Miss His ‘Summer Eyes’

summer eyes
Summer Eyes ……. a favorite song of mine from 2011.
Still tugs at the heart and makes me miss his sunny smile and mesmerizing eyes.
For those who miss them too …….
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8 Responses to Miss His ‘Summer Eyes’

  1. Keiko says:

    Thank you Julee.
    I MISS HIM so much. Hoping his live concert will be very soon!!!!!!!

  2. Mimi says:

    Thanks a lot dear julee ❤ it's one of my favorite songs .. I can recall sweet memories when It was first released in Japan and long queues of fans were waiting outside to see his glowing eyes and charming smile .. I miss his voice very much and his wonderful performance in the concerts .. Please oppa come back to us very soon .. We Never give up loving and supporting you .. Right here waiting for you to hear your love song and enjoy your u – turn but without constellation of tears 😉

  3. Zsuzsanna says:

    Unfortunately, that sunny smile is really missing nowadays and that cloudless and enchanting look that we can see in the video at 1:56, too! He has changed a lot! And many things and many people have disappeared from his life… I do hope that he enjoys the new things and he is happy among the new people… but hopefully, he hasn’t forgotten the old ones…?

  4. Mimi says:

    ❤ bogoshipda ❤

  5. gildatoya@yahoo.com says:

    Thanks,Julee! So glad to hear his sweet voice and tantalizing eyes. Miss him so much!

  6. shandy says:

    His uniqueness and pureness of unprocessed voice no one
    could ever take after, always reside in a place deep inside
    where it is specifically and utterly retained for them.
    I’d sorely miss his songs, which had comforted an ever lost
    soul in the vaguely past of the years…..

    Somehow when the boisterous daytime sounds have subsided,
    the comforting voice would take over the tranquil nite with its
    spontaneous nature…..

    I truly miss the one whose charming yet mischievous like tone
    lingering around the stage, the laughter and the pleasures….
    I so much anticipate a come-back of the voice to the platform
    from where everyone is missing, the familiar voice and the
    familiar songs……..

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