‘Law Of The Jungle In Yap’ Episode 1 Preview

First preview clip no longer available
Episode 1 preview of ‘Law Of The Jungle in Yap’ which certainly looks exciting. Is that Sang Hyun on a raft surrounded by sharks? It must have been scary since he’s afraid of being in deep water.
Don’t miss its premiere on 29th May 2015 @ 22:00 on SBS.
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23 Responses to ‘Law Of The Jungle In Yap’ Episode 1 Preview

  1. Henrietta says:

    Sang Hyun sat on the raft alone fighting with the sea and the sharks. He looked so scare. Poor guy!

  2. Mimi says:

    It’s a risk mainly for someone who doesn’t like water .. I’m sure he passed the challenge with fear and bravery (y)

  3. juleecwk says:

    Probably the part with the sharks were from another shooting because what SH was holding in his hand looks like a piece of wood but the sharks were tearing into a fish head which was being dangled on a green line. Surely the crew and members would know it’s not safe to be on a raft with sharks in that frenzied state because the raft could easily tilt over. I was also wondering about the cameraman in that shot showing the many sharks (?) swimming around the surface. Is it safe for him?

    I don’t know how to swim and would be scared to be on a flimsy raft floating on the sea. Sometimes when I’m on a boat and looking into the water, it’s scary to imagine what could be lurking down there, so no shark hunting for me definitely 😀

    Curious about the presence of sharks in Yap waters, I did some searching and found that these are reef sharks which are not the same as those fearsome sharks which attack people. For more info on this species in Yap waters: http://www.mantaray.com/diving-sharks.php

  4. Mimi says:

    Thanks a lot dear julee for the link and I think the Sharks tearing the fish is from another shooting .. Diving with reef sharks are enjoyable for professional people I think but fighting with a shark for non – specialists is so dangerous… A shark is a shark 😦 … SH facial expressions were scary … Fighting oppa

    • juleecwk says:

      There’s this diving resort on Yap where people can enjoy swimming among the reef sharks and giant manta rays and it must be an awesome experience for those who enjoy these activities. Seems a lovely place for a quiet vacation. As they say, one must have respect for all wild creatures even if they might seem harmless.

      Wonder what SH was staring at in the water. If I were on a raft floating out at sea, I would be scared even if there was nothing threatening in the water. It’s just the sight of the deep water all around.

  5. Mimi says:

    Of course shooting with a leading lady in a good drama is more better than shooting with sharks 😀 .. I’m sure we will have more surprising scenes in the show , that’s why I can’t wait .. I’m proud of you oppa for taking the risk ❤

  6. shandy says:

    Yes, Yoon’s definitely a brave man, my dear Mimi.
    I keep telling myself this is an ordeal experienced in real life,
    not the adventurous or scripted dramatic action appears on
    screen. Being surrounded by all sea with sharks hanging around
    one could be all at sea, and could even press the panic button..
    … For a good swimmer it’s a surmountable challenge, while for
    people like Yoon and me once had been aquaphobic, it’s a
    horror-stricken challenge. It could be mentally torturous, anything
    in red light signaled by choppy and rough waves might lead to
    a nervous wreck. So, now I’m flooded with question of why
    Yoon, a man who’s a fear of deep sea because of his traumatic
    experience since young, was put to sea on an unreliable
    and shoddy raft sculling a single oar?

    I don’t even see Yoon wearing a proper life jacket, is it preposterous
    for the TV producer to take lives of actors as a joke juz
    because for notching a higher viewership rating?

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Shandy,

      Think we’ll have to watch the ep to find out why SH was on that raft but hope it’s not as terrifying as we imagine. There should be someone else nearby, since the shot was taken up close. I’m sure the group leader Kim Byung Man is experienced enough to know what is acceptable or too dangerous for the members since he’s been with this show since 2011. But since this is a reality show, there is some degree of risks. I heard from my friend who saw a previous ep, that one of the members had a bad cut on his hand and had to have it immediately stitched up by their team doctor. But having seen SH back safely at the airport, it’s reassuring to know that he’s ok.

      What do you think of the saying that one needs to face one’s fears in order to overcome them? Perhaps it could be an opportunity to try something that one is afraid of but within a safe limit. I remember an episode from FO2 where SH and some other members had to dive to look for some shellfish (?) along the seaside and he did try to immerse himself underwater, with some divers beside him. But he had to surface after a few moments as he was afraid. It was a good attempt to face his fear of water.

      As for those reef sharks, I think they usually remain among the reefs and do not surface to attack people like the Great White shark. That area is a diving resort so it should be quite safe.

