‘Law Of The Jungle In Yap’ Episode 1 Preview (Stills)

I have re-watched a clearer version of the preview from the SBS site itself and could see a bit more from the original clip which was captioned and had a wider screen.
ep 1-1aLand could be seen at the top right corner of this shot so they were probably not so far out in the vast ocean.
Ji Won is holding a paddle and there is another net in the water on Sang Hyun’s left (white arrow).
  Looks like they were fishing and the raft should be secured to the 2 piles on both sides.
The above caption reads ‘an expected tyhoon strikes’.
ep 1-2aThere seems to be a shallow area at bottom right (white arrow) so they are probably near to shore.
Is there a possibility of reef sharks in shallow water?
ep 1-3 What Sang Hyun was so focused on should be the fishing net visible at bottom right. Perhaps he was going to hit what he had caught with that wood. A piece of rope securing the raft can also be seen at bottom right.
ep 1-3aThe above caption reads ‘the will to survive is completely snatched away’ which could be referring to the fish struggling in the net.
The next shot below of the ferocious shark attacking the fish head with the caption ‘an unexpected shark’s counter attack’ should be from another footage as no one in their right mind would want to mess with a hungry shark within biting distance. 
ep 1-4 Look at those razor sharp teeth ……
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9 Responses to ‘Law Of The Jungle In Yap’ Episode 1 Preview (Stills)

  1. shandy says:

    Thenks to Julee for trying to get to the bottom of Yoon’s
    mysterious adventure of the sea, at least it tells something
    about our ” all running wild imagination and blue funk” about
    Yoon’s precarious situation, and the least it solves certain
    parts of so many of our ” whys?“

    So the soon advent storm came to interrupt all things that were
    calm initially would no longer remain unperturbed later on.
    That’s why the ” sail form thing” as mentioned by Zsuz would
    never follow its rule but juz work all itself in a twitter coz’ of the
    strong wind, and had Yoon and JW with their hands busy with

    Frightful enough if we got to see the dreadful jaws ripping the
    prey rite in front of our eyes with its serrated-edge teeth……would
    not be pleasant to me and the most unwanted scene too ……..

    • juleecwk says:

      That caption about the unexpected typhoon started a bit earlier, at the shot of the strong winds and JW shouting something. As the clip was quite fast, the caption continued to the part with them on the raft. But probably the weather then should be fine since the sea seemed calm. I think the members would have checked with the locals for safe fishing spots. I wonder if that raft was already there or they had set it up themselves.

  2. Henrietta says:

    I could find the previous episodes at Tudou, the last update was May 15, 2015. Hope we could also watch the coming episodes at Tudou too. Besides, they held press conference for March session, wonder if they would also hold press conference for this session as well.

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Henrietta, that’s great. Please share with us the link if you should come across any for the new season of LOTJ. Everyone is looking forward to ep 1 next Friday 🙂

  3. Zsuzsanna says:

    Julee, that’s why their name is reef sharks as they are living very near to the coast. And yes, they can bite and attack and cause bad injuries. And it doesn’t matter if you knock out some teeth of them, they have 7 lines of teeth in their mouth! What a good thing could be for people! There’s no problem with dentists anymore, but cleaning so many teeth every day 3 times… that won’t be too easy for a person! 😀 Otherwise, they are very nice animals, but only from a bigger ship or from the beach! 😀
    I think the last photo could be a feeding of fish, in this case a shark one, perhaps, from a boat?! 😀 When I wanted to go to Bali for a conference, there were many special program for forgetting the whole day’s meetings, riding on an elephant, feeding monkeys or feeding fishes. But feeding fishes under the sea with a diving bell on my head! You are under the water with cca, 5 meters wearing swimming dress and there’s a diving bell on your head and you hold a piace of fish and the bigger fishes are coming and eat it from your head! Great! Of course, not sharks!!! I would never go among them, even not in that little raft where SH and JW were sitting. Perhaps, the coast is very near, only 30 meters, but the shark is much quicker, even if you are a good swimmer. And we have to admit, SH is unable to swim as I know… By the way, there’s a family house not too faraway from us and on the garden door (entrance) there’s a caption: “Our two dogs (white argentine dogs) can take the distance from the house to the garden door in 5mp and you??? 😀 So, the situation is the same in case of sharks, even if we can swim very well and the coast is very close, the water (sea) is their living space and they are much quicker than we!
    Otherwise, on that photo where SH is holding that piece of wood, looks really tortured! I hope his family was waiting for him after this torture with something sweet and fine foods without mess in the kitchen! 😀
    I don’t know if we can see it on the SBS page or anywhere else online… I hope so! The HC was really good that I could watch it online, even if I cannot understand too much from the korean language, but I could understand a lot and at least we can learn from it. I can see much more interesting things as if I would concentrate to the subtitles. So, first watching on korean and after then once more with english subbed! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      You must have enjoyed your trip to Bali. Was that underwater activity in an aquarium or in the sea?
      In that close up, SH seems to be a bit wary or fearful while staring at something in the net or water. Wonder where was Ji Won. Even if he was not far from shore, it would still be scary to be surrounded by water. But he’s now safely back home, so we shouldn’t worry too much.

      I wonder what SH plans to do next. Hope he will consider a new drama.

  4. sheeprondo says:

    You are so observant and clear-minded, dear Julee 🙂

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