‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 12 (2015-03-28)

The theme for episode 12 is getting to know books and because there is a lot of discussion related to books, the content might not be easily understood by viewers who do not know the language. It had taken me a while to go through the full episode dialogue but I find it quite interesting actually. It had stirred up my interest to find out more about the novels mentioned and had also reminded me that it’s been some time since I last read a book.
12-1The members were back for another week of activities and as this was their first meeting since the official announcement of Tae Gyu’s wedding to be held in October, he received some teasing from the other members.
Their meeting place was at the Bookhouse in Paju, a unique building with its exterior constructed with strips of hardwood. The building houses a 30,000 book library, a restaurant, cafe and an exhibition hall. From the pictures I’ve seen from my online search, Paju is definitely worth a visit.
For more on Kim Eun Ho’s Bookhouse and Heyri Art Village in Paju:
12-3Their host and reading teacher is KBS announcer Kim Sol Hee who would be giving them a reading knowledge quiz and book title bingo game.
To announcer Kim’s question on the number of books the members read in a year:
Ji Won     …….. none

Tae Hui  ……… 5 magazines
Hyun Woo …… 1-2 books
Jae Young …… 3 books so far
Sang Hyun ….. mentioned his drama scripts but these were not counted.
Tae Gui ………. an avid reader with around 65 books the previous year. He says he enjoys reading and writing and in fact, writes articles for a magazine.
For the bingo game, they were required to fill in randomly 25 book titles which they know of. When that was done, each of them would call out a title which they would eliminate and whoever gets a row struck off vertically and horizontally would be the winner.
12-2Sang Hyun was about to cross out the book title which Jae Young had called out when both Tae Gyu and Ji Won protested that it did not match as he had only written down half of the title.
12-4They had the reading knowledge quiz next and this time, their 3 days personal allowance of 15,000 won each was at stake.  The reward for answering correctly would be the allowance of each member which was tied to each of the 6 questions, so one could end up with more than one’s own share or get nothing.
On the reading knowledge quiz, being able to answer correctly would depend on how well read the members are as the questions were based on various novels and story books.
Question 1 with Jae Young’s allowance …… regarding Hwang Sun Won’s 2005 novel titled ‘Showers’.
What was the last wish of the young girl before she died?
Answered correctly by Sang Hyun ……. to be buried with the clothes she had worn when she was together with the boy she likes.
This novel ‘Showers’ (소나기) is a beautiful and sad love story of a teenage couple, with the girl dying in the end. As I was trying to find out more about this novel, I came across the movie as well as a brief animated version at the following links:
Animated clip (11 mins): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eafryg8_xA
Full length movie (90 mins): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_iybCNf3bU
Question 2 with Hyun Woo’s allowance ….. what is the occupation of the 7 dwarfs in Snow White?
Jae Young’s correct answer ….. the dwarfs are miners.
Question 3 with Tae Gyu’s allowance ….. on Kim Yu Jeong’s novel ‘Camellia’ regarding the main character who rejected a gift of potatoes. Answered correctly by Tae Gyu who received his own allowance.
Question 4 with Tae Hui’s allowance ….. name of the 4 tragedies of Shakespeare.
Answered correctly by Tae Hui ……. Hamlet, Macbeth, King Lear & Othello.
12-6Question 5 with Ji Won’s allowance …… in the Arabian Nights, which country is Aladdin from?
Both Ji Won and Tae Gyu got it wrong with their answers of Egypt and Saudi Arabia respectively.
Answered correctly by Sang Hyun …… Aladdin is from China.
This answer was a surprise for the 2 members as well as for myself as I too thought that Aladdin was from a middle eastern country since its related title is ‘ ‘The Arabian Nights’.
Final question with Sang Hyun’s allowance ….. in ‘The Little Prince’, what is the name of the asteroid on which the little prince lives?
Most of the members were struggling to remember with Hyun Woo recalling the alphabet B followed by Sang Hyun who got the numbers in the wrong order of B162. Answered correctly by Tae Gyu as B612.
So both Sang Hyun and Tae Gyu received a double allowance while Hyun Woo and Ji Won unfortunately did not receive any.
12-7With the end of the game and quiz, the members were to be divided into 2 teams for their next activity of getting books recommendation from someone using some keywords.  Sang Hyun and Ji Won being the 2 most senior ones would select their team members.  Sang Hyun picks Tae Gyu and Jae Young for his team and the rest would be in Ji Won’s team.
12-8Both Sang Hyun and Ji Won picked a book which contains 4 keywords each.
Sang Hyun’s team ……. purity, art of living, success & story
Ji Won’s team ……. human condition, empathy, leadership & women
12-9Sang Hyun’s team sets out for their first destination with the keyword ‘purity’ and found themselves at KBS. They met some of the members from Shinhwa (top) and VIXX (below) but they were not the ones the team were looking for.