  7. Zsuzsanna says:

    My opinion regarding jaws, anybody or any animals who have teeth could take a bite, even the smallest lap dog… So, small or bigger shark, the difference is only the bite size!!! Small one can cause smaller injuries, than the big one and you can survive, if you are enough lucky, but if there’s a big bite, the chance for survival is almost nothing!
    Although, I used to swim many times in many seas and I was learnt to swim from one of the best olimpic champion of Hungary, and I had learnt that I have to punch into the shark’s nose with my hand or my foot, but if I would meet them in the sea, I would forget everything because of the panic… and Shandy, there’s no panic button there! 😀 By the way, there were many reef shark attacks at the Adriatic sea, which is enough close to Hungary. So, they are not so friendly sharks, at all! And sometimes there are much bigger and more dangerous sharks in the Mediterrainian sea, just because they get lost! 😦
    I wonder what he did with that big piece of food??? My vivid fantasy started to… The sharks bite it off from the cockleboat or he took with himself just to hit their nose if they would be too shameless… Meeting a shark is always dangerous, just look at the bad end of the korean drama, Shark! 😀
    But aside the joke…
    So, knowing that SH has hydrophobia, mainly in the deeper water and he cannot swim, sitting on a cockleboat around many always hungry sharks… I have to tell he is not brave, but MAD!!! I don’t know whom he wants to prove…? Perhaps, it’s a healing or treating form if the phobic patient meets with his bigges fears, but I think it should be done from steps to steps… And it wasn’t that! Although, as I know SH, he never fritters the things away, but if he does something that has to be a big bang… Just remember the last november… I hope he didn’t risk his life just because of money… If he did it for money, I do ask him not to do it again!!! It doesn’t worth it for nobody and nothing!!! And I know he decides alone if he accepts something or not, but in his family there should be someone who takes care about him and tries to dissuade him not to do such things… And with his painful knee in the jungle… reckless thing!!! Now we see he could do anything as he is enough stong in mind… so, back to the shooting, that is his real living space… And I would like to meet him at the Cannes Filmfestival representing a very good korean movie role, like KNG and JDY did with OSK director this year… Fighting! 😀
    And I am waiting for that episode of Law of Jungle! 😀
    By the way, perhaps, my question is a little bit strange, but what was that long, big, slippery and black animal, like a big fish or snake in the jungle???

    • Zsuzsanna says:

      OSU director, sorry! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      I think SH would have known that taking part in this show would have its challenges. perhaps he wanted to give it a shot. It did occur to me that there might be some activities in the sea but I did not expect that he would be out at sea on that raft. Wonder if he and the other man (Ji Won?) were trying to catch fish as I see the latter holding what looks like a net on a stick (?) or was it something else?

      If you freeze the clip at 0:10 when SH and the man were on the raft, does anyone see something sticking out near the left and right corners of the raft? I’m just wondering whether the raft is actually a platform anchored to something. If what they were sitting on is really a raft, it’s too flimsy for 2 people to be floating around out at sea. But it’s a mystery why SH was by himself when there was another man with him.

      It’s hard to see that wriggly thing clearly but my guess is it’s a fish that they might have dropped on the grass? Perhaps they had caught it earlier and preparing dinner.

  8. shandy says:

    I do agree with Julee, so do I agree with Zsuz.

    We cannot keep running away from fear, there’s a time for
    dust settling down, so is a fear for coming down.
    Fears can convert themselves into nightmares.

    As Zsuz said overcoming fear needs steps to be taken.
    I’m not afraid of water, but I cannot stand the horrendous depth
    of sea, it makes me feel creepy once I think of it.
    When I saw the possible scene of Yoon on his raft drifting in
    the heart of sea, I’s on the verge of being freaked out !

    I did learn swimming in the swimming pool, with my whole body
    immersed totally in the water and then bobbed up, it’s fun!
    But I never did it in the sea, I am still fearful and sick of it.
    I know it’s not time yet for me to go back to it, I need time to
    balance the inner fear with the outer terrifying experience
    which brings me back to the horrified ordeal. Think it must be
    the same situation applying on Yoon, “He who knows how to
    brave the storm knows the best of where and when his
    strength lies.”

    Recently I got to read too much bad news on mishaps occurring
    among the filming crew and actors. I’m too concerned about
    Yoon’s safety. He needs not only to survive but also survive
    the brave man in the showbiz, knowing how to survive is an
    art as well as it needs a lot of guts. He grits his teeth to survive
    the best and thanks God he came back safely !

    The producers need to be reminded always to put the safety
    of the actors taking part in the first place !

    • Zsuzsanna says:

      Dear Shandy, swimming in the sea is much easier as it is salty, just look at the Dead Sea or Sea of Salt. You are unable to sinking in the sea as it is so salty! 😀 Naturally, if the other seas is stormy, then it is beautiful, but it’s frightening with the high waves. When I was once at the Adriatic sea, there were 1,5 waves and it was terrible feeling when it covered me. Then I thought that I could die. In Hungary, Lake Balaton is a beautiful place and very calm, but the weather can change from moment to moment from the stormy wind coming from the Alps. And if you are in the middle of the Balaton, you are unable to come out, even if you are sailing or you are with a yacht!!! So, the water is dangerous, but if we think that our body’s bigger part is water… we have to feel that we are in a familiar “material” and we have to like to swim! Otherwise, here in Hungary, in the elementery school it’s obligatory to learn swimming for children and I think this is very good!!! And if we just see the results of the watersports in Olimpic Games or any internation competition, Hungary is always at the best place! 😀 But the most important is not to fear from water and swim well! And watersports are fun and healthy!
      I am very curious about the first episode, hopefully, the situation wasn’t so bad as we thiink about the preview, The film editors could make wonder from nothing! 😀

