Wedding Digital Single 봉숭아 물들다 (Balsam Stained)

봉숭아 물들다

Release of Sang Hyun and Maybee’s wedding duet 봉숭아 물들다 (Balsam Stained) as a digital single on 9th February.  I’m looking forward to the duet.
There’s mention in the report that some portion of the proceeds is expected to be passed to the underprivileged. I’m wondering whether this digital single is for sale.
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5 Responses to Wedding Digital Single 봉숭아 물들다 (Balsam Stained)

  1. shandy says:

    It must be a very beautiful story
    that they’ve found someone
    hidden in the depth of their souls
    as they were playing hide and seek
    waiting placidly at the darker part of corners
    for catching up on the one
    who is worth their smiles, their tears and
    the pounding of their hearts……
    And this unique one is in a million
    to reach them from a place
    where love is a point of confluence

    He found his unique rose
    She found her hero
    They found joy from each others’ dreams
    They found faith from each others’ eyes
    And they found love from each others’ hearts

    The balsamic sap is long lasting enough
    to tinge their souls with affection
    dissipating the fragrant exudation
    till no end of their true and sentimental luv
    The balsamine stains the ironclad proof of their luv…

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    Well it would be surely an interesting song, I wonder the colors… 😀 As I like the allegories very much! I am sure it would be sold as I heard that they will donate the profit to poor people! Nice idea!

  3. shandy says:


    Nice to be single
    Also nice to become two
    He chooses to become
    A man of a woman

    He wanna be her canopy
    All storms, all rains
    He blocks them away
    They cannot find ways to hurt her

    He wanna be her summer
    When their garden blooms
    She is the only rose
    Scintillating in the summer sun

    She wanna be his blanket
    When he sleeps lonely
    through the all nite ruthless cold
    Her hugging gives him warmth

    When two becomes one
    They sing the same song
    They share the same air
    Oh, so good to become a woman’s man !

  4. shandy says:

    She’s a magician
    She would conjure
    A sky of rainbow
    Out of his unpleasant scars

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