‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 11 Highlights (2015-03-21)

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Sang Hyun’s team sets off with enthusiasm on their healing trip with Tae-An, Chungcheong-do as their first destination to cool their intense body heat. But on arrival at the seaside, they seemed rather disappointed. Especially for Tae Gyu, this place being the filming location of the 2008 drama ‘A Tale of Legendary Libido’ in which he had acted in but which held no good memories for him.
On the benefits of eating octopus, Dr Han explains that it is a good health food for people of all ages.
Being rich in both taurine and iron, it is good for liver function, treatment of fatigue and anemia, and for growing children.

The members board the boat to get to the fishing traps for the octopus. Empty conch shells are used because the octopus mistake them for their home and crawls into them. The captain said that they can eat the octopus immediately after washing with sea water and dipping into chilli paste so the members gave it a try, but it looks really gruesome to eat them alive.
Unfortunately Tae Gyu developed severe seasickness and they had to sail back. Before they boarded the boat, they had been offered motion sickness medicine but he had refused to take it.  The reason Sang Hyun was screaming at one part was because Tae Gyu wanted him to feel his icy cold hands on his face.

Seems an interesting way of cooking using a DIY roast pit but unfortunately, it did not work in this instance. The members were disappointed that the meat were still raw even after 2 hours of ‘roasting’. Perhaps if the meat had been placed directly over the hot pit instead of in the compartment next to it, the heat would have been strong enough.

The trip for Ji Won’s team was meant to recharge their energy. Besides feeling that energy from the earth when they attempted the underground roast pit, they would go on an early morning hike for the fresh air and to watch the sunrise.
Halfway up, their guide introduced to them a game of trust and to wake their other senses besides using one’s sight. So they would partner each other, with one person guiding the other who had his eyes closed. At the summit, they would also communicate with nature by making a wish. I think there are people who would even hug a tree to feel its energy and be one with nature, which is quite a lovely way of recharging.  And so is watching the sunrise.
Though the members joked about wishing for money, their true wish is for health and happiness for themselves, their families and everyone around them. Tae Hui had also wished to be able to continue acting while Hyun Woo had wished for happy things and to do drama. I think Sang Hyun would have been really happy if he were here too. 
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3 Responses to ‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 11 Highlights (2015-03-21)

  1. shandy says:

    Thank you so much Julee !
    I’ve been licking my chops with so much anticipation juz when
    I see Yoon gnawing the octopus into half……
    It opens my eyes but it makes my blood curdle at the same time….

    Eating whole live octopus sounds extremely dramatic and….eerie.
    …. I’m wondering whether Yoon and the two brothers were in the
    drama shooting.. it’s creepy, really creepy, making my hair stand
    on end… Particularly when the octopus feelers crawled out from
    KJY’s mouth , ooooch….my teeth is chattering !

    Look like Yoon and his two brothers were eating with a gusto……
    Oh, oh…..oh….. I’d never challenge it ! I admire their guts, I think
    eating something alive such as octopus needs plenty of courage

    Do Europeans dare challenge ???
    Oh, I miss Zsuz’s comments. I hope our dear Zsuz utter a word or
    two juz about her views on eating live octopus…

    To me it’s a very eye opening experience, knowing how the octopus
    being lured, trapped, caught and dug out from the trap attached to
    the rotatable rope…

    And furthermore, I could see the whole octopus and its feelers,
    being dipped with the seasoning ingredient, still able to move
    and stretch in the dish……wow, it makes my hair rise again….
    I think it’s Koreans’ culture or habit eating octopus alive….

    The two naughty men, one’s playing plank with another.
    Yoon’s laughter is soooooo cute, hahhaha 。。。。!

    • juleecwk says:

      I know the Koreans eat live octopus but usually they are cut into pieces first and the tentacles are still moving when they chew them. But this is the first time they show them biting into a whole octopus. What comes to mind for me is how the poor octopus must be feeling when it’s been bitten and torn apart. Yuck yuck!

  2. shandy says:

    Wow, TG knew the best way to dissipate the evil drowsiness
    which was beginning to take hold of Yoon who’s sitting in the
    back seat. Letting the pop music play not only add to the fun
    but also liven up the atmosphere in the car. TG has reminded
    me of Yoon’s caring buddy Loh……
    For Yoon all bloomy flush of exuberance came to life again, he
    began smelling the vigorous tune of the pop music. The vibes
    soon changed to a live one, Yoon’s vigour excited him to sway
    his body and hands along with the music. The three men even
    rapped in step with the rhythm and beat. It’s amazing for an
    improvised performance, it even makes me believe that the
    music was theirs. I’m here to highly recommend TG and KJY be
    the eligible members selected for a reunion and reorganization
    of 5WHO, with Yoon still the lead soul of the group, hahhaha !

    One thing I wanna mention, KBS is something of a little pot
    soon getting hot, can’t even leave HC stay longer a bit online
    for the enthusiastic viewers to enjoy the merry moment of
    laughter……. to bad……TT

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