‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 14 (2015-04-11)

The theme of this episode is ‘getting to know the opposite sex’ and for both to have a better understanding of each other.  As to the common perception that one sex is better at performing certain tasks, I personally think it would depend on the individual and their limitation …… a combination of nature and nurture.
I was rather surprised and amused to see how acutely shy Sang Hyun was in this instance when he met one of the female guests Raina, a member of the girl group ‘Orange Caramel’. But I remember he had mentioned before his intense shyness with his female co-stars when he started his acting career so perhaps that feeling had not totally gone away even now.  Another thing I noted is that being a married man, he was rather cautious when it came to giving his opinion as it might create a misunderstanding. But I hope he had also enjoyed getting to know the ladies as much as the other members.
Related clips:

The members meet up at the Suwon KBS Drama Production Center for their new activities of the week. An interesting place to visit, from the photos posted in a couple of blogs.
Tae Gyu was nowhere in sight which made them wonder if he had quit the show. This is in reference to the previous episode in which the doctor had remarked during their physical examination that perhaps he should quit the show due to his high stress level.
They meet director Kim Ji Hyun, an author and relationship counsellor who has appeared in various TV programs on the psychology of love. After some discussion on what they thought were differences between the sexes, the members realized that there would be meeting some invited guests.
The first female guest to arrive is Raina and much to everyone’s amusement, Sang Hyun is suddenly struck by acute shyness on his first meeting with a member from a girl group. Ji Won makes fun of Sang Hyun, turning his face towards her. Perhaps it’s just certain people who bring out this shyness in him as he seems fine with the other female guests. And he also met some members from the girl group SNSD during the previous variety show Family Outing 2.



All the guests have arrived, including Tae Gyu who was late as he was stuck in a traffic jam. The members playfully got him to stand next to the very tall Lee Hye Jeong who is Jae Young’s colleague from the same modeling agency. She had appeared in the previous episode in which Ji Won, Jae Young and Tae Gyu had gone to collect used clothing.
Over 3 days, the members and guests will be assigned different tasks. Today’s challenge would be based on ‘men vs women’ regarding driving and cooking skills.
The guests (left to right):
Park Eun Young (KBS announcer, 32)
Park Mi Sun (actress, comedian, TV host, 48)
Raina (singer from girl group Orange Caramel, 25)
Park Eun Ji (actress, 31)

Kim Hee Jeong (actress, 23)
Lee Hye Jeong (model, 25)
After everyone had settled in at the hostel, they make their way to a driving test center for their first challenge which is divided into 3 parts.
Part 1 ….. 1 member from each team to complete the driving course including parallel and reverse parking.
Part 2 ….. 1 member from each team to complete the course with 1 passenger from the other team.
Part 3 ….. I member from each team to complete the course with 3 passengers from the other team.
14-7Part 1 ……. Ji Won (80 points) vs Raina (65 points)
Ji Won seems to be a careful driver, completing the course without much difficulty but had some trouble with parallel parking (left pic).  Raina did not do so well, perhaps due to nervousness. She had the most trouble with parallel parking and went over the white line, even with guidance from her team members (right pic)
14-8Part 2 (1 driver with 1 passenger) …… Sang Hyun (75 points) vs Eun Young (70 points)
Sang Hyun takes the wheel with Eun Ji as passenger. He speeds (one of his violations) and goes over the white line a couple of times. Good in both reverse and parallel parking.
14-10Part 3 (1 driver with 3 passengers) …… Hyun Woo (75 points) vs Mi Sun (60 points)
Hyun Woo seems a confident driver and completes the course easily even with the distraction from his lively female passengers (Hye Jeong, Eun Ji & Hee Jeong).  Mi Sun too completes the course without too much trouble in spite of her 4 playful passengers (Sang Hyun, Ji Won, Tae Gyu & Tae Hui).
14-11Final verdict ……. the men team wins.
Before the competition, both had agreed on their penalty for the losing team. If the ladies win, the men would have to buy them coffee and dessert as well as provide a 30 minutes massage. If the men win, they would do their version of  ‘make-up’ for the ladies.
Perhaps the men did not want to upset the ladies too much as they only drew a large ‘beauty’ mark on their faces. But it made me laugh, especially the mark above Hye Jeong’s lips which made her look like Hitler.
14-13The men having a blast with their handiwork  ‘wah-ha-ha!!’
Next is a cooking competition in which both teams would have to create a variety of dishes using tofu as an ingredient. The duration would be an hour, with each member given 1o minutes before their next team mate takes over.
14-14aFirst pair to start is Tae Gyu and Raina, followed by Tae Hui and Hee Jeong.
14-14c Third pair …….  Sang Hyun and Hye Jeong.
14-16Sang Hyun mashing up a block of tofu with minced pork for their dish of tofu steak.


The final pair with Ji Won and Eun Ji.
The men were totally enjoying themselves, cheering on their team mates with lively chants.
3 dishes from the men’s team ……. tofu tteokbokki, tofu steak and Mapo tofu garnished with a slab of fresh tofu
14-18Dishes from the women’s team
Food tasting judge Lee Seung Jin explains that the judging criteria would be based on both variety and taste, with the latter being of greater significance.  Though the women’s team scored higher on variety, the men’s team had a better score for taste. Once again, the overall winner was the men’s team.
14-20 The ladies receive their 2nd ‘make-up’ penalty of a white stripe from nose to cheek.
Their activity the next morning based on ‘men & women’ would be a mission date. Unlike a romantic date, this is to help them learn the gender differences. The men and women were required to have a 4 minutes conversation with every participant of the opposite sex, sort of like speed dating. After completing the chats, each would rate their partners with 1-6 in preference to pair up with on their mission date.
With the women seated first, the men would pick whom they would like to start their chat with. As they have just met the day before, this was certainly awkward since they were required to have knee-to-knee as well as eye contact during their chats.
According to clinical trials, this kind of knee-to-knee contact during conversation makes one feel good with the other party. Perhaps it makes them feel a closer bond with each other?
Must have been really awkward for Sang Hyun since he was already so shy with Raina on their first meeting.