12-11They finally found the person who would be recommending a related book to them, Jang Dong Min the DJ on the ‘Jang Dong Min & Lady Jane 2pm’ radio show. The recommendation turned out to be the novel titled ‘Showers’ which was mentioned earlier during their reading knowledge quiz. 
As they made their way into the studio, they met announcer Kim Seong Ju who had earlier promised them some free Dakgalbi (spicy chicken) dining vouchers.
12-13Sang Hyun’s team as guests on the radio show hosted by Dong Min and Lady Jane. Listeners were asked to give their books recommendation which they posted online during the radio show.
12-14Before the show wrapped up, the PD decided to give Sang Hyun a surprise by playing his song ‘Never Ending Story’.  Listening to it makes me miss his singing.
12-15Meanwhile Ji Won’s team goes in search with their keyword ‘Human Condition’.  It was a pleasant surprise that the person who would be giving them a book recommendation was actress Seo Ji Hye.
Her book titled ‘Papillon’ is not to be mixed up with the 1973 movie with a similar title and which had something to do with a convicted murderer known as Papillon.
Ji Hye’s recommendation Le Papillon des étoiles (aka Butterfly Of The Stars) is a 2006 science fiction novel by French author Bernard Werber which is about a huge number of people leaving Earth on a generation star ship to travel to an exoplanet.  It does sound an intriguing read.
12-16Though they had started off feeling a little awkward, they soon warmed up to each other.  Ji Hye treats the members to a delicious Samgyeopsal (pork belly) meal and Ji Won suggested a scenario similar to the science fiction Papillon.  It is the end of the world with Tae Gyu and Hyun Woo being the last 2 men on Earth. Ji Hye would feed a wrap to the one she would not like to leave with. Though she hesitated for a brief moment, she finally stuffed the wrap into Tae Gyu’s mouth.
12-17Sang Hyun’s team goes on their next destination with the keyword ‘art of living’. They found themselves in Hupori where they met Dr Nam Jae Hyeon. His explanation to them regarding getting along with others is to identify with their thoughts and feelings and act accordingly.
His book recommendation was the historical novel ‘Romance Of The 3 Kingdoms’ which is related to Chinese history and the Han Dynasty, and through which one could learn much from the various personalities and aspects of human relationship. Sang Hyun says his favorite character is Guan Yu, a commander who is loyal and has a simple heart.
With Sang Hyun being a married man and Tae Gyu himself planning to get married soon, the latter was interested to get some advice regarding a good relationship with the mother-in-law.
Dr Nam’s first point was regarding the many dishes which would normally be served when visiting the in-laws. The son-in-law should eat up all the food served and not just nibble at them. He should also help out with work and emulate the sincere character Zhuge Liang. Thirdly he should be spontaneous and have the know-how regarding money, be like the character Cao Cao who would use all ways and means to do something.
Though I have heard about this historical novel and the mention of some of the characters, I have not read it as I do not have much interest in such a genre. But it’s amazing that this epic novel was written during the 14th century.


12-20They next proceeded to a bookstore after having a delicious meal with their free voucher. The book which Tae Gyu is holding is the one which has his written articles so he’s really a writer. No wonder he loves writing letters.
12-21Sang Hyun was interested in the magazine of interior home decor for the newly-wed.
Probably to get some ideas for his own apartment.
12-22Tae Gyu was amazed that Sang Hyun commented that this is the first time he’s buying a book from a book store but Sang Hyun meant to say that it’s the first time since his 20s. To Tae Gyu’s question earlier as to how long it had been since he had visited a book store, Sang Hyun said that it was during filming of a drama around 4 years ago.
I remember a scene from the drama My Fair lady where Sang Hyun had gone to a book store to wait for Hyena while she was at a function with Tae Yoon. But this drama was from 2009 which was about 6 years ago.
12-23Their last stop before heading for home was the cafe, probably a book cafe.
12-24The next morning, the members were awakened by announcer Kim who had made a surprise morning call reading out poetry over the sleeping members. That was certainly a strange visit.
When told that there would be having a reading debate on national fairy tales with some guest opponents, the members made a guess that perhaps their opponents would be female announcers.
To their disappointment, these turned out to be 4th grade elementary students. But they were far from ordinary as these little ones are gifted students.


12-26Their topic would be on the fairy tale titled ‘The Fairy & Woodcutter’. The students would be arguing on the basis that the woodcutter is guilty and their group would first give their opinion.
Curious to find out more about this fairy tale, I did some searching. I think I’ve heard of this story before about the woodcutter stealing the clothes of a fairy as she was bathing in a pond, preventing her from returning to the heavens as he had wanted to marry her. So it was something to do with theft and deceit.
More on the fairy tale: http://www.korea.net/NewsFocus/Culture/view?articleId=120797


It was the members turn to present their counter argument on the woodcutter. Seems that Sang Hyun got a little carried away and Tae Gyu had to prompt him to stop as the kids were below 15 years old.
12-29One of the students Song Na Kyeong who seems to be more vocal than the others made a remark wondering what was the problem with the woodcutter who had wanted to get married but wasn’t. That certainly got Sang Hyun onto his feet as he declared that old bachelors do not have a problem.
12-30That also prompted Ji Won to comment that such prejudice against old bachelors were unfounded and Tae Gyu to point out that if that were true about unmarried people, then all of them present (pointing to the filming crew and even announcer Kim) would be a problem. He went on to clarify that the woodcutter being unmarried was not the problem or issue.
As  the debate drew to a close and the students were asked about their opinion on the debate, student Na Kyeong must have felt that her earlier remark might have upset Sang Hyun and indicated to him for his opinion.


Sang Hyun replied that he was just joking with that outburst and though it was difficult to hear among the babble of voices, I thought I heard her apology.
12-34When announcer Kim asked at the end of the debate as to who still believed that the woodcutter was guilty, everyone raised their hands. Though the members had also believed that the woodcutter was in the wrong, it was just for the sake of being the opposing team that they had argued otherwise. But of course they had to teach the young ones the right moral values …. that it’s wrong to tell lies and to steal other people’s belonging.


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