‘Human Condition 2’ Singing Contest (20150207)

ep 6-1
In this Saturday’s episode 6 of ‘Human Condition 2’, the members gathered at the village town hall to practice their wedding celebration song ‘With You’ but they also ended up with a karaoke singing contest to see who has the highest score. Could Sang Hyun have lost since he was taking that penalty of the cold shower bucket?
To watch clips of each member singing their numbers:
ep 6
Rehearsal for the wedding celebration song ‘With You’ I expect Ji Won to take the lead as he’s a rap singer and former leader of the group Sech Kies (1997 – 2000)
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4 Responses to ‘Human Condition 2’ Singing Contest (20150207)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    You know, SH could have felt this event as a catastrophe as he was the last, so, he lost! But not just lost, but he was the completely last one! By the way, I don’t understand as some of them were terrible singing! 😀 It was a little bit fishy, but never mind, I laughed a lot as he had never wanted to fail in anything and we have to admit, that he always wanted to be the first, and he was!!! It’s funny that he has felt being disappointed and wanted to sing again and again, just to certify that he is the best! 😀 I was really feeling sorrow for him at that moment… 😀 But at least we could sing him many times! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      I did have the thought that the karaoke ratings could have been fixed for the show. Ji Won and Hyun Woo have very good voices so their marks should be good but Tae Hui was off key so how could he beat SH? I’m not sure how the machine does the rating, whether it judges from how the singing matches the lyrics.

      SH couldn’t believe that he had lost to everyone and it was funny that he insisted on singing again to prove them wrong. I’m halfway through the post of this episode.

  2. geese says:

    Ei guys do you know what is the title of the song hyun woo sang during their noraebang time.
    thanks in advance..

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