyun loses again and had to take off another piece of clothing.


5-33Seemingly determined but looking so cute just like a little boy


5-35This time Tae Gyu keeps to the far left which made it difficult for Sang Hyun to see him.



5-38Tae Gyu managed to get right behind Sang Hyun but in trying to unnerve him, part of his clothing accidentally touched Sang Hyun’s back.
As penalty Tae Gyu became the catcher again but this time, he was not as lucky and lost another piece of clothing.



The mischievous Hyun Woo jabs at Tae Gyu’s butt before running back over the line to safety.
5-43With nothing left to strip off except for his last layer, Tae Gyu takes the outdoor bath.
Fortunately it was a hot tub so it was not too bad.


5-45Weighing of their rubbish again at the end of the 6th day.  Everyone was happy that their total wastes was only 795 g. A job well done.


This time the treat was picking a random prize out of that slot machine. Though they were hoping to get a fridge, they ended up with a manicure set instead.
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12 Responses to ‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 5 (20150131)

  1. Lilt says:

    I agree with you Julee, since he made a choice doesn’t matter so called “ideal type” – a cheap cliche very used in SK entertainment, he could avoid to answer.
    “Yoon Sang Hyun revealed his ideal type on ‘The Human Condition 2’!
    On the 31st’s episode, he said, “I like chubby styles. Maybee isn’t really my style, but I came to like her when I kept seeing her.” When Eun Ji Won said, “If you like chubby styles, you must like girls like Jewelry’s Yewon.”
    The actor agreed, and Eun Ji Won joked, “You really must have liked Yewon if you know her. Usually, older men don’t really know [idols like] Yewon.” (allkpop)

    • juleecwk says:

      Honestly I felt a bit angry when I read that highlight by Allkpop. The way it’s emphasized gives the impression that perhaps SH isn’t being genuine with his relationship? So what if his ideal is such and such, it doesn’t matter anymore because he has made his choice and this is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. And Human Condition 2 should stop including SH’s relationship into the show but focus on other stuff.

      • Lily says:

        Julee, among SK entertainers around SH’s age (over 35 years old) are many without any perspective of marriage so I think they are simply jealous / friendly invidious on his happiness and luck, because it’s obvious from the plane that he make a good choice and found a fine lady, beautiful and talented so they mischievously provoke him. I hope in the future he will be more diplomatic or he will praise his wife so much that others will pipe down.

      • juleecwk says:

        Actually I had felt too that SH could have answered differently and put this ‘ideal’ thing behind him. “Yes, my ideal had been the chubby type, but now that I have met this wonderful person, she has become my ideal one’. 🙂

    • Zsuzsanna says:

      If he was unable to marry the “ideal” chubby woman, I think the solution is close. When EJ will be pregnant she must pick up some kilos, and if she would give birth to many children, then she could be a little bit chubbier than now more times! 😀 Otherwise, I think she is not the type who wants to be chubby even for the sake of SH! 😀
      By the way, I think the most important if they are soulmate or not! If they are, then it’s no matter if she is slim or fat as he would see her nice and would love her.

      • juleecwk says:

        I have seen some photos of MB when she was actually chubby and those were from last year before they met. But like most women, I suppose they want to maintain a slim figure. You’re right, looks are secondary when there is love and commitment.

  2. shandy says:

    Yes,Julee, you’are rite !
    TG shouldn’t bring up the question of Yoon’s ideal type.
    It’s absolutely an idiotic question —— it’s in a similar
    scenario when one asks a bridegroom at his dinner
    function about the woman in general that the groom
    likes most. They are many who didn’t get their knot tied
    with their ideal type yet they’re living their nuptial life
    happily. Never mind if Yoon didn’t get his dream fulfilled
    but his love for Maybee is down on earth genuine with
    whole-heartedness. No thanks to EJW’s putting himself
    as a smarty to bring up YW adding more spicy awkwardness
    into the bewilderment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. shandy says:

    I’m utterly shocked when KJW suggested to have the
    plastic materials burnt in the open air.
    Burning plastic will create dangerous chemicals such as
    dioxin and furans, the toxic substances which are normally
    emitted when herbicides are made, and also in the process
    of bleaching the wood pulp. They contribute mainly to air
    pollution, leading to the respiratory and lung cancer.
    Plastic materials are only allowed to be burnt in the incinerators
    with a very high temperature over thousand degree Fahrenheit,
    hot enough to destroy the hazardous chemicals.
    In fact, open burning is literally banned in some countries. I’m
    agape too Koreans are still using plastic bags widely………

    I hope HC family members will not tend to go off at a tangent,
    juz leave May-Bee topic alone. There are still so many interesting
    stuff and funny combinations waiting on the list to be explored.
    I like Yoon’s creative idea, with one which he connected the pipes
    into the house from the sweet potato drum, and he hammered the
    nails for the younger brothers to hang clothes, the games that juz
    fun enough to make a lot of laughter, and HW’s simple creativity of
    making simple sandals out of discarded plastic material….but sorry
    not for his jabbing the butt…while chopping wood for burning fire
    exposes Yoon’s strength and manly power……

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