Marie Claire Interview (20150204)

More lovely photos of Sang Hyun and Maybee from Marie Claire.


Maybee …..
Ever since I was little, never once had I lost the dream to be someone who makes music. Though I never once had another dream, when I met oppa, I have regained my aim in life these days.
There is a saying that when a person comes, he comes together with his past and future. Oppa’s past and future has come to me and we have to do it together in the future. It’s precious, I’ll write with care. Now we are one. Thank you for the gift of the little things that touches me every day. On our first trip together, it was with this in my heart that we walked along this path.
The week before setting off to Hawaii at a wedding invitation party with friends, Maybee had prepared a special video message for Sang Hyun, with music that she had put in herself. While editing it with photos, she had directly written in her reply to his proposal.



While the internet was buzzing with the sudden release of Sang Hyun’s marriage, his lovely fiancee was quietly minding her place and returned his love.
Sang Hyun …..
I do not like to impatiently rush ahead. Rather than rushing the process, it’s to get to the conclusion ahead. So when we first met, I did not have such deep thoughts as marriage. It was good to be able to talk a little with my friend and it was good enough if we shared the same hobbies.
Just as one’s clothes get drenched in a drizzle, Sang Hyun gradually assimilated with Maybee’s concerns. Looking at the same place, moving along the same path, knowing well what it means to age, for Sang Hyun everything is unhurried but at any moment his heart began to run towards her.
Sang Hyun …..
As shown in the media, the period of dating was about 3 months but the degree of passion was high. Regardless of what it is, I prefer to take things slowly but this did not apply with Maybee. It’s not like my age is lesser so I think I do not need a long time to know a person. The presence of Eun Ji is like a gift to my life.



Like all lovers, their eyes are always seeking each other. Leaving for a honeymoon in Hawaii on this trip, they had always thought of each other first. Sang Hyun’s hand is always around Maybee’s wrist.
Sang Hyun ……
I do not have a very expressive personality but a change I see is the feeling of love. Unwittingly, not wanting to miss being able to join hands with Maybee, it looks like they are attached at any moment.
Being drawn to each other like the poles of a magnet, there are no words that can explain things such as love and attraction of the heart.
Sang Hyun ……
Like these days, I would like to do the little things that touches us every day.  To break out in laughter even in trivial work and not to take things so seriously. Whatever that seems to be understood, it seems possible to do. Should the thought and attention be increased a little?
Sometimes I would be asked what is so fun when people look at my face ….. I guess the answer is oppa. This person seems happy to meet me, I’m just thankful that this person is coming to me.


She did not like traveling but at any time she would be asked out to the mountains and the sea and she could freely enjoy the time, thanks to Sang Hyun. For Sang Hyun who usually likes to climb the mountains, he’s not alone as her presence fills the air and he can often set off on the roads, thanks to her.
Sang Hyun …..
The first time we had a tour together was during Eun Ji’s birthday last year.  Being a lyricist, Eun Ji likes to work quietly alone. When she has time and I could bring her to an open place, what would she like? Recklessly I just gave her a call in front of her house and without any preparation, we left for Gangneung.
Being out of season, the beach was secluded and quiet. Occasionally quiet without the sound of waves or voices, we would walk down the path again. So we had a quiet walk along the seaside and went to look for a karaoke lounge.  I know that in Seoul this would not be possible because you can only sing for an hour. But not a careless song as a touching gift for Eun Ji to watch and I had thought of many. The heart that knows how to appreciate the little things is indeed beautiful.


Not every moment may be happy. When the romantic moment passes, it is going to be about married life. There would surely be a bit of difficult problems. That does not have to feel like a turning point in life when you rely on each other and solve it well. It is alright even if there is no correct answer.
Solving the problem in this manner and not to deviate from each other. Instead of our hearts waiting in anticipation, we would like to calmly welcome the time which comes in future. If possible, to enjoy with the heart. 10 years after, if Maybee and I are growing in that span of time as a couple, it is the fulfillment of our marriage.



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3 Responses to Marie Claire Interview (20150204)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Well, I am really bad, I think, but when I saw the third photo I have burned out of laughter! I think it was take with the intention that they could be seen as a romantic couple, and the conception was really good, but… But then I have realized the very nice black handbag in EJ’s hand and the very expensive parfume? in SH’s hand and that romance has disappeared… 😀 It was much more funny, perhaps, only for me as I have learnt marketing and advertisement so long! 😀 Sorry!
    The other photos are good, mainly the first one! That is very artistic, I like it! ^^ The pink dress is very nice and the green suit of SH is also good! Perhaps, I like as I have a similar color sweater!
    But my favorite photo is the second one! This is the first time that I see EJ smiling, I mean really smiling when she is with SH. And they are lovely there! I am a honest person and I have to admit until now I had no idea why SH loves this woman. He was always around beautiful women and many of them were clever and lovely. So, why he has chosen her, although, it depends on both of them, everyone has the own practique to enchante the other! Now, I could see something which makes her more likeable, A funny girl, not a diva as all the photo wants to show her! Otherwise, I’d like to call the attention to everyone, these moments could be very dangerous in the kitchen as the sharp knives give the majority of the kitchen accidents! So, be careful SH, a woman could concentrate to many things, a man only for one thing! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      When I first saw the 3rd photo, I was like @ @ haha. In contrast to the very prim and proper pics from RARI, these from MC are much more spontaneous and natural. That 2nd pic of him cutting up something reminds me of Sonsoo 😀 except that there’s a pretty lady beside him instead of the men, and I love that typical SH smile. MB looks rather different in some of the pics but I prefer her without too much makeup.

  2. shandy says:

    I luv the solo picture of Yoon.
    The dark-blue jean shirt that I fancy most, matching with the
    pure white trousers. Standing against the azure sky and the
    indigo sea being demarcated by a horizontal line, his natural
    charm is inexplicably exuding as if he’s buried in the beauty
    of nature…….

    I shall be grateful to Maybee for instilling her man, our fav man
    with her luv and care and understanding, loving him and his
    parents as a whole, to me it’s not easy…….. and painting his
    life with her inspiring colors…….

    The picture of her smile when she’s holding Yoon’s arm while
    Yoon is cutting red chili radiates a plethora of blissfulness, that
    I could be fancy in my dream would soon emerge on the days of
    their nuptial life to come…..

    My dear Zsuz, you’ve asked a very good question —— why is
    she the ultimate choice of Yoon, to be his soulmate ?
    There are so many beautiful women, elegant, clever, capable,
    bootylicious and sexy…….

    Maybee suits him in a sense of romantic partner, a sense of
    connection as they both speak the same language in terms of
    songs and lyrics. Remember Yoon is fond of writing lyrics and
    he’s some talents in it, so has Maybee. She’s considered a
    fullfledged song-lyric writer. Her cute and sometimes could-be
    chubby face, her height not more than 170cm, and her sharing
    with him his commitment to his parents…… all these are laying
    bare of Yoon’s heart being touched and his fondness of her is
    growing. I’m so glad that she’s not the first-sight luv for him.
    Whereas Maybee’s beauty comes next in importance, her inner
    beauty takes into Yoon’s account. Yoon is drawn to her
    spontaneously anchoring in their mutual strong connection, the
    connection that paves its way to bring him affection and
    happiness…..he needs a soulmate who can connect with him
    in every way and on every level. They both luv animals and
    nature. The only thing Yoon has never mentioned is of his
    aficionado for mountain hiking and bicycling. Whether Maybee
    has that kinda inclination for it has become dim in sight already

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