‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 8 Highlights (2015.02.28)

Some of the highlights from episode 8 of ‘Human Condition 2’ broadcast on 28th February.
ep 8a
In this episode, the members go on a collection drive for 100 kg of used clothes.
When Tae Gyu meets up again with Sang Hyun the first time since his wedding,
he made a joke that it seems rather dramatic that Sang Hyun had lost much weight.
ep 8b
When Sang Hyun, Tae Gyu and Tae Hui go to his house to collect the donated clothes from Maybee,
they were not allowed to enter as she was embarrassed.  So they had to collect the clothes left outside and talk through the slightly opened door. Besides some fruits for them, she had prepared handmade Valentine chocolates and a hand-written letter for Sang Hyun.
ep 8c ep 8d
Letter from Maybee:
Dear Honey,
I tried making this when you went to the shooting set.
Today the house is a mess again. I’m sorry. Oppa.
I will clean everything up before you come back.
Melting chocolate is more difficult than I thought.
I’m going to miss you. I love you.
Have one before the sugar falls off.
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