Casts Of ‘Law Of The Jungle In Micronesia’ Leaves For Yap Island

LOTJ 27-04-2015
From top left clockwise:
Chief Kim Byung Man, Park Han Byeol, Lee Jung Jin, Ryu Dam, Yi Yi Gyeong & Ryu Seung Su
The team members for the SBS reality documentary show ‘Law Of The Jungle in Micronesia’ were at Incheon International Airport earlier this evening for a 10.25 pm flight to Yap Island. Not shown in the collage above were the rest of the team members Bae Su Bin, Yoon Sang Hyun, Eun Ji Won, Da Som (Sistar), Jeong Jin Woo (2AM) and Kang Nam (MIB).
Wishing all of them a pleasant flight and looking forward to the new episode which will be broadcast sometime in May.
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11 Responses to Casts Of ‘Law Of The Jungle In Micronesia’ Leaves For Yap Island

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    It’s pity that there was no photo about SH and JiWon as I would have liked to see them… But perhaps, later! As I see everybody is so happy now, I wonder what we would see on their faces after the first week! 😀 I hope everybody would arrive at Yap safely. I have checked some photos about Yap and I have seen very interesting photos about the traditional clothes there! Well … seeing it I started to understand why SH was undertaken this reality show! 😀 I would like to see SH’s facial expression if the very friendly girls would offer him some soft drink or fruits after arriving! 😀
    By the way the island is beautiful and those big stone moneys are very interesting! I think the environment would be wonderful, but the life won’t be easy! I am waiting for the first episode!
    I wish him to remain strong, happy and healthy. Fighting!

    • juleecwk says:

      I had seen those pics of the natives 🙂 Pics of the island and marine life are beautiful.

      Was a bit disappointed too that there’s no pic of SH at the airport. From the report, the members were already at Incheon Airport around 7.30pm but there were no opening shots. I wonder if it’s a direct flight to Yap Island or they might need to transit somewhere. Hope we can see some updates soon.

  2. Henrietta says:

    Hope there is no earthquake in that area. Wishing the whole team a pleasant trip and looking forward to see our brave man SH in the show!

  3. Mimi says:

    I was looking forward to a short clip for SH at Inchon airport or at least some photos to see his smiling face leaving to Yap island 😦 .. Anyway I wish you arrived safely and good luck .. I expect to see a wonderful show but please take care as we need you ❤ fighting !

  4. Lily says:

    Wish SH to achieve his goals and safely come back home.

    • juleecwk says:

      I can’t help but wonder how SH is doing now on the island, but it’s reassuring to think that they are in a group so they can take care of each other. Having Ji Won with him too is good since they were together in HC2. Wish we could have some updates but seems we might have to wait a while.

  5. shandy says:

    We are wanting not only our fav man’s appearance amalgamates
    with nature to please our eyes, more so we want our senses to
    be greeted broader with his orientation and contents.
    My desire is growing to find many a place on this beautiful island
    with an aesthetic sense a heaven which holds a great load of
    attraction for me —— of its purity existence standing out in the
    far and wide stretch of ocean, with some other whether isolated.
    inhabited or uninhabited ” comrades “;of its bountiful and a
    great variety of flora and fauna. The island itself is amazingly
    beautiful, and I think it’s the main reason lurking behind to attract
    Yoon to make his appearance in another variety show again….

    I feel sad too with an overnite visitation of calamity that brought
    upon the island. Quite a number of thoughts start ricocheting
    through my mind : Has Yoon exactly arrived there ? ( I‘m dead
    keen on seeing his photos of departure at the airport) Hopefully
    everything is fine and safe for him ( Thinking he must have
    shaped up well to beat the challenges of Law). And now i’m
    thinking he might have together with other members to fight
    against the maelstrom which brought upon the houses and
    forests on the island……

    How is the shooting taking place when devastating and desolate
    scenes meet the eye on every side? The atrocious Maysak had
    not only crushed the hope of Yapese people but also marauded
    them everything leaving them wallowing in the mire with misery
    and suffer……

    Not many days ago a magnitude of 8.1 earthquake caused many
    Nepalis’ lives missing, I’m sincerely praying for the Yapese people

    • juleecwk says:

      From the latest updates, SH with JW and BSB have just left for Yap on 1st May. Hope they will have a safe flight.
      It’s sad that so many have been affected by the recent disasters caused by the typhoon and earthquake.
      I was looking up that report on the serious devastation on Yap, seems the places mentioned were a couple of Yap’s outer atolls of Ulithi and Faraulep.

      Enlarged map of Yap Island and its atolls:

      • shandy says:

        Thanks Julee for every effort you have put in.
        I’ve already had a good read of what you’d posted
        earlier on. Though the enlarged map you’ve posted
        fails to come out, I appreciate every bit you’ve done
        very much ^_^
        Without the link I wouldn’t have known about the
        Yap Island and Islanders had gone through such a
        grievous test…..

      • juleecwk says:

        Most welcome Shandy. The map link seems fine when I click to test, perhaps due to some setting?
        It’s sad to see the devastation on some of the islands/atolls in Yap, hope things are much better now and they are recovering. Hopefully the affected areas were not as many as feared.

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