‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 9 (2015.03.07)

Full episode (raw): http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2ix4u7_%EC%9D%B8%EA%B0%84%EC%9D%98-%EC%A1%B0%EA%B1%B42-e101_fun
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Finally it’s the day of reckoning, to see which team had collected the most second-hand clothes.  Sang Hyun’s team was  suspicious of Ji Won’s laid back activities over the past 3 days as it was unlike him to give up that easily.
On the first day when Ji Won’s team had made enquiries at the apartment blocks, they had managed to put out their broadcast appeal to the residents. But he had misled Tae Gyu by claiming that they could not collect from the apartments because of their existing recycling contracts. It was his strategy right from the start to take Sang Hyun’s team by surprise.  He’s certainly a cunning one.
9-1Both teams have been busy getting their acquaintances to donate their unwanted clothes as well as getting them from the shops and apartment residents.
9 (3)Sang Hyun’s team pays a visit to Tae Hui’s friend comedian Kim In Seok and his wife Angela Park at their new home. The couple had married at the end of last year.  Their simple gift for the host was the pouch which Tae Hui had sewn and a piece of Tae Gyu’s steamed sweet potato.
9 (4)
The members try on some of the donated clothes while packing them into the car. Sang Hyun’s jacket zipper was unfortunately stuck and in trying to remove it, his yellow top was pulled off as well. That inner layer should be something similar to a heattec top.

9 (5)

9 (6)
Meanwhile Ji Won’s team dropped in at Jae Young’s modeling agency to collect unwanted clothes from his colleagues. Ji Won was enthralled by fashion model Lee Hye Jeong at first sight.
The members back at their house after winding up their clothes collection. Tae Gyu makes a bet with Ji Won on the penalty for the defeated team to be doused with water. When Tae Gyu hesitated over Ji Won’s counter challenge to have the losers wear the yellow suits for another week, he took it as a sign that the opposing team was not as confident as they appeared.
9-3 Their final call to have the defeated team remove their clothing in Myeongdong, form a human pyramid and shout out “I’m handsome!”
9-4The final weigh in the next morning.
The members waiting in nervous anticipation for the total weight of their collection.
At only 85.6 kg for Sang Hyun’s team, it was below the required minimum of 100 kg.


Ji Won’s team was ecstatic when their collection weighed slightly more at 86.5 kg but their joy was short-lived when Sang Hyun’s team brought out their hidden stash.
Final total weight for Sang Hyun’s team was 137.5kg. Surely victory would be theirs ……. or not really?
Ji Won with that sly grin on his face as he decided that it was time to reveal his own secret stash.
Having confirmed that Sang Hyun’s team had no more to add on, he asked them to follow him.


A truck filled with donated clothing collected from the apartment residents which added up to a total
of 673 kg. 
No way to top that now


9-15The winning team were rewarded with comforter sets.
Letter of appreciation presented by Mr Jo Hyun Chan, representative from a non-profit organization affiliated with the Environment Ministry.  He had announced that the donations received and proceeds from local sales would be used to help the children in 3rd world countries. Summer clothes would go to South East Asia and Africa and winter clothes to Mongolia.
9-17The members have a new task titled Cinderella Project in which they will dress up the mannequins and find new owners for the donated clothes.
At Ilsan Lafesta shopping mall
9-18aTae Gyu announces to the crowd that the clothes on the mannequins will be given to anyone who wants them.


9-21When all the clothes had been given away, it was time for the defeated team members to carry out their penalty as agreed. As Tae Gyu and Ji Won have a discussion on the undressing, Sang Hyun decided that they will remove all their clothes (upper body).


As it must have been so cold at that time, they had to complete this as fast as possible. My guess is Tae Gyu gets to be on top of their formation as he’s the lightest. They were supposed to shout out “I’m handsome” but Sang Hyun decided to change it to ‘I’m a fool!”.


As they put back on their clothes, Sang Hyun mutters “I’m ashamed. Really like a fool!”
But on the contrary I thought that if he is able to bring himself to do such an embarrassing act in public, it frees him of his inhibition.

Coming up in the next episode …..
a time for healing and recharging. It certainly looks fun as the members struggle with the workouts. It‘s a nice change that they get to enjoy themselves.


9-29The doctor’s diagnosis of ’emotional disorder’ (probably from repressed emotions or stress).






Eek…… Sang Hyun eating a live octopus.
I would not dare to try that and I heard that the tentacles would still be moving in one’s mouth.
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3 Responses to ‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 9 (2015.03.07)

  1. shandy says:

    I dunno how the ladies here would define the words of ” handsome”
    ” charming” and “beautiful?
    But I absolutely do not agree with EJW’s inflated pride terming his
    team as ” handsome team ” and downgraded YSH team as ” ugly

    Yoon’s definitely handsome, charming and adorable. Charm and
    beauty transcends age. By rite EJW shall put YSH team as
    ‘ charming team” and ‘ smart team” for EJW team. A man is smart
    doesn’t always carry handsome, charming or beautiful appearance.
    Hw is beautiful and cute but devoid of charm, KJY is smart and
    quite handsome, TG is adorable while TH is charismatc, EJW is
    smart and charismatic but not handsome.
    How do you think my dear Julee ? ^_^

    • juleecwk says:

      As they say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But anyway, I think JW is just kidding around as usual. Mature men have the kind of charm which is different from the younger ones like JY and HW. Some people might not match the description of ‘beautiful’ and yet they are attractive.

      Of course, SH is and always will be our beautiful man. Tae Gyu might not be ‘handsome’ but I find him cute 🙂

  2. Mimi says:

    Hi ladies , in my eyes and I’m sure in other sincere fans eyes , SH is the most gorgeous person .. He collects all good adjectives in his personality including his charming smile and his expressive talking eyes .. So u can add whatever u like and that won’t be sufficient to describe his cuteness , beauty , charm , charisma or smartness .. I’m not exaggerating but this is how I see him although I admit the other guys are so beautiful too .. But each one has something especial for him ( as u said dear shandy ) but SH has all in one ❤ why not? He's adorable YSH (y)

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