‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 10 (2015-03-14)

10The members are back at the red clay house for what they thought would be another mission but they have an unexpected visitor this time. Dr Han Dong Ha, a herbal medicine specialist and acupuncturist who would be giving them a health check and advice on healthy eating and exercise. The focus for this week would be on their body and health.
Some of the members have body aches and pain due to either bad posture or stress. Tae Gyu with the highest level of pain during the chest examination seemed to have a lot of unresolved stress and when Dr Han suggested that he should get off the show, he protested that it couldn’t be to that degree.
From the member’s health ranking and temperament, they were sorted into the positive and negative groups. Whatever the constitution, the right food would be beneficial such as leek for the negative types and ginseng for the positive types.
Positive group: Sang Hyun, Hyun Woo and Jae Young
Personality ….. out-going, easy to lose one’s temper.

Physique …….. wide shoulders, small hip and pelvis
Body heat ……. warmth in limbs, feel a lot of heat
Negative group: Ji Won, Tae Hui and Tae Gyu.
Personality …… a lot of introspective thinking

Physique ……… narrow shoulders, wide hips
Body heat …….. cold hands and feet, often catch cold
10-4The 2 teams would compete in 4 games …… flexibility test, suspension from the horizontal bar, long jump and 300 meters relay. Watching them in these games had also been good therapy for me because I was laughing so much.
Among all the members, Sang Hyun showed the most flexibility with a reach of 27.5 cm while Tae Gyu could not even reach the start point.
10-5aSang Hyun vs Ji Won for the chin-up suspension from the horizontal bar, a test on arm strength.
Sang Hyun 21seconds : Ji Won 13 seconds. Their priceless expression below really made me laugh.



10-8Sang Hyun could only manage 1 chin up and it was hilarious to see him try to propel himself up by kicking his legs. But it was Tae Hui that made me laugh the most as he tried unsuccessfully to swing himself up after his 5th chin-up.
10-10While the other members had no problem doing the long jump, Sang Hyun seemed to have trouble with arm and leg coordination and was rather hesitant as he tried to get into rhythm. But he was rather adorable here as he bobbed up and down like a little child.



10-13The final round with a brisk walking relay.


Unable to overtake Tae Hui, Sang Hyun throws the baton to Jae Young.
10-16Their dinner that evening was prepared under the guidance of Dr Han with his healthy menu using mainly dried radish, horse radish, chives and leek. Dried radish tea is calming and promotes better sleep and because radish is also rich in calcium, it is good for healthier bones.
Dr Han administering to the members using various Oriental therapy such as cupping, acupuncture and the yucky leech. Cupping uses negative pressure to remove congestion and stimulate blood flow.
10-19Hyun Woo hurt his right hand in an accident a month ago and it was still a bit inflamed.
Medicinal leech therapy …… it seems there are many biologically active compounds secreted in the saliva of leeches and they are used for treatment of various ailments.
It seems a bit yucky but also fascinating to see them latch onto the skin and become engorged.


10-21Sang Hyun complains of his headaches which is centred around his forehead and which Dr Han diagnosed as due to fatigue and indigestion. Hope the acupuncture helps.




For the next part of their therapy, the 2 teams are sent out on a trip for healing.

Sang Hyun’s team would go around Chungcheong-do ….. to cool their body heat, slow down the pace of life and be at one with nature.
Meanwhile Ji Won’s team would travel around Gangwon-do …… to stimulate the heart, feel the earth’s energy and recharge their mental vitality.


10-30bThe 2 teams set out the next morning, with the focus on Ji Won’s team.
Hope we will get to see what Sang Hyun’s team will be doing in the next episode.
The first stop for Ji Won’s team was the scary bungee jump structure which was visible from a distance. Ji Won was adamant that he would not attempt it and he certainly did not look very happy on arrival. Without getting out of the car, he got Hyun Woo to drive off and one of the staff could be seen running after them. Perhaps they managed to pacify him as the next scene shows them going up the structure.
It does look terrifying especially for those with a fear of heights. What made it more scary was the mesh platform where one could see through to the great distance below. Both Ji Won and Hyun Woo were terrified as they tried to walk on top of the beams which support the platform. Poor Hyun Woo was so scared that he was shaking.
I can identify with that feeling as I had once been on this kind of mesh platform at a height and had tried not to walk on the mesh, fearful of the sight of the great drop below. I would not have the guts to ever attempt bungee jumping.


10-34Kudos to Tae Gyu and Hyun Woo who were brave enough to do the jump. This activity is definitely a great stimulant for one’s heart but which is not suitable for everyone.


Not surprisingly, Ji Won opts out of the jump.

In episode 11 this Saturday 21st March …..
11-1Sang Hyun with Tae Gyu and Jae Young at a temple, performing the 108 bows ….. for purification and be one with the mind and body.
For a better understanding of the ritual : http://sunmudo.net/lang/jp/media/downloads/


Having a delicious meal of natural food.
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4 Responses to ‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 10 (2015-03-14)

  1. shandy says:

    EJW should be placed in Yoon’s team.
    TH and HW are too strong to him…..
    When the former two had a cool and adventurous bungee jump
    done, I thought EJW would be the next hero to perform the stunt
    after he poised himself with a bold yell of ” Fighting, bungee ! ‘
    But then he turned his back and stepped down. Oh, my God !
    Between words and deed is a great space………
    I couldn’t help but lol to replace my disappointment of his back-off.

    I love bungee jump! The one who had invented it is great !
    Julee, I remember Yoon did perform a bungee jump together with an
    actress in a drama, was it done by Yoon himself or a substitue?^_^

    • juleecwk says:

      It was obvious that JW had no intention of doing the jump, even before they went up the structure. My guess is that they had probably come to some agreement that he would go up but he would not jump in the end. The staff was running after them earlier. And Hyun Woo is actually part of SH’s positive group but have taken over Tae Gyu in this team. Perhaps the members might have been informed earlier about this bungee jump as this is not something everyone is able to do …. so perhaps Tae Gyu had opted out and they had replaced him with Hyun Woo.

      I suppose the activities were chosen to balance their nature, with more stimulating activities for the ‘negative’ members (introvert). For SH’s ‘positive members (out-going with short temper), their activities are meant to be calming. I think it’s just like yin and yang, to have a balance.

      What JW said as he looked down from that platform was that he couldn’t do it, then he waved to the drone and spoke to the camera. He said that the other members were great but he’s sorry and gave that cheer before turning back. I remember seeing a pic of that scene you mention of SH and an actress making some jump, but not sure what it was as I did not watch that drama. Was that a bungee jump or were they jumping down from something?

      Oh you did a bungee jump before, how high was it? Good for you 🙂

  2. shandy says:

    I think TH was more of striding a close step mimicking a run
    rather than a walk. It’s a very game of trickery. When I remember
    I took part in a walkathon, some walkers faked a run as a walk
    but some really made a genuine walk by wobbling about their hips
    to accelerate their speed. For TH, I’m sorry, I’d say it’s a faking
    walk, our fav man was too straight forward, walk means walk,
    there shouldn’t be any shenanigans, hahaha ! How cute he is !

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