Sang Hyun & Maybee’s Duet 봉숭아 물들다 (Balsam Stained)

Thanks to all those who had shared a brief recording of Sang Hyun & Maybee’s duet 봉숭아 물들다
on their instagram.  Love the way Sang Hyun sings with Maybee as he walks towards her. The last clip is the members from Human Condition 2 singing their wedding celebration song ‘With You’

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2 Responses to Sang Hyun & Maybee’s Duet 봉숭아 물들다 (Balsam Stained)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    I think they are good together as a singer couple and the song also good! It’s interesting if I would sing such a song – as I saw the lyrics – I would always look into the eyes of my lover deeply (mainly when I am singing: I do! ) and somehow I would be closer to him. But they were looking many times to the audiences, so, I think I have completly different imagination about the real love as SH and EJ.
    Otherwise, that big chandelier, which is beautiful, is very similar to the wall at the Rising star! Sorry, if my fantasy is starting to ramble somewhere else…
    Regarding the HC 2’s members performance, they were really funny, I think they should have practiced a little bit longer before the wedding… 😀 Otherwise, who were in coats, looked like as if they were accidentally get there! 😀 I loved Tae Hui’s coat very much! Otherwise, many times, his kitchen clothing comes to my mind from the Pasta. 😀 By the way, why he has a bouquet in his hand? Will he be the next marrying person??? 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      I’m a bit uneasy that this single had been openly posted online when it’s meant for sale and also for charity purposes. The person should have refrain from posting it openly until after some time. I love this song very much, catchy and meaningful to them both. Their voices are very good together and MB has a clear and strong voice. They can make beautiful music together 🙂

      I love the part at the beginning (from the brief instagram clip) when they were both walking towards each other as they sang this song. Would have loved to be able to see them on their special day and watch their singing together that day, hope they can post an official clip later. I think SH’s idea of a concert like celebration is good as it’s something memorable for everyone.

      I had noticed that bouquet in Tae Hui’s hand, perhaps it’s meant to be his gift to MB after their group finished singing. I had initially expected the HC members to give a performance like what was in the original song clip, with the colorful wigs and the dancing 😀

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