‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 13 (2015-04-04)

The members continue with their search for books recommendation based on their given keywords and their week finally culminated in a quiz competition held at KBS.  Similar to the previous episode, there was much discussion on various books but this time, there were also some interesting insights shared by the people they meet.
Related clips highlights:
Sang Hyun’s team with the keyword ‘success’ makes their way to Itaewon to meet Hong Seok Cheon,
the CEO of a Thai restaurant. We saw him in a previous instagram photo with the members at a cafe  https://instagram.com/p/0MzDTEqgGV/?taken-by=tonyhong1004
Tony Hong is indeed a good example of success as he now operates 9 restaurants and achieving that success had involved a great deal of hard work. When he first started out, what spurred him on was his interest in Thai food. He had encountered many difficulties then as he had no contacts and lacked the know-how. So he had blindly made his way to Thailand and waited at the back door for the chefs. Another personal sharing was regarding his coming out which had also been a difficult period for him.
Success to him meant doing the work he likes and doing it well. 2 things which had helped him in his time of crisis were movies and books.  Reading the book on Harvey Bernard Milk (an American politician and first openly gay person to be elected to public office) and watching the movie had given him much inspiration and helped him live with pride and confidence.
The book he recommended was ‘Whale Rock’ by author Lee Sun Won. It’s a tale about a whale rock on the mountain which dreams of going into the sea. Though it was unable to move on its own, it finally fulfilled its dream. The insight it has given him is that one needs to meet challenges in order to succeed and being able to discard the major stuff, greed and status would enable one to have a new life and a new dream. To him, it is a book which gives one a direction in life.
The members were treated to some delicious Thai dishes and also learned to prepare creative toast with egg, cheese and tomatoes. Simple and fun to make as well.
Ji Won’s team with their keyword ‘leadership’ sets out to KBS to meet PD Yu Ho Jin (PD of the variety show 2D1N)Ji Won decided to pull a prank on him by offering him an iced coffee mixed with canary sauce. I’m not sure what kind of sauce it is but judging from his expression, it must have tasted awful with coffee.
The members were surprised to be told that he’s a writer and one of his books is the thriller novel titled ‘Player’. A book pertaining to leadership he mentioned was Kim Hun’s ‘Song Of The Sword’ based on the war hero General Lee Sun Sin who had to shoulder heavy responsibilities and risked his life for his country. It had also been adapted into a KBS drama.
A book he recommended, the title which I think is ‘Dried Story’ (?) is a sort of analogy similar to dried fish and about the preservation of people’s thoughts and history.
Sang Hyun’s team with their final keyword ‘stories’ pays a visit to veteran novelist Park Beom Sin whose many literary works had been adapted into dramas. Though they must have been in awe of him at first, he seemed to be quite a humorous person.
Sharing his stories with them, he talked about his childhood days when he did not even read a single book until the 7th grade as his family was poor. It was only after junior high school that he had his first visit to the library and since then, he had developed a voracious appetite for reading. The book which gave him the strongest impression was ‘Hill With A Double Rainbow’ by author Kim Nae Seong, an interesting and sad story about twin sisters who grew up in different environment.
When he had finished reading it and while on his way to school, he began to see everything with new eyes as if it was a completely different world. Since then, he had gone to the library everyday, reading one book each day. And even in class, he would be secretly reading his book inside his textbook. If he had not read this book, he would not have become an author so it had been a great influence and inspiration in his life.
His recommendation was Saint-Exupery’s autobiographical novel ‘Wind, Sand & Stars’. To him, the biggest feature about books has to do with emotion. He had them laughing when he said that he had a whole shelf of books he had yet to read but it was comforting just to sit there and stare at them. Just looking at them would also give him inspiration. He had them laughing again when he referred to his very thick language dictionary, that sometimes he still had to check out things through the internet. But it is comforting to have it at hand and is a source of his sensitivity and love for language.
Before leaving, the members were each presented with a copy of his book which he autographed.


The members had finally completed their mission on getting their books recommendation and the 2 teams would be taking on the challenge of a quiz at KBS on the various books that week.