      Yes, Julee, there were piles around that cockleboat, perhaps, it was a fixed pier, but as they were two of them (SH and JW) on it, it was a little bit under the sea! It’s dangerous as the shark is always curious and a curious shark could swim up to that pier!!! But why they had to hold that sail-form thing, I don’t know???! And why is SH alone? There’s something in the water, perhaps, JW fell down… or not, as he is OK and arrived at home safely! 😀 Fortunately, there were life jacket on them! 😀

      Mimi, I am also proud of SH as the other’s, but I think he should finish his challanging period as it is dangerous not for him, but for us, too as we are afraid of his accidental injuries! Nevertheless, he is an adult man and he should know what he does and for why!!!

      • shandy says:

        I’ve finally got to grapple with Yoon’s difficulties
        of the situation. He’s not mad, he’s daring——
        if he dares, he knows something. If he dares not,
        he knows nothing. As you said, time will heal his
        fear, while daring will treat his wound. Without
        daring his foot remains on the first step, the second
        step becomes nowhere to land…..

        Thanks for clueing me in on beating down my fear,
        I’ll move out the second step, as daring as our fav
        man, thank you so much my dear Zsuz ! ^_^

  9. Mimi says:

    Agree with you dear ladies (y) .. One should control his fears by facing them , SH tried to do even in a short time and I’m sure he knows why he choose to participate this show , dear suz 😀 But an important question pops up my heard whatever the aim is , does it worth to sacrifice yourself in a dangerous challenge? I’m sure ( like any husband) he wants a good level of living for his family .. It’s okay but using safely ways .. You can’t imagine my dear ladies my huge worries about him and my huge happiness when he returned back .. Did he go for fun , money , experience or excitement? I think he came back so early ( perhaps) as he was asked to do more dangerous challenge? …my dear oppa : we need you badly .. I can’t wait for the first ep. Oppa is forever ❤

  10. Henrietta says:

    Dear Julee, I re-watch the clip, the two men at 0.10 would not be SH and JW, the clothes that SH wore at later shot did not match with that, it should be JW and other member. SH was assigned to be alone on the raft fighting on his own, in order to raise the show’s rating? Haha! At least, it raised the Hyun fans’ concern, like us!!

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Henrietta, check out the shoes worn by the man on the right (white hat) at 0:10. The soles are yellow which matches the shoes on SH at the next close up shot (of him holding the piece of wood). The other man on the raft is likely to be JW as his cap has a white label in front, which matches JW’s cap at 0:09.

      I hope we are able to watch this show 🙂

      • shandy says:

        I tried to watch backwards and forwards, if everything
        comes into the match, the raft that Yoon and JW on
        was actually floating and partially submerged in sea
        water. What if…..I mean in case anything could happen,
        our dear man and JW would exactly be put to walk on a
        tight rope…..Oh, my God, it’s such a big gambling of
        their lives !I guess Yoon’s life might have been
        endangered by let say an attempted attack of shark,
        so with an instinctive response he picked up a wood
        from somewhere of the raft (?) to fend himself off the
        terrible monster ?????????

      • juleecwk says:

        Yes, it was partly submerged because of their combined weight. I hope the platform/raft was not too far from shore and it’s not too deep where they were, though the aerial shot indicated the open sea. A thought which popped into mind was how did SH got onto that raft when he can’t swim. I’m not sure whether the other man/JW can swim but since they were both wearing life jackets, probably not?? Does anyone know if swimmers need to wear life jackets? If both can’t swim, then they must have got to that platform by boat. Perhaps they were trying to do some fishing but the net(?) on the stick seems rather small and they would probably need a fishing rod instead.

        Looks like we’ll have to wait for the ep to find out what they were doing on that platform. Meanwhile our imagination runs wild 😀

      • Henrietta says:

        SH wore long trousers while the man next to JW wore short trousers, anyway let’s watch Ep 1 we will know. But Julee, how could we watch SBS on line, like TvN and KBS, do you know?

      • juleecwk says:

        I had noticed his pants and was trying to compare the 2 shots but the close shot wasn’t very clear. Perhaps it was the lighting which made it difficult to be sure.

        Last night I tried searching online for live streaming sites but couldn’t find any. SBS is rather strict with its viewing access. I have registered at SBS previously so tried logging in to watch Live Onair. Sometimes it was only a blank screen but I did managed to see some news and other program after that. It was a bit late so I was surprised that the station was still broadcasting. Will try again tonight to see if I can watch any program live.

  11. shandy says:

    Yoon must have rolled the trouser legs up.
    Check it out with the former and the latter, both men were
    wearing gloves. The only cloud needs to be cleared is Yoon’s
    hat. The probability of coincidence is very high……
    I need to be assured of what’s going on…….???

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