‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 8 (2015.02.28)

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The message in this episode is on the importance of clothing and to highlight how easily people discard what amounts to more than 60,000 tons of clothes per year (according to their Environment Statistics portal).
8-1The members meet up again for a new mission, this time at a large warehouse and storage area for second-hand clothes. They were asked to make a guess as to the quantity of such clothes that come in each day and were surprised to be told that it was over 5 tons daily.
For the duration of their mission all the clothes they had brought and were wearing would be kept by the staff and they would be wearing the set of clothes which had been prepared for them. But much to their dismay, what they found behind the changing screen were sets of chrome yellow gym suits which would be their only clothing for 3 days. An instant howl of protest erupted from Tae Gyu though an unfazed Ji Won thought it was fine as yellow was the color of his previous group Sechs Kies.
It must have been freezing as they seemed uncomfortable while they huddled together. They were to form 2 teams to collect more than 100 kg of second-hand clothes and the winning team would be the one which collects the most by weight. The clothes would be donated to the children of 3rd world countries through a non-profit organization.
8-3Sang Hyun and Ji Won being the 2 most senior ones would choose the members for their teams.
Sang Hyun won both rounds and picked Tae Hui and Tae Gyu.
The warehouse supervisor gave them an estimate of 100 kg as around 4 large sacks.
Since it was so cold, they would be given an allowance to buy a coat. That had everyone rummaging among the piles of clothing and they even had some fun fighting over a choice piece. Much to everyone’s amusement, Tae Hui picked a yellow jacket despite their suits already in that color.
8-5The 2 teams set out in the cars which were provided for their mission. Sang Hyun’s team goes to look for Tae Gyu’s acquaintance after Tae Gyu had finally managed to contact him over the public phone.
Tae Gyu’s acquaintance is actor Baek Cheol Min whose face has a close resemblance to Lee Min Ho.
Meanwhile Ji Won’s team had managed to find cheap food at an economy buffet eatery and they were amused by Jae Young’s huge appetite.
They decided to drop by at  the Paju City Hall to ask for help where one of the staff suggested that they try broadcasting an appeal to residents of the private apartments from their block admin office.
Though there were recycling bins at the apartment blocks, they could not take the items which were collected under a recycling contract. But they received permission from the admin staff to make a broadcast appeal and return later to collect the items from the residents directly.
Sang Hyun’s team sets out again, this time to Hongdae where they dropped in at a clothing store and managed to get a bag of samples and unsold clothing. Sang Hyun and Tae Hui were interested in some of the items which made it feel like a shopping trip.
8-10The members decided to have some fun with a dare to remove their jackets and walk around in their sunny yellow suits.




Finally reaching the subway station and locating the public phones.
8-16Sang Hyun makes a call to wife Maybee and as a joke, started whining that he had become a beggar in Hongdae and was dressed from head to toe in a yellow gym suit. After confirming with her that the clothes for donation were ready, he told her that they would be coming by to collect them.


He calls Maybee through the lift intercom to let her know they had arrived and she started laughing in response.
8-18They were surprised to see the bags of clothes left outside the door as well as a container of hand made chocolates and letter for Sang Hyun. Tae Gyu wondered if they could not go in and as they waited, he wanted to try the delicious chocolate. A moment later, Maybee’s voice was heard through the door telling Sang Hyun not to go in (because of the presence of the camera crew).
Tae Gyu and Tae Hui started laughing as they squatted down in the public hallway to eat their serving of cut fruits. When the lights went out and everyone got up to wave at the motion sensor, they could not help laughing at themselves.
As Tae Gyu commented that the ladies usually do not like unexpected visits, Maybee’s flustered voice could be heard through the door again ….. “Oh what should I do? I’m sorry’ but Tae Hui reassured her that it was okay. Before they left, they were served some bitter herbal tonic which was good for health.
8-21They next proceeded to Tae Gyu’s house to collect his unwanted clothes. As he started showing off his prized vintage clothing from the 40s and 60s, Sang Hyun kept teasing him to junk them.
As for his precious vintage Mickey tee which had a hole and must have a lot of sentimental value for him, they continued to tease by saying that there were many like these in Japan and it would costs only 20,000 won in Hongdae.  I find Tae Gyu quite cute when he’s annoyed or protesting about something.
Sang Hyun’s team finally gets home with their collection which they decided to hide in various places as knowing Ji Won, he would probably remove their items. And they were right as the next morning Hyun Woo and Jae Young started hunting for their bags and took out some of the items from them.
I’m a bit disappointed with them here as I thought these 2 young men would not resort to such unfair tactics. Perhaps it’s just to add some humor to the show but still I thought that was not a nice thing to do.
Tae Hui gives a demo on how to use the sewing machine. They had received it as a reward for not exceeding the amount of rubbish in an earlier episode.
8-25Sang Hyun watching with interest and seems to find it easy to use when he tried it himself. He had so much interest in it that Tae Hui had no chance to use it and grumbled that Sang Hyun should just do his DIY projects.