There would be 3 rounds, with topics on common issues for the first and 3rd round and on individual issues for the 2nd round. Depending on the outcome, they would then be given their final mission.
For the first round, the topic would be based on their earlier debate with the elementary school students on the tale  of ‘The Fairy & Woodcutter’ and there would be 3 questions with 50 points each.
Ji Won must have been too excited as he pressed the buzzer even before the first question was read out in full. It was Tae Gyu who answered correctly the question on what the woodcutter was reborn as.
(Ans: a rooster).
With Jae Young’s help, their team had also answered the 2nd question correctly regarding an idiom on the ‘consequence of getting one’s just desserts’.
(Ans: well earned punishment)
For the 3rd question of round 1, they were to write in Hanja (Chinese characters) the word ‘winged steed’ which was the horse which the woodcutter had rode on from heaven to return to earth.
Sang Hyun’s team (on the right) did not managed to write the character correctly so this time the 50 points were awarded to Ji Won’s team. The correct characters are 天馬.
Results for round 1:  Ji Won’s team 50 points / Sang Hyun’s team 100 points.
Questions for the 2nd round would be based on the recommended novels. 6 questions with 100 points each.
Round 2 first question for Sang Hyun’s team …… name of the author of ‘Hill With A Double Rainbow’
This was the book which the veteran author Park Beom Sin had talked about.
Sang Hyun seems to be struggling to recall though he had read the book the day before but in the end, he managed to answer correctly (Ans: author Kim Nae Seong)
Both teams managed to answered the next few questions but when it came to the last question for Sang Hyun’s team related to the novel ‘Whale Rock’, they did not managed to give the correct answer.
Ji Won’s team was overjoyed when Tae Hui correctly answered their final question as their total score of 350 points had overtaken Sang Hyun’s team with 300 points.
Their laughter at Ji Won’s inability to answer that question had turned into gloom.
Round 3 with the final question with 200 points regarding the name of 3 novels.
50 + 50 + 100 points.
Both teams got 1 title correctly but they were stuck with the final title.
It was Sang Hyun who finally came up with the correct answer to the complete title of the 3rd novel.
Ans: An Antenna Conveys The Ideas (author Bernard Werber) 
I thought the author has an interesting way of describing human thought as being forwarded and received by others who in turn convey them in a similar manner, as if each person has an inbuilt antenna. So regardless of territory or frontier, their thoughts and ideas are spread to others.
Screaming with joy with their total score of 450 points to Ji Won’s team of 400 points.
Definitely a close fight but a well deserved victory.
Sang Hyun’s team was given their next task which was a visit to an audio book recording studio. The music director An Ik-Su introduced to them the various items which were used to create the different sound effects such as waves, rain, swords, boat whistle, train, elephant trumpeting and even walking on snow.


The members carry out a practice round before the actual recording. The fairytale which if I’m not mistaken is titled ‘Sun Moon’ (해님 달님) which is about a tiger wanting to eat up a family in a village (?)  Sang Hyun would play the mother’s role, Jae Young as the tiger and Tae Gyu would do the narration.
As Sang Hyun and Tae Gyu are both actors, they had no problem acting out their characters.  Sang Hyun too is known for his mimicry so he can easily play any voice role. Unfortunately for Jae Young, his portrayal of a tiger sounded rather flat and far from evil.


Watching this segment made me laugh out loud, especially with Jae Young’s inability to give the correct voice portrayal even with coaching from both Sang Hyun and Tae Gyu. The music director suggested that they exchanged roles with Sang Hyun playing the tiger and Jae Young as the mother while Tae Gyu continued with the narration. But that did not work out either and which made me burst into laughter again because they are all just so funny.


Another round of roles exchange with Sang Hyun as the tiger, Tae Gyu as the mother and Jae Young doing the narration as well as the role of both the brother and sister.
The actual audio book recording finally begins.
Sang Hyun and Tae Gyu giving a great voice performance.
Sang Hyun the ferocious tiger with his vicious roar


Jae Young also doing quite well, getting into his multiple roles of narrator, brother and sister which brings a smile to the others.


The audio book recording is completed and would be donated to the visually impaired community welfare center in Nowon-gu, Seoul.

In the next episode 14 on 11th April ….. the theme is the ‘opposite sex’ and the question is ‘Women cannot perform as well as men?’
  There will be 6 lovely ladies who will be their guests for 3 days 2 nights.



The 6 lady guests from top left clockwise:
Park Mi Sun, Park Eun Young, Lee Hye Jong, Raina, Park Eun Ji, Kim Hee Jung
Surprisingly Sang Hyun seems rather shy when Raina approaches.



Checking out the driving skill of the ladies.




Cooking skills of men vs women.


Sang Hyun doing his hair flicking move and looking great with that smile.



Certainly looks fun, so what would be the verdict on the battle of the sexes?
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7 Responses to ‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 13 (2015-04-04)

  1. shandy says:

    Yes, Tony Hong has taken the words rite out of my mouth.
    A good book can be meant a lot, and it’s inspirational in many
    ways stimulating us to bridge the gap between our dreams and
    reality. A flash of lightning sparkling the enlightenment takes
    place once we have got a good grasp of the meaningful reading,
    the aspired emotions would instantly gear us towards where
    our inspired goal is, hoping to see the fruitful result of what we
    have fought all the way to reach our dream. It’s a successful
    experience for relishing, and it feels good when we try to look
    back, juggling between battle and struggle comes to be
    beautiful at last………

    By reading, Yoon may prove further his identification of his
    all-powerful ego…..discovering more of his true self and esteem,
    refining the inner motivation and being in charge of himself,
    he’ll feel more freely to decide the type of lifestyle that he
    truly wanna live in his own way.
    Through reading more, his inspiration might be geared up to
    his own motivation to reach his another pinnacle of mountain,
    that he said he has a dream of realizing his ambition in
    catering industry…….
    I believe in his mind he has a lot of great ideas, and dreams…..