14-28 Sang Hyun with Raina
Unlike the others, Sang Hyun does not have complete knee-to-knee contact with his chat partners. Perhaps he was not comfortable with that as he had his cap over his knee after the first chat.
He did not seem as awkward with his next chat partner Hee Jeong but as can be seen from the pic below, he had placed his cap over his knee.
14-30Sang Hyun and Hee Jeong
Feeling embarrassed when he had the names of both Eun Young and Eun Ji reversed and addressed them as Young Eun and Ji Eun respectively.
14-31Everyone seems pretty awkward at the start
Ji Won must have felt really uncomfortable, judging from his stiff posture




Time for the partner rating but which we will have to find out in the next episode.
Who will be Sang Hyun’s mission date partner?


In this particular scene after they were told about the mission date and to the question ‘which person they would like to have as their mission date partner’, Sang Hyun answered with ‘no comment’. I think he was just being careful here so as not to create any misunderstanding.
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6 Responses to ‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 14 (2015-04-11)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    I think SH always seems to be shy when he mets with a person whom he likes very much. Perhaps, as a woman… Otherwise, when the femaile and male members were talking to each other, they were unable to hide this affinity to each other as the body language showed it! 😀 Just check difference of the behavior and the mode of sitting when SH and Raina or Tae Hui and Hee Jong. SH and Raina are sitting very close to each other, their knees are “meeting” and they upper body is much closer to each other as the other pair. While SH is talking to Hee Jong, he put his cap onto his knee, just to avoid the impression that he want to get closer to her during this talk. So, I am sure he like Raina very much, perhaps, she is his type? 😀 and Hee Jong is only a pretty woman for him and perhaps, he is afraid of the consequences at home! 😀 Otherwise, I would like to remark, even if he liked Raina so much, he was unable to think about to help to carry her luggage… He didn’t change a lot… 😀 By the way, I think he feels akward to talk so close to any woman, mainly in front of the cameras…
    If I would choose a woman partner for SH, seeing he feels very well with Raina, I would choose her, but if I want a fighting partner for her, that would be Mi Sun… 😀
    Seeing Ji Won sitting with Mi Sun was a complete comedy… He was so frightened and he was sitting there as he would have swallowed a long stick… 😀 I laughed a lot! 😀 My feeling was as Ji Won would say: Shoot to my heart and let me die asap, just I could get free from here… 😀
    I wonder what the psychologist says, what are her opinions as the body talks were very talkative in case of each of them! 😀
    I was surprised that Hye Jong is only 25 years old, she seems to be much older and she was really similar to Hitler with that mustache! 😀 And she is very tall, good model-type! It was great to see her and TG besides each other, mainly with the help of the luggage… 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      The pics above were of everyone with their first chat partner so they were likely to be feeling awkward and embarrassed with the closeness. I think it must have felt a bit easier as they continued to change chat partners. Ji Won was rather stiff with Mi Sun (his first chat partner) but he seemed much more relaxed and leaned back on his chair when he was chatting with Hee Jeong.

      I think for most people who have just met, most would naturally feel uneasy with someone moving so close into their personal space. I was trying to figure out why SH was so shy when he first met Raina, my guess is that she’s the type he likes (in appearance) as she has chubby cheeks. He was always saying his ideal type is chubby. Since she was his first chat partner and he was trying to adhere to the instruction of knee-to-knee, he did not place his cap over his knee. But even then, only 1 knee was in contact. As for everyone else, both their knees were in contact.

      SH started placing his cap over his knee from his 2nd chat partner Hee Jeong and though I could only see another close up of him with the cap over his knee (with Eun Young), I think he had probably done the same with the rest of the ladies. And he had also lean forward most of the time, so it’s not only with Raina. But it’s obvious that he’s most shy with her.

      Hye Jeong is really tall. When she was introducing herself, she said that she’s a former netball player. Btw, do you know how to read body language Zsuz? 🙂 What I also noticed about all the ladies when they first started with their first chat partners was that all of them were touching their hair or brushing it from their face/over their ears.

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        You know when you deals with people, like me in commerce, it’s good to know such things as if you give an offer, you can red the real reactions from the body talk… And of course in the privat life this is also very useful as for example, the eyes could never lie even if the body tries… 😀 Just look into SH’s eyes when someone asks him something, but his body language is very talkative, perhaps, he doesn’t know it! 😀

  2. Mimi says:

    Yes, Suzy .. SH expressing eyes are so dangerous but need a clever person to read them .. 😀 I think you can read them easily so I’m waiting for your comment after meeting him 😀 .. As I watch the clip , I feel SH prefers Raina but he would never dare to say it .. 🙂 Body language is a good way to express feelings but I think that mainly knee to knee is embarrassing with people who don’t know each other well or recently introduced to each other .. I like the shy YSH very much ❤ good luck lovely oppa ❤

  3. Twinkle says:

    Is there an English sub for this one already? ;n;

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Twinkle, there is no subbed ep 14 yet. Subbed ep are only released internationally about 3 weeks after its local broadcast. The last subbed ep released this week is ep 12 so you’ll need to wait another 2 weeks for subbed ep 14 which is the first week of May.

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