‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 12 Highlights (2015-03-28)

The members congratulated and teased Tae Gyu on his coming wedding which made him rather embarrassed. Their filming of this episode was after the official announcement of his wedding plans.
Sang Hyun’s team goes on a search for someone who could recommend a book related to ‘purity’ and found themselves at KBS. The obvious indifference to their presence as shown by the fans queuing in line  for the Music Bank show were probably a bit disappointing to the members.
As they wandered around, they came across Shinhwa’s dressing room. Tae Gyu seems to be well acquainted with its member Min Woo.  The person they were searching for were not from this veteran group as none of them knew anything about their present task. Tae Gyu asked for a book recommendation anyway and Min Woo suggested ‘The Little Prince’. The other group they came across was VIXX. Seems a contrast with Shinhwa who’s being around for 17 years and the young group with their 3 years debut.
The members chanced upon Radio Cool FM 89.1 MHZ in session hosted by announcer Kim Seong Ju with guests Norazo, a musical duo who are known for their eccentric styles and funny songs. As the members kept up a conversation with them through the glass window, they were delighted when announcer Kim said they would be given Dakgalbi (spicy chicken) dining vouchers.
Finally they met up with the man they were looking for, Jang Dong Min DJ of the Cool FM ‘Jang Dong Min & Lady Jane 2pm’ show. The book he recommended to them was titled ‘Showers’, a 1953 novel written by Hwang Sun Won. It tells a beautiful and sad story of a young girl’s first love and reading it evoked a feeling of purity.  The members were invited on Dong Min’s radio show with the topic of the day regarding the best book ever read.
The keyword search for Ji Won’s group is ‘Human Condition’. On finding 2 ladies at their meeting place, they were rather shy at first. It turned out that the attractive ladies were actresses Seo Ji Hye and Sim Min. Tae Hui thought that it had something to do with fate as both Hyun Woo and his own sister shares a similar name of Ji Hye.
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