봉숭아 물들다 (Balsam Stained) Lyrics

vow 4

Original Korean lyrics: http://music.daum.net/album/main?albumId=813258
봉숭아 물들다 (Balsam Stained)
Sang Hyun & Maybee’s duet
Lyrics by Maybee
Composition & arrangement by Kim Hee Won
Waking up each day with your warmth
Living in this manner, when the day is filled
What is it that I wonder
The song I have listened alone
Will be each other’s song
Said to live together with you for a lifetime
How is my heart
You and I slowly being tinged with each other
With the world’s most comfortable light
Looking only at you and only you I’ll cherish
We (a lifetime) be together (I do)
You are my only one
Whatever words in this world are inadequate
Today I will say
I love only you forever
With your bright smile and our precious talks
Contention is unraveled and my tearful smile
Living with you
You and I slowly being tinged with each other
With the world’s most comfortable light
Looking only at you and only you I’ll cherish
We (a lifetime) be together (I do)
You are my only one
Whatever words in this world are inadequate
Today I will say
 I love only you forever
When very tired
When afflicted by sickness
This will be a place of rest
To be your support
To be your joy
To become your song
Always have someone by my side
Someone who lends a broad shoulder
Looking forward to the day or on whichever day
We (a lifetime) be together (I do)
You are my only one
Whatever words in this world are inadequate
Today I will say
I love only you forever
Forever stay with me
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9 Responses to 봉숭아 물들다 (Balsam Stained) Lyrics

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Nice tune – I wonder who is the composer – and nice lyrics. I think EJ is a very clever woman. As poets have always special and interesting thoughts and they are really strong. I wonder what kind of book she will write and about what? I have checked her other songs and those were are also good, although, a little bit sad, which suit SH’s melancolic songtype, but from now…. 😀 I wonder if they will sing together or SH will remain a single singer in Japan?!
    By the way, the photo is very good, now I can see that she is really happy as she got married. This dress is advantageous for her as she is a little bit “chubbier’ at least in breast! 😀 And she seems to be very white beside SH, I think she didn’t have sunbath at Hawaii at all! 😀 Although, I saw in the HC’s earlier episode that every bride get a very white make-up, not just for their face, but neck and decoltage, too! It’s interesting, I think this could be a japanese mode! Here in Europe, everyone wants to be healthy colored at their wedding! Cutltures are so different! And SH as always looks very well and very elegant!
    By the way, I am curious what kind of ring they have as a couple ring as I haven’t seen any on photos, only SH’s old ring. Perhaps, we could see it in the very future….

    • juleecwk says:

      I like this photo very much, it captures a special moment and their happiness. SH looking at MB who’s smiling shyly and happily. I’m using it as my mobile lock screen because it gives me a lovely feeling of them together. 🙂

  2. shandy says:

    The song is so ” hot ” that some couldn’t wait to put it online….
    I can’t make up the accolade the newly wed and adorable
    couple deserve.

    Yoon’s vocal timbre is too good for a lame carper. And Maybee
    for the first time I’ve truly paid my attention to her singing, she
    has a sweet voice, so sweet that it doesn’t exactly serve my
    taste. But forget what I’ve said if you’ve heard the song, she did
    a marvelous job ! Oh, it’s so amazing, they’re perfect in every
    way !

    I feel a difference to experience with joy Yoon’s distinctive
    transformation. He’s made me sit up and turned me on. I’ve
    expected something dissimilar from him, surprisingly he lives
    up to it and never turns me down.

    His voice made a seamless match with Maybee harmonized
    by the light rhythmic music. I like Yoon carrying a little bit
    harshness in his singing tone, quite an assimilation of sexy
    voice; It’s one of his prowess in executing the number with his
    amazing performance.
    There’s a nice touch in the beginning, and a nice surprise for
    the closing. My nerve cells are dancing all the way, it’s superb!!!

    • juleecwk says:

      I’ve heard the song, I love it and the harmony of their voices. I especially like the refrain where they each sing a part of it but it blends together ‘we (a lifetime) be together (I do)’. MB’s voice is clear and strong though the pitch is a bit high at the beginning of the last stanza. But they sang it beautifully. A catchy tune and meaningful to them both. I hope to hear more of their duets in future and also hope that MB will write more songs for SH 🙂

      • shandy says:

        The loving eyes’s tacit understanding with words
        becoming superfluous between the two loving hearts.
        Their harmonious vocals exuded comfort and touch,
        even the surrounding air was induced with their
        passionate emotions.
        If their hearts are palpitating with affection, our hearts
        are moved by their feelings and romance……..

        This is a song, an imperishable song engrained on
        their mind in their hearts in perpetuity, it’s a song sung
        duet with the two hearts harmonized their true feelings
        and emotions, a song that records the history of their
        affectionate feelings in the beginning, will be
        credentialed in continuity when they will no longer be
        young as what they are today, coz’ in their eyes,
        there’s all luv going without saying……….

        With luv, they could make it more beautiful and more
        integral part of this world, exuding a kinda timeless
        charm from their authentic and sincere attitude towards

        Yes, Julee, I’m absolutely looking forward to their next
        masterpiece of song, which blends more of their feelings
        and caring towards each other, even both have gotten
        married, luv is still in the air…….

  3. Lily says:

    Julee, I think that lovely feeling of them together is the feeling that he is, finally, in good hands, at least this is what I feel. The picture is precious indeed. I hope they will frame it in big size and will decorate their home as we see in “Can’t Lose”.
    I like the song’s lyrics, which twin a love declaration and a lifetime commitment. Very touching and beautiful.
    I hope, with Maybee’s support, SH will debut as a singer in his country too with an original album, is an old wish of mine.
    Perhaps, MB will write books for children and SH with his design skills will make the illustrations.

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Lily,
      I think it’s also the feeling of happiness that’s so evident on their faces, that at this moment there’s only the 2 of them and no one else. A perfect shot of a beautiful moment.

      Yes, hope SH can have his own Korean album and even hold a concert in Korea. But it might not be so easy due to the tough competition and with their many talented artistes. But whatever the future holds, just as what is written in their lyrics, I hope they will always be there for each other.

  4. shandy says:

    Sang Hyun oppa to Maybee for this Valentine’s

    I wanna spend the day snuggling up to you
    sharing my world with you, singing our song, playing our tunes.
    Whether it rains or shines
    our days will always be filled with sunshine.
    Nothing comes to be the warmest one of its kind, on Valentine’s
    that I have always wanted to share with my most loved,
    it’s you who fills up the blank in my dream !
    Let me hold your hand and grow along with you ~!

    HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to everybody !

    • juleecwk says:

      I did not create a card for this Valentine since SH has found his special Valentine now 🙂
      A bit belated but here’s hoping everyone too had enjoyed a wonderful day with their loved ones.

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