‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 6 (20150207)

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The members are back with a new challenge of living with minimal water for 3 days. Instead of the usual minimum requirement of 20 litres per day per person, they were only given 3 litres per day for each person which totalled up to 54 litres for 3 days. They would certainly not have the luxury of taking a daily bath and in order to supplement their meagre supply, they decided to look for water from natural sources around the village.
6-2Sang Hyun and Ji Won sets out to search for water from a spring or river. They take turns giving each other a ride on the bicycle but with their combined weight, it was difficult to cycle up the slopes.



The water from this river was unfortunately not fit for drinking so they would have to look for another source.
6-6While on the way to look for a spring, they met some village aunties who were curious about the groom and wanted to take a good look at Sang Hyun. The lady in blue wanted to know if there would be a wedding invitation and joked that the tour bus would be on standby. The other lady in the car was concerned about his ‘fitness’ at his age and Sang Hyun laughingly said that he was fit. 
The ladies mentioned a well which was just a short distance away so it saved them the long walk to the nearest spring. Though it was not in use, the water is clean and they managed to fill up the water dispenser which they had brought along.



6-9This water drum contained their meagre supply of only 54 liters for 3 days. While shifting it indoors, the faucet was accidentally loosened by Jae Young when he gripped it while lifting the heavy drum. After the drum was emptied, Sang Hyun tried to tighten the faucet from its interior but it still leaked and could not be used for water storage.


6-12While out shopping at the market, Tae Gyu and Tae Hui could not resist the cute little puppy on sale and in spite of their misgiving, they decided to get it anyway. Sang Hyun was not very pleased with their impulse buy as he knew it would take a lot more to rear a dog. Since it’s already done, they would have to keep it.
Isn’t it cute? The puppy would surely remind Sang Hyun of his own dog Manseok.
The members decided to name it Ttoksun.


6-14Another innovative idea to attached the pieces of wood to serve as drum’s handles so it would be easier to transport. They would be collecting more water from the village well.
6-15Unfortunately their bucket fell into the well when the rope snapped as Tae Hui was pulling it up. Sang Hyun reprimanded him for being a trouble maker as his carelessness seems to cause mishaps, such as breaking an egg at the store in an earlier episode. Sang Hyun tried to make a hook with the metal rod to fish the pail out of the well but it did not work.
The village aunt suggested making an extended handle for the broom but that did not work either.
After many unsuccessful attempts, they decided to return another day to retrieve the bucket.
Later that evening, Sang Hyun issues his wedding invitation to the members.
We can see how the card looks like in the pic below.


6-20Having to conserve water, Sang Hyun does a damp wipe instead of taking a shower and the other members also re-use their water for flushing the toilet.


Later that night, the members make their way to the village hall to practice their celebration song for Sang Hyun’s wedding. They then decided to have a singing contest and unexpectedly, Sang Hyun had the lowest score of 92. Unable to believe it, he wanted to have a second round and was told to do a fast song. Much to his disappointment and everyone’s delight, his second score was even lower at 79.
It’s a bit fishy regarding the score as we have heard the songs by the other members. Ji Won and Hyun Woo sang very well but the other members were average and Jae Young’s singing was off-key. So how did it turn out that they got higher scores? Anyway ……
To watch cuts of the members’ performance:
The members practicing their wedding celebration number ‘님과 함께’ (With You).


Sang Hyun sings 세월이 가면 (As Time Goes By) which he had once sang in the KBS Win Win variety show.
When Tae Hui received a slightly higher score in spite of his off key singing, Sang Hyun insisted that he should sing again.
Even Tae Gyu received a much higher score of 97. When he commented that actors should have emotion but he did not sing with feelings, Sang Hyun wanted to do it again. This reminds me of Oska in the scene from Secret Garden.
6-27Hyun Woo sang very well and when he received a near perfect score of 99 ……




Even Jae Young who was off-key received a score of 96.
Though Ji Won usually does rap, he sang quite well and received a near perfect score of 99.
Sang Hyun had to concede defeat as he had the lowest score among  them.
6-33Still insisting on doing a second round but he would have to do a dance number.


Receiving a humiliating score of only 79 and it was game over.
Defeated but joining in the members exhilaration.


Would have been nice if the members did this dance for the wedding celebration song.




Surprisingly, the cold bucket shower scene wasn’t included in this episode. Perhaps they had second thoughts about showing such an extreme penalty in freezing weather. Instead the members received a gift of bath vouchers so they can finally enjoy a nice hot soak in the public bath and show off some hot bods …..


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