‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 11 (2015-03-21)

The members were split into 2 teams for a trip on healing and re-charging. In the previous episode, Ji Won’s team had gone for the adrenaline charged bungee jump which he had to opt out of. I was actually surprised that Hyun Woo had managed to do it though he was clearly shaking while up on that high platform.
11-1The first destination for Sang Hyun, Tae Gyu and Jae Young was Taean Chungcheongnam-d0 where they boarded a boat for octopus harvesting. 11-2
It must have been freezing out in the open sea. A playful Tae Gyu teasing Sang Hyun, placing his icy cold hands on his face and making him scream.
11-4Finally they reached the harvesting traps where empty conch shells attached to a rope are used to lure the octopus into them.
A rather gruesome way of eating live octopus by dipping into chili paste and chewing on them while they were still wriggling around. I heard that the tentacles would stick to the inside of the mouth and here they could be seen sticking onto their faces as well.
11-7Unfortunately their boat trip had to be cut short as Tae Gyu developed severe sea sickness. Back at the harbour, they had a delicious meal from their catch.  Tae Gyu proposed a game of counting to 31, with each person being allowed to call out a maximum of 3 numbers and the loser being the one who gets 31. In this instance, they decided that the penalty was to eat octopus with wasabi.
As the counting progressed, Sang Hyun realized that he would lose when Tae Gyu counted to 24 because with 7 numbers remaining, he would the the one who gets 31.
  He tried to make an appeal to Tae Gyu but to no avail.
No escape with the pungent wasabi, a burning taste which penetrates one’s nostrils and brings tears.

It is not so bad when eaten in small amounts.
In agony after chewing on a piece of octopus mixed with a dollop of wasabi.
11-11Meanwhile Ji Won’s team arrived at Heong Seong where they were introduced to a traditional way of cooking using an underground roasting pit.
11-12One side of the pit contains stones which are heated to high temperatures and the meat to be cooked is place in the pit next to it. After being carefully covered with sand, water is poured into the first pit and the hot steam generated would cook the meat in the next compartment.


11-14Care is taken to ensure that the meat does not come into contact with the soil and a sheet is used to cover them. Pine needle leaves are added to give a nice aroma to the cooked food.
11-15Though the members were hungry as they had not eaten anything along the way, they would have to be patient as they helped with the unusual method of cooking.
11-16Much to their disappointment, the meat were still uncooked after 2 hours but they tried to lighten the mood by making some jokes about the half cooked chicken which Ji Won likened to a fossil which they had dug out. Finally they had to resort to cooking the meat over the grill. The villager apologized for the unfortunate development and explained that due to the limited time for filming, the cooking time was cut short.
Their next destination was to a mental and physical healing eco-zone retreat with basic accommodation without the usual amenities such as air-cond, TV or fridge. This would be a place to recharge and de-stress.
Their first task was to write a letter to themselves and which would be delivered 6 months later. This was probably so that they could look back on that moment and reflect on what they have achieved over this time.  The next morning, they had to get up early for a morning hike up the hill to recharge their energy, watch the sunrise and make a heartfelt wish.  To be in touch with oneself and feel at one with the earth.
Making their wishes for good health and happiness for themselves, their families and all those around them.
11-17The next destination for Sang Hyun’s team was to the Magoksa temple for counseling and meditation. The monk said that she is Sang Hyun’s fan and had watched the drama Secret Garden. When he wondered whether they had TV here and where she could had watched it, she smiled and replied that it’s a secret.
Tae Gyu wanted to know if they have absolutely no stress in this place. The reply was that there is stress due to people’s 108 worldly desires and it is in knowing how to handle stress and be a master of oneself.
For Tae Gyu who feels a lot of stress from too much thinking and having a lot of anxieties, the advice was not to worry excessively about the past or future but to focus on reality and to live in the present moment. To Jae Young who feels a lot of stress due to the presence of many seniors around him, the monk explained more in depth about the Buddhist belief in reincarnation. The difficulties with certain people were due to what one had done to them in one’s past life so the fault is one’s own and one would have to repent.
11-18Sang Hyun’s concern was what if the wife does not listen to his words, should he ignore it or react to it?  Tae Gyu suggested that he should try to take control but Sang Hyun said that he only wants to lead and not to dominate.
The monk remarked that he must love his wife a lot. Her analogy of a relationship is to that of taking care of a tree where giving it too much water or neglecting it would result in its destruction. So the advice is to nurture a relationship with sufficient love and care but temper it with sufficient indifference.
11-19They had to wake up at 5am the next morning to perform the 108 bows, threading one bead after every bow to keep count. The monk explained that due to one’s mind being scattered, this ritual would gather the mind as one. The monks themselves would get up at 3am to perform this. Tae Gyu made a joke that she would have no sleep watching the drama Secret Garden and having to get up so early.


11-21Feeling the strain of performing the bow repeatedly ……


11-23The after effects with his knees giving way on getting up .



11-26Sang Hyun sharing that he had felt close to tears during the bowing ritual as he thought about his wife which had Tae Gyu wondering if they had been fighting and whether he’s really happy. He said that it is because he is very thankful for having met a good person.
11-29Their final activity was to attend a cooking class which uses only organic vegetables and to learn about healthy eating. The vegetables were lightly grilled and eaten with various self prepared sauces made with sesame, tomato, kiwi fruit, miso and fermented herbs.
As the vegetables were all grown organically, they could be eaten with the skin. This is a good source of fiber which has an impact on the micro-organisms in the intestine and body waste is not accumulated in them.
11-30The lady asking them to guess her age. Tae Gyu thought she was about 55 but she is actually 65 years old. Her advice and life philosophy is to take things easy and have fun, to have a balance of work, life and play. The members enjoyed their meal which tasted delicious eaten with the various sauces.
A post health check after their 3 days 2 nights healing and recharging trip.


Tae Gyu’s health report was the best as his vascular age is around 18 and his face seemed to have brightened up. His prior free radicals count at 3264fp had dropped drastically to only 462fp. Healthy activities, eating right and managing stress clearly has an effect of good health.
The following episode 12 this Saturday 28th March with the theme on books. This place should be the Paju Book City which is a huge cultural complex housing many book cafes, book stores, galleries and book publishers and its buildings blend with its beautiful surroundings.


To the lady’s question on how many books they have read, Ji Won says none and Jae Young only 3 so far.
  They take a quiz on knowledge gained from reading.


Sang Hyun and his team visits the radio station and appears on Cool FM with Jang Dong Min and Lady Jane




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