‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 10 Highlights (2015-03-14)

Full episode (raw):

Because of their bet from the previous episode, Sang Hyun’s team had to continue wearing their yellow sportswear for another week. But at least they have more colorful jackets to match and looks quite nice actually. When told that the theme for this week is regarding the body, they started laughing as they wondered what they were supposed to achieve and Tae Hui asked if they were supposed to live without their body.
The doctor who’s going to give them a checkup is Dr Han Dong Ha, an acupuncturist and director of the Institute of Oriental Medicine.

Sang Hyun’s blood pressure was a little high at 129/84 and his pulse rate weak. When Dr Han asked him about his level of stress, he said that he had a lot of stress before marriage but there is not so much after marriage. During the chest compression, he had felt a bit of pain which Dr Han diagnosed as stress from something being unresolved for example. 
A bit of medical terms here as Dr Han explains the measurement of vascular age related to the loss of elasticity of the blood vessels during aging, due to the build up of fatty substances. Free radicals produced during many metabolic processes can attack and damage the cells in the body and known to be the cause of 90% of the diseases of modern man. Drinking water could help to neutralize these free radicals which are then discharged from the body.
The urine test measured in this instance was probably related to these free radicals which Dr Han had mentioned. Though Sang Hyun’s vascular age is that of a 34 year old, the results of his urine test had a high count at 3224fp which was a shock to him as it was about 6.5 times the normal count of a maximum of 500fp. But Dr Han went on to say that the high count would depend on conditions at that time. He had heard that Sang Hyun had a lot of concerns about hair loss so wanted to take a look at his hair. Everyone laughed when Sang Hyun was asked if he was wearing a wig but it should be reassuring as he thought Sang Hyun’s hair seemed healthy.

Dr Han says that usually it should not hurt when the chest is pressed on. For Tae Gyu with that degree of pain, it was due to stress and tension from unresolved chagrin. Dr Han must have watched the previous episode as he mentioned Tae Gyu being subjected to Ji Won’s prank with a hidden camera. He had noticed that when Tae Gyu was angry, he did not release those feelings on the spot. He would worry alone and does not talk about his feelings. The advice was to be honest with his feelings as a free mind is required for healing.

Ji Won says that his alcohol consumption is 3-4 times per month, does not exercise, has fastidious tastes, likes hamburger and jjajangmyoen (Korean bean paste noodle), was under a lot of stress lately with digestive problems and constipation and had emphysema 2 years ago. The latter is something to do with lung damage and breathlessness.
He said that he was married for 2 years and had no kids but when Dr Han was writing it down, he pointed out that he’s not married. The doctor was puzzled until he explained that he’s divorced. The other members could be seen laughing and Tae Hui asked if Dr Han was a local since Ji Won’s divorce should have been well known.
Ji Won had married in April 2010 and was divorced in August 2012. As I was looking through his info, I was surprised to read that his grand uncle is former South Korean president Park Chung Hee and his maternal aunt is South Korean president Park Geun Hye.

The members were divided into 2 teams with Sang Hyun, Jae Young and Hyun Woo as the positive team and the other 3 as the negative team. They would carry out the horizontal bar chin up endurance test to evaluate shoulder and arm strength.
First round starting with the 2 most senior ones, Sang Hyun and Ji Won. Though Sang Hyun is older than Ji Won by 5 years, Sang Hyun won with a score of 21 seconds vs Ji Won’s 13 seconds. But it was probably not easy as Sang Hyun’s face was all flushed up while hanging onto the bar. Hyun Woo and Tae Hui could not agree on their hand position so the doctor had to set the mid-line. The difference in age between them is also 5 years. Hyun Woo won with his 41 seconds vs Tae Hui’s 35 seconds.
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3 Responses to ‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 10 Highlights (2015-03-14)

  1. shandy says:

    For endurance test of shoulder and arm strength, Yoon and
    HW’s face flushed a lot, they looked good. From the test Yoon
    had shown stronger arms than EJW though Yoon is more senior.
    Stamina comes into play as Yoon’s previous activities of mountain
    hiking could be of much help. Yoon’s strength unfolded in the
    earlier part episode of chopping firewood and tree branches in the
    wood, though he puffed a bit but his endurance of utilizing his
    power was sustainable. He has amazed me impressively, and I
    think he’s worked out well with his dumbbell exercise>^_^

    • juleecwk says:

      I had a good laugh at this chin up competition, with SH all red in the face and JW not being able to hold on though he tried. TH too with his ‘calm’ face but actually struggling with all his might 🙂

  2. Mimi says:

    Please take care of yourself oppa .. We need you . ❤ . I hope u could go hiking , cycling or fishing like before 😀

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