‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 7 (20150214)

Full episode (raw): http://asianpin.com/dm-%EC%9D%B8%EA%B0%84%EC%9D%98-%EC%A1%B0%EA%B1%B4-2-e99-150214/
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Once again, thanks to ‘Human Condition 2’ for sharing with us in this episode the special moments of Sang Hyun & Maybee’s wedding ceremony.
A commemorative photo with the ‘Human Condition 2’ brothers and Sang Hyun’s good friend Kim Kwang Gyu. Though the latter was a bit stressed to be the emcee, everything proceeded well.


The nervous groom


7-4aAfter the performance of their celebration song, the members wishing the couple that they be blessed with children soon.


Continuing from the previous episode …..
7-5The members were excited to find a box and letters delivered to them in response to their earlier request for viewers to write in with suggestions on ways to reduce wastes.
7-6Everyone was wondering who had sent the box when Ji Won recognized the name of sender as that of his fan and it was confirmed when they read out the letter. The members were excited with the snacks and had a good laugh that the fan had sent Ji Won something to soothe his eyes when he’s not wearing make up. Ji Won seemed rather tired in this scene, hope he was not unwell at that time.
As the members went through the letters, Sang Hyun felt rather downhearted that he did not receive any. Though he was mentioned and referred to as Oska in the last letter with a congratulatory message on his wedding, it was from Jae Young’s fan.
7-7While Sang Hyun and Tae Hui carried out their DIY projects, the other members set out to collect water from the Deong Jeong Gol mineral spring which was about an hour away by bus. Their limit was 3 liters per person per day and since the capacity of each container was more than 20 liters, the water collected would be enough for 2 days.  It was some distance to the bus stop so they had to struggle with carrying the heavy containers between them.
For pics of this mineral spring in Geumcheon: http://cluster1.cafe.daum.net/_c21_/bbs_search_read?grpid=1IYVR&fldid=GMlr&datanum=13&openArticle=true&docid=1IYVRGMlr1320091218182047


7-9Sang Hyun and Tae Hui proudly showing off their DIY dog house for TToksun. Sang Hyun felt it was his idea so the thumbs-up sign should be his to make, which sort of sparked his craze to put his name as designer on the things he made.
7-10Disappointed that TToksun was not interested in the dog house but it was probably distracted by the chips which Ji Won was eating.


7-12Sang Hyun’s team won in a ball game and the penalty for the losing team was a snow belly rub. Certainly very cold and ticklish for them. This reminded me of a scene from Family Outing 2 when Sang Hyun lost to Jo Kwon in a game and he had snow rubbed onto his back.


7-14Poor Ji Won and Tae Hui, but this scene really cracks me up
7-15Sang Hyun and Tae Hui’s DIY post with an adjustable net for their ball games. Once again, he was adamant that Tae Hui should not make that thumbs up sign but the latter still sneaked it in for their pic.
7-16Tae Gyu grabs hold of Sang Hyun so that Tae Hui can add his name on the dog house.
Much to Sang Hyun’s delight, TToksun finally settles down in his new house.
7-18Still on water conservation and a damp wipe instead of taking a shower. Looks great here doesn’t he?
7-20The next morning, they were pleasantly surprised to receive some gift bath vouchers but they would have to hurry as they were to set out in 10 minutes. While on their way, Sang Hyun tells them about a dream he had last night. His dream was about moving some poo which had seeds in them and Maybee was with him. They suggested that it was probably a conception dream and he was reassured that it was a good dream.
As strange as it may seem, dreaming of poo is a sign of good luck for the Koreans and they have cute poop figurines and even a popular poop bread snack. Of course it’s not made with the real thing but just made in that shape. Try some when next in Korea.


7-22Without a need to worry about water, the members enjoy a nice hot tub. Then it was on to the cold pool. Sang Hyun preps himself up with a cold towel before getting into it.


