Top Stars In Dramas

In a recent article describing top stars as those who play a key character role which adds appeal and injects fun into a drama, Sang Hyun is among those in the list.
Top stars in the following dramas:
Jo In Sung  …….. Shoot For The Star (SBS 2002)
Jo In Sung as Sung Tae, a wannable actor who suffers from dyslexia.
With the help and support of his manager, he succeeds in becoming an actor.

…… Full House (KBS 2004)
Rain as Young Jae, a stubborn and egotistical actor who falls in love with his house keeper Ji Eun (Song Hye Kyo)
. After the latter had been tricked by her friends who sold her house to Young Jae, she had to agree to work as his house keeper in order to buy it back.

Kim Ha Neul
……. On Air (SBS 2008)
Kim Ha Neul as top star Oh Seung Ah in the drama which portrays what goes on behind the work of a TV drama production team and the performers.

Kim Ah Jung
……… The Accidental Couple (KBS 2009)
Kim Ah Jung as top actress Han Ji Soo who got a humble and goodhearted man Gu Dong Baek (Hwang Jung Min) to act as her fake boyfriend in order to cover up her relationship with a politician’s son and to avoid the unwanted publicity from the paparazzi.
I have watched this drama a number of years ago and have enjoyed the touching story of a humble man who managed to win over the lady with his simplicity and good heart. Lovely OST and great acting by Hwang Jun Min.

Jang Guen Suk, Park Shin Hye, Lee Hong Ki & Jung Yong Hwa
…… You’re Beautiful (SBS 2009)
A drama about a pop idol group and one of their member’s twin sister Go Mi Nyeo (Park Shin Hye) who was persuaded to take over her twin brother’s place temporarily in the group. The twist was that she had to dress up as a guy and the members did not know that she’s actually a girl until much later.
A fun drama which I had quite enjoyed watching despite not being a fan of Jang Guen Suk.

Yoon Sang Hyun
…… Secret Garden (SBS 2010)

A romantic fantasy drama about the exchange of souls between an arrogant department store owner Joo Won (Hyun Bin) and a stunt woman Ra-Im (Ha Ji Won). Sang Hyun as Joo Won’s cousin and the loveable Hallyu Star Oska.

Cha Seung Won & Gong Hyo Jin  ……..  Best Love (MBC 2011)
A drama about the relationship amidst the entertainment world and love triangle between Gu Ae Jung (Gong Hyo Jin) a once popular idol from a girl group, popular actor Dokko Jin (Cha Seung Won) and Yoon Pil Joo (Yoon Kye Sang) a doctor of Oriental Medicine.

Choi Si Won & Oh Ji Eun
…….. The King of Dramas (SBS 2012)
Another drama about the entertainment industry. Choi Si Won as an egoistic top actor Kang Hyun Min and Oh Ji Eun as the prickly lead actress Sung Min Ah, with both acting in the same drama.

……. Producers (KBS 2015)

About some TV drama producers and the hectic schedules in the production network.
IU as a famous singer who had started out as a trainee from a young age.
I’m sure there are other unique characters from the many good dramas which viewers can point out.
For me, another top star occasion is Sang Hyun as Tae Bong in Queen of Housewives (MBC 2009).


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3 Responses to Top Stars In Dramas

  1. shandy says:

    Yoon digested the role well enough to make everyone’s eyes glow..
    He deserves the credits, for every reason, he’d played the best
    part of Oska, the man, the hallyu star, lived in his world of
    self-indulgent luxury, a man on the loose and on the spree, in another
    word, Oska was foppish who lived a life devoted to pursuit of
    pleasure…..but he’s exquisite.

    Oska, who’s made by Yoon, the dandy most vulnerable to passionate
    hurt, could still be happy if he hadn’t been so steadfastly falling for
    his only one… Does the kudos, being tagged with Yoon’s brilliance act
    ,and all his heart-and-soul play making Oska the Jack-a-dandy the
    most attractive playboy ever being played on screen, come a little
    bit late ?

    Frankly speacking, I was very disappointed when the recognized
    credits were not pronounced in due course about the scintillating
    Oska Yoon’d given him so much life and characteristic personality
    no one would ever dislike but only love could be topped up….

    When I first read the description of Oska character before
    shooting taking off the ground, I wasn’t so intrigued with Yoon
    playing another role of playboy again.
    But Yoon proved me wrong in the end. He’d absolutely put up
    a good show ! I always believe a good actor will shine no matter
    how. All glitter is not gold, but some glitter must be pure gold…..

    • juleecwk says:

      We know how versatile SH is in whatever role he plays. A friend once commented that SH is the kind of actor who becomes the character he plays while there are those who tend to play themselves. I hope we will get to see SH taking on another different role in his new drama or movie. We have yet to see SH playing a villain 🙂

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    Well, Cha Seung Won and Bi-Rain’s roles and playings were really great! These dramas were the first ones that I could have seen with their excellent acting. CSW got really close to my heart in Greatest love! I don’t know why but from this role alsways SH comes into my mind. And Rain is a fantastic singer, dancer and international actor and his shape is Wow! 😀 He got many roles in american films, too. In the Ninja Assassin and not long ago he had got a chinese film role. So, his career is great, just like his talent. And the videoclips of songs are great! Although, I have seen him singing the 3 bears song, too! He was cute! I hope if SH would have child, I could see the same song in his performance, too! 😀
    SH’s OSKA was a real great performance and even if the drama was only one of the funny dramas, but his character was written excellently! And I think he played it very well, as I think that role suits him very well! But I wonder why a good drama, like the Queen of Housewives wasn’t mentioned as SH was really great in it and he was really the main driving force.
    And perhaps, I have to contradict to Shan, but I loved the playboy type of SH very much! Although, we could say, he was a playboy, but with a tremendously big heart or soul… And perhaps, these roles were very close to his own personality then, nowadays he has changed a lot, and I miss that cloudless personality very much…

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