Sang Hyun @ Incheon International Airport (2015-05-01)

Sang Hyun departing for Guam yesterday evening.
From WithSangHyun Facebook
Incheon 01-05-2015
Sang Hyun with Bae Su Bin and Ji Won
Time and dates of flight from respective airlines schedules:
If Sang Hyun had taken a direct KE flight from Seoul to Guam yesterday evening, it would have been on a 19:30 flight from Incheon, arriving in Guam around 01:00 (2nd May). If it was on a UA flight, it would have been on a 22.45 flight, arriving in Guam at 04:05 (2nd May). UA being the only airline flying from Guam to Yap Island with 2 flights per week (Tuesdays and Saturdays), it is most likely that he would be taking the 20:25 UA flight this evening and arriving at Yap Island at 22:05.
The first group had departed on Monday 27th April so probably it was to catch the Tuesday flight which coincides with the flight schedules.
Yap Island
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5 Responses to Sang Hyun @ Incheon International Airport (2015-05-01)

  1. shandy says:

    Yes, most probably Yoon took the UA flight, by now he’ll
    be having a good rest and re-energization at the hotel. ^_^

  2. shandy says:

    My dearest Sang Hyun oppa, the most important tools you
    have to bring along with you are ” tenacity and confidence”.
    Fighting by pulling up your socks !!!!

  3. Zsuzsanna says:

    He really looks good, but JiWon seems to be frightened! 😀 BSB is a very goodlooking actor and I have seen in many dramas, but the first was Dong Yi. He looked very well in the traditional clothes and that role suits him very well! Hopefully, he would be so brave in the Jungle, too as he was in that drama! 😀 By the way, his hat is very useful, much better than JW’s baseball cap.
    I think SH was camping many times in forests, so, I am sure he knows very well what kind of tools and intruments he has to take with himself and hopefully, the most important, suncare creams and spray against mosquitos! And if he can, some chocolate cubes for emergency substitute, if he won’t be able to taste the food that he gets! 😀
    I hope it will be a great adventure for all of them and they would enjoy most of the time and would be back safely! Fighting!

    • shandy says:

      The bugs are good at stinging are nagging enou ^^
      How about mosquito paste a kinda mosquito
      repellent sticker applying environmental protection
      formula for long term effectiveness. It’s made of
      natural essence which releases fragrance to repel

      Another best choice is mosquito repellent bracelet,
      which is made of silica gel combined with an option
      of individual favorite smell such as lavender, lemon
      grass or clove. It is effective too in driving away
      the nasty bugs.Meanwhile it can be used for
      decorating the wrist as a kinda of fashion,
      So nice too for serving a dual purpose ! ^_^

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        I also use the bracelet as there is a small boating lake near to my flat and there are many mosquitos! And unfortunately, the mosquito net is not enough protection as it is missing in the kitchen as I can feed the birds there! We have another danger, but I think on that little island the barnacle is unknown! We have many as the EU’s newest laws prohibit the extermination of barnacle as the reagent is dangerous for the people’s health! But what’s about the lyme disease and meningitis, and for the first one there’s no preventive vaccination! 😦 For the dogs I used Ultrasonic barnacle and mosquito, insect repellent! It’s very useful!! I bought one for me, too! 😀

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