‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 15 (2015-04-18)

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In last week’s episode, the members and guest participants were asked to rate their chat partners for their mission date, from 1-6 (highest to lowest choice). So will they be paired up with their preferred choice?


The pairing up will be according to the highest rating on each others list. If the first selection is not mutual (as each others first choice), the selection will be passed around until both parties find a partner listed as their next preferred choice.
Starting with Tae Hui, his first choice was Hye Rin (Raina’s real name) which he wrote wrongly as Hye Rim. The following selection of each member’s first choice did not match until it came to Ji Won and Hee Jeong.
Tae Hui  ………   Hye Rin (Raina)
Raina  ………….  Hyun Woo
Hyun Woo ……  Hye Jeong
Hye Jeong ……  Ji Won
Ji Won …………  Hee Jeong
Hee Jeong ……. Ji Won


Ji Won was pleasantly surprised that Hee Jeong had also selected him as first choice.
15-5Sang Hyun’s turn next to reveal his first choice as Raina.
They were paired up as he was her second choice.


Remainder selection with first or next choice on each others list:
Mi Sun  ……….   Tae Gyu (3rd couple, each other as first choice)

Eun Yeong …..  Jae Young (4th couple)
Eun Ji   ……….   Hyun Woo (5th couple)
Tae Hui  ………   Hye Jeong (6th couple, each other as 4th choice).
The lady did not seem very happy with their pairing up though.


The paired couples were given their mission for the day, an activity they would be doing together to get a better understanding of the gender differences.
Sang Hyun & Raina     ………    childcare
Ji Won & Hee Jeong    ………    yoga
Jae Young & Eun Young …..   shopping
Tae Gyu & Mi Sun  ………….     dance sport
Hyun Woo & Eun Ji    ……….  games
Tae Hui & Hye Jeong   ……..   boxing
Most of them were fine with their assigned mission but Tae Hui could not quite believe what they got.
Couple boxing??  What was the PD thinking of? 

Ji Won and Hee Jeong sets out for their yoga class.
I quite like these 2 being paired up as they share an easy affability and seem to enjoy each others company.
Though Hee Jeong had no difficulty following the instructor on the steps of their flying yoga session, it was tough on Ji Won. His moaning and groaning throughout made me laugh out loud. He’s certainly not very fit as he had mentioned in a previous episode that he does not exercise.



In contrast, the ‘reluctant’ couple Tae Hui and Hye Jeong goes quietly on their way to their boxing session. I hope it’s because of their initial awkwardness and not due to unhappiness with the way it had turned out. The chilly atmosphere improved after Tae Hui stopped to get Hye Jeong some boiled corn from a roadside stall and soon they were talking to each other. 


Tae Hui warming up before the couple sparring session. Now why did he use Sang Hyun as his imagined target? I don’t find it funny at all.


Of all the 6 assigned mission, I do not get the significance of this couple boxing. What is the purpose or reason to have such sparring when it’s an unequal contest.
So all Tae Hui could do was try to avoid the punches and at most, push Hye Jeong away. Is this supposed to teach the men that they should never hit a woman?
Shopping, a typical activity for Jae Young and Eun Young’s mission. I think most of us would know very well that men and women shop differently. As Jae Young soon found out too, it is best for them to shop separately and meet up later.  Women need to explore and see everything while the men just need to purchase what they have in mind.

Hyun Woo and Eun Ji goes bowling and seems to enjoy their time together. He gives her some pointers on how to improve her technique but her throws still ended up mostly in the gutter.


Tae Gyu and Mi Sun receives a quick lesson on dance sport and had a fun time trying the quick steps. Not too bad as beginners.

Sang Hyun and Raina is assigned to babysit 2 young and very active kids. The little girl Ko Eun is quite adorable and wouldn’t stop dancing once she hears the music. Sang Hyun thought that she would grow tired but the little one soon proved him wrong.

