‘Human Condition 2’ Press Conference (20150213)

An on-site  press conference for ‘Human Condition 2’ was held on 13th February with the 6 member casts, PD Jeong Mi Young and the production team in Paju-eup Baekseok-ri, Gyeonggi-do.
During the interview, Sang Hyun said that he had felt a lot of empathy when he had watched the first season of Human Condition 1. It had also made him think of himself trying once to live without a car, cell phone and water and he had become a fan since watching the program.
He had refrained from appearing in variety programs because of the unpleasant memories and trauma of failure from Family Outing 2. But when he received the offer to be casts in Human Condition 2, he wanted to try the experience. Since he cannot live an everyday life with such restrictions, being able to personally experience this would be a valuable feeling and something that he could learn much from.
On Maybee’s response after watching ‘Human Condition 2’, he said that she had expressed disappointment.  While he had looked great in dramas, it had not turned out this way for Human Condition 2.  He says that she can dress well but he is not very good with color coordination.  He would like to learn from Tae Gyu who has excellent fashion sense.  But he feels comfortable coming to this place and during filming as there’s no need to worry about their clothes and hair, or put on makeup.


As for the morning mission which had caused conflict among the members, PD Jeong Mi Young explained that for Human Condition, the person to person relationship is important.  In extreme conditions, people will still share.  It was a simple experiment to see people’s ego of wanting to go first. And also due to conflict with each other, they can get to know one another better. Through these missions, viewers are able to see the character of each member and share in that aspect.
‘Human Condition 2’ is not just about living without certain things but hopefully it will be meaningful to viewers.  It is about man’s true condition which evolves bit by bit through the depth of their distress.


press conference

press conference2

Sang Hyun has revealed that he and Maybee are planning to move to their new home in March and he is preparing a gift for her.  He bought a sewing machine last week as he wanted to personally make pretty curtains for her.  These would be needed for their house and it is also because he could not sleep with the sunlight coming in.
Seeing how Sang Hyun loves making things himself and as he had also mentioned in previous media interviews, I’m sure their new home will be filled with his DIY projects and labor of love ….. for Maybee, their children and Manseok.


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One Response to ‘Human Condition 2’ Press Conference (20150213)

  1. shandy says:

    Throu HC2, I saw the true Yoon Sang Hyun, with no flamboyance
    or debonair in the wreath, the absolute genuine and easy-going
    one, his personal colors has rendered himself an entrancing quality
    of charms and unique traits. His distinctiveness affirms my belief,
    and faith that I’ve gotten in him for so many years of my fondness
    of him, that is of his charming characteristics , adorable personality
    traits and his persistence in faith, his cheerfulness towards the
    people around him, his childlike behavior at times and his inherent
    kindness towards animals and nature.

    He’s a mixture of youth and mellowness.
    His boyish character is exposed in the sunlight when the inexpressible
    boy-like joy written in full on his face with body language after a win
    of a game , and a cuteness of childlike disappointment after a loss ..
    His favorable dispose to get things done with efficiency, is another
    color tinging his uniqueness with his dexterity and ingenuity of DIY
    practice —— that I hope such concept which is already deep-rooted
    in the west could be widely spreading to the east, a significant
    practice of reusing the disposed and saving the earth for greenery

    Many thanks to the man we luv, the adorable man who enlightens
    me in one way or another,,,, and thanks to HC 2 as well for bringing
    our fav man to the forefront to extend his brighter side on earth with
    the concept of environment protection….
    It’s a great job, I’m not so much concerned about the viewership
    ratings, as long as the main theme is not diverted…..

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