As they were preparing to set out, Sang Hyun found Maybee’s letter in the pocket of his coat. He must have forgotten about it as they were busy with the clothes collection last night.


Breaking into a smile as he began to read …… dear honey …
(please refer to previous highlight on episode 8 for the rest of the letter)


Sang Hyun said that he prefers this more than texting and Tae Gyu who also likes to write letters agreed that hand written letters are really good and one can always re-read them and relive the feelings, during times of quarrel or when feeling sad. Sang Hyun says that he will collect all of them.
They next set out to look up Tae Hui’s friend and were ecstatic to get a large bag of clothes from him. Meanwhile Ji Won’s team went back to the apartment block where they had made a broadcast appeal for used clothes donation.


In the coming episode 9 this Saturday on 7th March ……
Does this look like Sang Hyun’s team won?



Their next activity named ‘Cinderella Project’ was to find the owner of the second-hand clothes.

A couple of related news in the media:

Discussion is ongoing and yet to be confirmed regarding the April broadcast time slot for this program. It is likely to be shifted from its current slot of Saturday nights @ 23:15 as there are plans for a Friday-Saturday drama staring Kim Soo Hyun.
Bong Tae Gyu will be getting married with photographer Hasisi Park this coming October. The couple had met at the end of last year and a gold ring can be seen on his finger in episode 8.
From Bong Tae Gyu’s instagram
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6 Responses to ‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 8 (2015.02.28)

  1. shandy says:

    I’ve been wondering what these two guys’re up to in the
    first place with no understanding of the Korean sub…….
    I’ve thought that KJY carried a humble and honest traits with
    some semblance to Yoon……..Oh, why didn’t they try to pep
    the show up by checking Yoon’s team with anything positive
    such as overriding them in their next round of collection ????
    Yes, Julee, I’m disappointed too…..it’s marred a fair competition

    I’m amused by watching Yoon and HW hiding their hands in
    their yellow long sleeves, they must be cold…. ^_^

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Shandy,
      I’m thinking that most likely they are just hamming it up for such variety shows and don’t totally reflect a person’s true character. Just to make it more interesting. KJY does not give me that feeling of a dubious personality.There was also that scene in an earlier episode where SH insisted on putting his mark on all his DIY stuff and refused to let Tae Hui add his name to them. I don’t believe that is who SH is for real. So such shows cannot be taken too seriously.

      They were all obviously very cold as can be seen from their faces, especially SH who had to keep his hands inside his sleeves. Just wearing that gym suit is not warm enough in that cold weather. And there was one scene of JW holding up a card message in front of the camera ….. they were asking for a warm blanket since they were not allowed to wear their own clothes and jackets. Immediately in the next scene of them sleeping, we can see that they had some nice warm blankets over them.

      Sorry about the deletion of the comments from the other post. I had felt that certain remarks (not yours) were a bit excessive and it had made me feel a bit upset. I did not think it was fair to the person concerned. In most situations, I always try to see things from both sides and to understand the possible reasons. It just didn’t feel right to me in this instance.

      • shandy says:

        You’d deleted my comments once b4…….
        Sometimes it’s hard to converge opinions to the
        same point, anyway through open talks we gather
        more infor and know better …. Yoon’s fans are
        considered the most rational and lovable ones…
        I would like to thank our lovely fans like Zsuz and
        Mimi always give their precious comments about
        Yoon, and Maybee is still new to us, it’ll take some
        time for us to know her better……^_^

  2. Mimi says:

    Many thanks dear shandy ❤ .. Suzy and me are so sincere to SH appreciating his respect and love to all his fans .. Love and support forever ❤

  3. juleecwk says:

    Dear ladies, just want to say thanks for your constant love and support of him. There are things that have saddened me lately, from the things I have heard and read about. And there are those I may not be able to understand.

    So I would like to simply say thank you to those who have been and always will be there for him ‘in spite of’, and will always love and care for him and those who are close to his heart.

  4. Mimi says:

    You’re always living in our hearts ❤ ❤ ❤ .. SH is the best forever

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