15-19Sang Hyun teases little Ko Eun with the toy bird which records and plays back sounds.
Sang Hyun and little Seong Jae playing a ‘mobiles stealing’ game. Watching him playing seriously like a big little kid made me laugh out loud as he was just as adorable as the little ones in the following scene below.
When Seong Jae decided to take a jigsaw piece from big brother Sang Hyun as a bonus, Sang Hyun’s eyes widened in surprise and protesting loudly, asked why Seong Jae was always taking his pieces. And then reached over to take it back.
Not giving in until the end, Sang Hyun wins all the pieces much to Seong Jae’s dismay.
Explaining his parenting philosophy Sang Hyun says that in a game, it is not to lose unconditionally. Men need to have a fighting spirit and to always give in to the child from a young age would make them arrogant. When he has children, he would also play with them in this interesting manner.
After the indoor games, it was time for some fresh air. As I was watching this scene, the image of Sang Hyun with his own family came to mind. I hope we could see that some day soon.


15-27Looks like the many activities with the lively kids had finally worn out the babysitter



The kids mum soon returns and when Sang Hyun commented that it’s great that little Ko Eun did not even cry once, mum says that she’s used to meeting people.

Big brother Sang Hyun asking Ko Eun for a kiss which she readily obliged.
Such an adorable little girl.
Later that night, the participants shared their views on what each of them thought were different between the genders. I noticed that Sang Hyun was not asked to answer that question. The members enjoy their final night together sharing a barbeque dinner as well as supper back in the hostel. From the initial awkwardness on their first meeting, everyone seems to have grown much closer.
Their final mission the next day was to go out to conduct counseling for couples based on what they have learnt. 



Coming up in the second last episode 16 of Human Condition 2 broadcast on this Saturday 25th, the theme is ‘Our country’
With the help of a special guest Sam Hammington, the members would carry out a visitors survey.
They would split into 2 teams to make a promotional video for Korea.
Ji Won and Tae Hui films Jae Young in traditional clothing making a jajangmyeon delivery.
Sang Hyun and Tae Gyu goes around Seoul for their promotional video.
They seem to be bickering over the filming.
Dear boys, the program is soon coming to an end so do enjoy your remaining time together.
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11 Responses to ‘Human Condition 2’ Episode 15 (2015-04-18)

  1. shandy says:

    Why on the earth TH acted in such an aggressive way ?
    His being is exposed entirely by his own acts. Out of envy…or
    jealousy ?

    I’m not so much of approving this kinda ” metaphoric attacking”
    against any members in the team. TG in the previous episode
    ” titillating ” JY under the sunlight to show his dislike to him had
    been once most rejected by me.

    We’re here to enjoy watching a team’s harmony, giff-gaff, making
    mutual concession, building mutual understanding and
    trustworthiness, and fun. But it’s too bad there is seemed to be
    an undercurrent taking without giving going on, I feel sad for the
    stubborn type…..

    The only stuff in my mind could only be construed as TH had acted
    too irrationally most probably out of jealousy, as his first choice
    of Raina picking Yoon as her second choice and subsequently Yoon
    and Raina were paired together. If not otherwise his act of boxing
    is too provocative , and is most disgustful……

    Yoon, a candid and lovable man, with no cheekiness at all and treat
    people very straight forward with outrite wholeheartedness, being
    the team’s leader has given too many ways, what else could we
    expect him to give some more, while some expect to take some

    I dislike too an act of stirring up any discontentment among the
    members, seems as if TG has the best hand in it……….

    • juleecwk says:

      Not sure why TH mentioned SH in that scene but I didn’t like his aggressive attack on that punching bag with SH’s face superimposed on it.
      Perhaps it’s meant as a joke but still it didn’t feel good watching him do that. I thought TH was more interested in Hee Jeong than Raina.

      • Henrietta says:

        Among the six members I think SH is the one who did not mind people to play jokes on him, that’s why he was willing to be TH’s imagine target, he was the loser in the game and being punished. SH is a nice man.

  2. Henrietta says:

    When they have supper in the hostel, SH was not in the group, would he feel too tired and went to bed already?

    • juleecwk says:

      Yes I noticed too that SH did not join them during supper and Mi Sun was not present at the barbeque though she was with the group during supper. Perhaps he was tired and went to bed early as you mentioned.

      • Henrietta says:

        Mi Sun went to film another variety show ‘happy together’, she came back after finish and bought the food for supper. Would SH went to film the MV too?

      • juleecwk says:

        No wonder Mi Sun was seen entering their room carrying bags of food. That’s nice of her.
        Is SH filming an MV or is that already done? I saw some pics of him with blood from a head injury and of him lying on the ground and seems it was for some MV with another Korean actress for her activities in China. Hope we can see that MV.

