Sang Hyun On KBS Cool FM (2015-03-13)

Cool FM 13-03-2015 (2)
Sang Hyun with Tae Gyu and Jae Young in a live interview on KBS Cool FM radio show
‘Jang Dong Min & Lady Jane @ 2PM’ on 13th March 2015.
In the interview, Sang Hyun talks about the changes after marriage. Before marriage, he had been afraid when he thought about the pros and cons or the fantasies about marriage.  However now that he’s married, there are more advantages than disadvantages.
Being a person who enjoys freedom, he has to consider marriage and the other party. More than personal preference, he has to adjust to the partner and the drawback being not having time but still, there are more advantages.

Cool FM 13-03-2015

Sang Hyun said that he was surprised to find that Maybee is good with vocal mimicry. When he had first heard her voice on the radio, he was amazed. When they were watching TV together, it was really fun when she had mimic the home shopping host very well.
To the suggestion of going on the radio as a couple, Sang Hyun said that he’s not sure whether he can do that. Maybee is very witty and he cannot beat her speaking skills.
cool fm
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One Response to Sang Hyun On KBS Cool FM (2015-03-13)

  1. shandy says:

    If marriage does bring him a lot of happiness and bountiful
    smiles, love and being loved, I would always say ” yes ” to
    him, “ My dearest oppa, you’ve got the rite track of mind,
    you’ll get married !<<<<"

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