7-24The members return to the scrap yard and was excited to see a couple of second hand fridges which were in working condition. This was one item they needed as their make shift fridge in the yard was raided by the neighborhood cat. These fridges were from a nearby shop which had closed down and it only costs them 10,000 won.
They also found a small radio which made Sang Hyun very happy as he must have missed his music very much.
They were delighted when they found out that the scrap yard owner not only takes in empty butane gas canisters but also paper and plastic wastes. It was a huge relief that they no longer had to worry about recycling their wastes.
7-28Sang Hyun & Tae Hui vs Ji Won & Tae Gyu in a ball game and this time they have a proper net post.


Tae Hui was sent off in the 2nd round as penalty for using swear words which left only Sang Hyun to play against the other team. But he too was sent off when his ball hit Tae Gyu. Both teams were now even with one win each.


7-33Sang Hyun felt that Tae Gyu was not being a fair line judge as he awarded scores to the opposing team even when their ball hit the post, so had him replaced by Jae Young.
7-35But even Jae Young also ruled his hit as ‘out’ ……
7-36Sang Hyun’s team loses and had to take the penalty of a finger flick on their forehead.



7-40The members are given the task of drawing a poster with a water theme



Ji Won’s depiction of Sang Hyun in his drawing but not very sure of his interpretation.


They get a reward once again for not exceeding the amount of waste and Sang Hyun was very excited that he had picked out a sewing machine. While the others were puzzled what they could do with it, Sang Hyun surely had an idea what his next DIY project would be.


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3 Responses to ‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 7 (20150214)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    As I cannot send you a letter as you won’t be able to read, now I am writing what I think here:
    Dear Ttoksun!
    I started to watch this show because of Sang-Hyeon, but I have to admit that it was a love for the first sight with you! 😀 Your lovely face, small and latte-macchiato patched body hit my heart! 😀 I agree with those two lovely HC members, Tae Gyu and Tae Hui fathers, who didn’t let you at your ex-owner and you have to thank them this lovely family. Your name is also lovely and suits you very much, although, I don’t know if it has any meaning! 😀 I hope you could get rid of those ugly fleas, which was found by your Sang Hyeon father and what a surprise! that he had an eyebrow tweezer and could help you! And you should be very grateful for that specially designed doghouse, which was made by SH father, too! Perhaps, first you didn’t realized what that house is for, as you could think the same as me, this could be a bird feeder! 😀 You have to thank the constant love and care of Ji Won, Hyun Woo and Jae Young fathers.
    I was very happy when I heard your funny voice! It was the same situation with my first dog Teddy, but after then he didn’t want to stop it as we were too happy to hear it for the first time! 😀 And I know the cause why you bark so reproachingly, you were running around the table in vain as noone wanted to give you any morsel of food! Bad boys! Although, you were so lovely when you were standing there, putting your little food on the table! I wouldn’t have been able to resist! Even more SH father was so envious that he didn’t share with you that fine sweets, although, neither with the others! 😀 Inspite of this, you were so kindly to go to SH father waking him up, but he didn’t award this kindness! But I think you could win the love of SH father in a special way, he told that the poo is very big luck, so… 😀 I would like to see his reaction! 😀
    Otherwise, I have a little fear regarding you as what your fate will be after finishing the show??? Hopefully, you would get a very lovely family and you would live a long and happy life! Until then Ttoksun, please, help to make your lovely fathers happy and give us, viewers, very funny moments! Fighting!
    Your sincere fan: Zsuzsanna

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Zsuz, that was a nice letter for TToksun 🙂
      In last week’s ep 7, Ji Won had brought TToksun to the vet for a checkup and was told to apply something if there are external parasites. But its health is fine. That eyebrow tweezers set was their prize picked out from that ball machine in an earlier episode. I think they were right not to give TToksun any of their snacks as those might not be good for dogs with too much salt and sugar.

      I’m sure someone will adopt the dog after the show is over. At the moment, TToksun is their mascot for Human Condition 2 🙂

  2. Mimi says:

    Me too ! I fall in love with cutie Tokson .. I love him very much and I’m glad to hear his voice .. He’s lucky to have this special message from Suzy and lucky to have six dads to care about and love .. Thanks for SH for making him that beautiful house and I wonder if he had made a lovely house for Mansoek? 😀 …. I hope poo would be a good sign for good luck to u , oppa .. Wish u the best of everything in life ❤

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