  3. shandy says:

    It’s true that Yoon’s the man who has the largest heart. I only
    take it hard, and am really concerned about his easy-going style
    would become an easy target for any one who’s trying to be on

    As in the showbiz, Yoon’s considered a star of ingenuousness,
    truthfulness, unposed manner and straightforwardness, but all
    these rarely pay, and too good nature would easily be imposed
    Craftiness and artfulness would never be his name, but it keeps
    a dear school to be frank and bighearted, some people may not
    like to hear the truth. I juz hope Yoon be prepared to be secure,
    tougher and stronger inside, while outside is well camouflaged.
    We know him wouldn’t be the man who is fond of dissembling,
    but somehow it’s no harm to take on a new persona, since he
    have met those heavily disguised in the entertainment industry
    , why not ………..!

  4. Zsuzsanna says:

    Mi Sun and Tae Hui were not an ideal couple at all and not just because they got a strange task, but they don’t fit to each other! That silence was very akward at the beginning in the car… The box between females and males was really a stupid task. I was sure that TH won’t hit her, but I was sure that the women are always fighting forcefully and bravely as they don’t want to seem to be weak. She beat TH very much! 😀 I saw he was afraid at the end… 😀 Poor TH! 😀 I don’t know why you think that TH was evil to SH when he thought SH instead of the box bag! 😀 It was funny! They are just joking! I am sure TH likes SH very much and vice versa… In HC2 they were always sleeping side by side, and who hate each other, don’t go so close to each other! So, they are surely friends. I think the bowling was a much better task for the others. I think the box is a very good activity, until we beat only a punching bag, not another person…
    JiWon is a real showman, not in vain he has spent many days on stage! He always knows what he has to show and do! 😀 He was really funny trying to do yoga… 😀 I laughed a lot! I think he is much better than he showed it, but he is a funny boy! 😀 I think they were a really good couple!

    Although, SH seemed to like Raina, they were not really good couple for this task. I didn’t see the real harmony between them! SH was playing only with the children and although, Raina was there, she was alone! SH’s educational principles are a little bit strange for me… I think a fighting spirit is very important, but the sense of achievement, too!!! SH always wants to win and if he plays with his children such a way, they would never experience the feeling of success! They would feel that they must defeat their father, instead of enjoying the time he plays with them! There’s a very big pressure on children from elementary school in South Korea, so, until then, he should let them play and sometimes win, just to see their smiling faces. And if SH would do so, a little kiss or the little arms around his neck, these will be his best memories about his children in the future and I think for the children, too! I wish him to enjoy those days asap!
    Otherwise, it would be very hard for him as I saw his challenge in HC2! 😀 😀 I wonder what SH could have adviced to the couples, as I think he also needs advices… Mainly about baby sitting, unless: Sleep and rest when and where you have time when you have little children! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      For these couples pairing, they would probably select the one they prefer most out of the group but it does not mean the selection is compatible. It’s a good way for them to learn to get along with the other party. Among all 6 couples, the best pairing is Ji Won & Hee Jeong. The ‘reluctant’ pair Tae Hui & Hye Jeong were at least more at ease with each other in the end so that is good. I was thinking the participants do not have to take it so seriously since they were not on a romantic date so they should just enjoy the activity.

      Perhaps SH had to be cautious not to be too ‘chummy’ with Raina to avoid any misinterpretation. Anyway with their large age gap, she could be his younger sister. Playing with or taking care of other people’s children isn’t quite the same as looking after one’s own. I think most people learn as they go along as they cannot simply follow a childcare guide book, and every child is different. Anyway hope SH will be able to enjoy his kids when they come along.

  5. Mimi says:

    Respecting SH’s fighting spirit that I appreciate very well , let me say that a kid must be given confidence by giving him/ her a chance to win .. If children lose every time they would be under pressure of being always losers and they would hate playing with dad who always wins .. Please give your children a chance to win or give them winning as gift ( sometimes) to make them happy and dads will be happy too 😀 please oppa : don’t leave your children and go to sleep until you finish it , otherwise they can harm themselves mainly the very young kids , thanks oppa for listening to me 😀 .. I’m sure you’ll be an ideal dad with creative and interesting ideas for your kids (y)

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