Sang Hyun & Maybee (Instagram) 2015.02.20

Sang Hyun and Maybee with mum during the new year celebration.  I wonder if the lady is Maybee or Sang Hyun’s mum. It’s nice to see them wearing hanbok and makes me think of sageuk dramas.
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One Response to Sang Hyun & Maybee (Instagram) 2015.02.20

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Essentially, it doesn’t matter as both SH and EJ became her children, the same family! 😀 I thought she is EJ’s mother as she is not a smiling type and she seems to open not so easily! I would think SH’s Mom an always smiling lady, although, who has serious problems… And EJ could be the same type, as she was speaking about herself. Though, SH told when he saw EJ cooking, she was very similar to his Mom. So, even if she is her or his Mom, we could see EJ in her, just 30 years later! Otherwise, the elder lady seems to be very decent and perhaps, could be very kind, but the photographer could make her nervous. Yes, I think she has to use to the more photographer and paparazzis! Hopefully, she has no big bag at home, oh, I think I watch too much korean dramas… 😀
    All of them are very elegant, the korean hanbok is a very nice attire. Once I have tried a hanbok on and it was really nice, but as I am not “weak” at breast, it doesn’t fit me too much! 😀 But EJ and the Mother look good in it! SH is like a prince in it and that attire is fantastic. Once I tried on that hat, but the “ears” on the hat were not standing, but turned down! I was funny with it, so, I don’t publicize it, but if I want to laugh a little, I just take a look at the photo! 😀 Those red dots on EJ’s face are very funny! 😀 In many korean historical drama we could see those dots on the faces of the women at the wedding.
    Otherwise, it seems to be a celebration, like a wedding. If it is the celebration of the new year, then it’s a very rich feast! There are wonderful foods around them and the folding screen behind them is also nice!
    Nice photo and as I see SH is happy, although I think he could have given up many kilos, so, it’s enough now from the diet! 😀 Although I don’t know his wife’s taste, but I really don’t care about it, as I prefer the little bit chubby SH!!! 😀

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