    • juleecwk says:

      Though these few eps on books recommendation might seem uninteresting for those who prefer more action, I feel the talks were quite insightful and have enjoyed the personal stories shared by Tony Hong and veteran author Park Beom Sin. They have gone through certain life experiences and gain certain insights which might be helpful for others. Whether it’s books, films or personal experiences sometimes these can be life changing and help people see life with new eyes.

      Rather sad to note that the ratings for HC2 have not been very good, hope it will not be ended too soon. But with so many other variety shows vying for viewership, it’s unpredictable. I think HC2 would probably be shifted to another time slot due to a new Fri-Sat night drama which will be coming on.

      I agree with you that SH should perhaps look ahead and try his hand at something else. Much has happened since his marriage and the feeling I get isn’t very positive so I feel he should perhaps have some other plans. But it’s his life and he has to make his own decisions on what is best for himself.

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    I agree with Shandy! I have also many books, it’s 2735 at the moment, but the quantity is always growing… 😀 I always loved the view of studies with so many bookshelves, so, I wanted it so much for myself. Although, I have so many books, but only some bookshelves as my flat is not so big to have a separate study… 😦 I also agree with PBS as I also have books which were not red by me until now, but the feeling is much different than reading an e-book… And some book series, dictionaries or encyclopedias are really beautiful in the same type of canvas or leather!!! My first child book was a little one, but made from very thick paperboard especially for little children with many drawings, but only few poets. I got it when I was 1 year old from my parents and I still have it. And even more I know the poets by heart! 😀 Fortunately, we had to enroll into the school and the zone libraries when we were 7 years old.
    SH’s team was really great, congratulation to the winning.
    But my favorite part of this episode was the audio book recording! They were really great!!! I loved the tiger so much, although, it was easy to love it as he was really good and the tiger is one of my favorite animal, just watch my FB page… 😀 I think he could dub foreign language films, too! That is also an interesting activities…
    I think SH enjoyes to stay with the other boys together and doesn’t want to change at the moment. They got very close to each other, they became really friends… and I think SH was really changed during these 14 episodes in the right direction… Although, at the first time I think he was playing only a role, but now… 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      After being with the other members for some time, it’s natural that they will grow closer. And it’s nice to see that they all get along very well, even if they are competing with each other in separate teams. It’s also good to see that SH is now more comfortable doing variety shows. I’ve enjoyed that part about the audio book recording too, it really made me laugh. SH is good with voice performance just as he’s good in singing so he could consider taking on roles in animated movies.

      It’s amazing to see the many shelves of books in novelist PBS’s study, his own library. But not surprising since he loves reading so much. Watching this episode about books has also made me feel that I should drop by the library more often 🙂

  3. TJ says:

    Sorry to correct you but PD Yu Ho Jin is from “1N2D” (as in 1Night 2Days) and not 1D2N. And the canary (or “kkanari”) is fish sauce, usually mixed, like you’ve mentioned, coffee. Imagine how bad that taste must hve been! Yuck! I guessed Ji Won was well aware of the taste as its a “tradition” for 1N2D to “break-the-ice” since Ji Won was on that show in s1.

    anyways love your site and i really like reading your reviews way ahead from its telecast on international broadcasting.. i am following this season these days.

    About the telecast, it’ll be moved to a wednesday timeslot in korea. that was what i juz recently read. Not sure about international broadcasting tho.

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi TJ, thanks for pointing out the error. I have watched some ep of 2D1N but don’t follow the variety show. I thought that canary sauce must have tasted spicy 🙂
      Did they mention when HC2 will be moved to Wed? Btw, who is your favorite among the members?

      • TJ says:

        Canary sauce must have tasted salty..ew..i think.
        about the telecast, it was suppose to replace the other show ‘invisible man’ which got cancelled. But then, there is a new show replacing that. And then there is this news of changing the HC2 cast and moving on to HC3.

        I juz started to like this cast. Idk why wudnt they give this guys chance . Change their locations what not…the main reason s1 did well was that every experiment was done in the city within the casts’ life. It wud have been nice if they were to do their everyday job and still hve to do those experiments at the same time. It will look mre challenging that way..

        Btw, my fave wud be the youngest 2 regardless that they have less airtime but i definitely enjoyed watching the older ones bickered and argued about issues but still kept laughing at the end of the day. Sang hyun and taegyu duo wud be my absolute favorite in some ways..😂

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