Sang Hyun @ Incheon Airport (2015-05-01)

No wonder we did not see any photos earlier of Sang Hyun with the other 6 members of ‘Law Of The Jungle’ when they left for Yap Island on 27th April. It looks like the members are leaving on separate days. Sang Hyun, Ji Won and Bae Su Bin were at Incheon International Airport on the evening of 1st May to catch a flight to Guam.
Wishing them a safe flight.











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6 Responses to Sang Hyun @ Incheon Airport (2015-05-01)

  1. shandy says:

    Seems like the step of spring is tapping near, Yoon is playing
    it cool, wow, so cool of him……. ^_^
    It’s good enough for catching a glimpse of his smile from the
    last pic.

    Expecting to watch him having a good and hard fight with the
    jungle law. It must be a strenuous experience synchronizing
    with nature ravages. Yoon still has to go easy on the food intake,
    find that he’s a very good appetite but precaution has to be taken
    while testing and tasting an unknown fruit over there in the jungle.
    I wonder whether Yoon has kept with him a survivor knife or not.
    … a preparation for all unexpected, anything can happen deep in
    the forest…

    Wish him a smooth and enjoyable flight, and a safe landing as well
    ! ^_^

  2. Mimi says:

    I’m so glad to see those photos as this was my wish to see oppa at the airport (y) .. I always miss him and looking forward to any piece of news about him .. It seems to me he’s nervous or thinking about something.. What do you think dear Julee ? His smile disappears except for the last photo .. From my heart I wish him all the best in this challenge .. Good luck oops ❤

    • juleecwk says:

      Probably he did not expect the photographer there and was hurrying into the departure hall. Of course when he met up with his travel mates, he would have brightened up. I can’t help being concerned that filming for this show might be a bit tough for him but hope all will be well.

  3. Zsuzsanna says:

    He doesn’t seem to be so happy, I wonder why? He has chosen this show, so, he should go happily there. Or he has chosen only because of money??? At least we could see him… I think he has enough “reserves” 😀 , hopefully, he won’t loose too much from it! I wonder what will be with the lipsticks and face creams???! He always take care his skin, but I think he won’t be able too much cream with him, mainly if it would be very warm as it would go wrong soon… Hopefully they could take some high factor No. suncreams with them!
    Shandy, I also wonder his facial expression to taste something strange as I can laugh a lot about it! 😀
    I would really like to know what he could have told to his team mates as I see JiWon seems to be very frightened! 😀
    His hair is a little bit strange, but to the summer time at Yap is very suitable. His T-shirt is very nice, but I don’t know if his trousers are good to the jungle as I think his pocket reflects the light and the animals could see it! But his backpack is great and comfortable, even more its color is very good!
    Well, Sang-Hyeon, Fighting and be very brave and skilful! And come back healthy and happy! Good luck!

    • shandy says:

      Yoon’s still very straightforward. He hangs his emotions
      on his face but at least he acts unpretentiously. I guess
      he must be unwilling to be away from Maybee, it’s

      Yes, my dear Zsuz, I begin to imagine him putting the
      most sour yet bitter fruit or food into his mouth that kinda
      inexpressibly funny and adorable expression, I can’t help
      but start to lol, hahaha !

      Sometimes Yoon’s interesting and cute expression
      nearly really put me into a state of losing my words
      to describe. I feel he’s given us the best thing for
      easing , relaxing and laughing out loud. Most of the time
      he’s put up to teases or pranks, not many of us can be
      that tolerant and lenient. He’s a very nice and adorable
      man !

      He can sometimes be a child, a boy or a man. The
      interchangeable transformation makes him a topic
      of interesting man. He can be serious if he’s truly
      unhappy he’d behave exactly like a cool man ! ^_^

  4. says:

    I like Sang Hyun’s attire Good luck ! Fighting!!!

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