‘Human Condition 2’ Ep 17 BTS

Thanks to the fans for these BTS pics taken during the filming of this week’s final episode 17 …….
ep 17-5https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/hphotos-xaf1/t51.2885-15/e15/11142178_987902617894363_1297060698_n.jpg
ep 17-3
ep 17-4https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CCjUnddUMAARrcW.jpg
ep 17-2https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CCjWrI6UwAEQZEA.jpg:large
ep 17https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CCjWy8PUEAAFZsN.jpg:large
From episode 15
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2 Responses to ‘Human Condition 2’ Ep 17 BTS

  1. shandy says:

    The first idea comes into my mind :
    A beautiful photos of Yoon’s family, with the adorable
    and lovely baby of his and Maybee’s, with flickering
    glow in his eyes ! ^_^

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    SH’s team’s short video was perfect, I loved it very much, even if the hungarian greeting was missing from it! 😀 I think the boys enjoyed the shootings! 😀
    The last photo last photo, the common one is very good, fortunately, SH has waken up and didn’t miss it! 😀 Well, I would like to see the small SH (Dad and son or daughter together) with pleasure! 😀

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