‘Law Of The Jungle In Yap’ Episode 1 (2015-05-29)

The first episode of SBS ‘Law Of The Jungle In Yap’ enjoyed a good start with a high viewership of 11.5% nationwide and 12.6% for the Metropolitan area according to Nielsen Korea.  That puts it in first place ahead of KBS ‘The Producers’ and an MBC show which was shown in the same time period.
From previous updates, the first group led by leader Kim Byung Mun and 6 members had left for Yap on 27th April. Though there were some highlights on the rest of the members, we should see more of their challenges in the coming episodes.


e1-2The unique gigantic stone money which is still in use on Yap


e1-4Sang Hyun with another member (Park Han Byeol?) enjoying some underwater viewing from their make-shift raft.


Da Som with her sexy wave dance
e1-6Sang Hyun’s remark which made everyone burst into laughter “Stop shaking, it’s provocative”
e1-7Taken aback by the PD’s revelation that they had caught a poisonous frog, Bae Su Bin lets it out of the net.
It must have landed in Sang Hyun’s direction which startled him.




e1-10Sang Hyun testing his make-shift raft




e1-14Kim Byung Man and members taking on the challenge of nomadic survival in the jungle


I was wondering how they would know where they were going since the jungle is so big and one could easily get lost. Perhaps with the help of a compass? They were following a stream which could at least provide them with water.
e1-17Hot and humid with plenty of mosquitoes, it was not an easy hike as the ground was uneven, steep and slippery with moss in some places. But finally they came upon a small clearing where they could set up camp.
e1-18Though the stream was mostly shallow with some deeper areas, it was teeming with large prawns and even eels which they could catch for dinner. 
Much to Rye Seung Su’s frustration, neither spear nor bait worked.
e1-19Kim Byung Man and members unsuccessfully trying to catch the eel with their bare hands. Finally he hit upon the idea of scooping it up with his jacket and throwing it onto the bank. Unfortunately the eel slipped back into the water after landing at the side of the stream.
e1-20They finally managed to corner it among the rocks but it was too slippery to hold onto.


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4 Responses to ‘Law Of The Jungle In Yap’ Episode 1 (2015-05-29)

  1. shandy says:

    I’m so intrigued by the unique stone money, as well as
    the traditional native dances, and the equally amazing Yapese
    ladies clad in their traditional topless costume giving their warm
    welcome to those visitors rite getting off the plane at the Yapese

    Yet none would be more exciting and thrilling than the adventurous
    encounter of The Law Of Jungle on Yap Island itself…..
    I’m totally amazed at the potential of intrigue hidden which will
    sooner or later be displayed by our amazingly interesting and
    adorable man. Yoon’s creative and bombarding ideas always catch
    me in an un-expectancy of his capability and vigor.

    He’s a brain out of the ordinary.
    Thanks Julee for posting the pic of Yoon with another team member
    totally immersed in enjoying the colorful and interesting underwater
    view. An aquaphobia harnesses his skills and creativity working on
    a lone oar of raft braving the sea, how brave he is ! The effect of
    the makeshift raft is so fantastic and invigorating !
    I always wanna give him a high-five and acclaim : ‘ MY DEAREST
    And how I wish i COULD join him in viewing the underwater world
    !!!!!!!!( V-sign) ^_^

  2. Henrietta says:

    Julee, do you notice that SH wore a black thing around his knees, is it a knees’ protection, would his knees got hurt or he feels painful?

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Henrietta,
      I remember SH had mentioned during the White Dinner Show last Dec that his left knee hurt due to worn out cartilage. I had a closer look at the parts of the clip of ep 1 where that black item can be seen around his knees and it does look like a knee brace. Usually these would be worn directly around the knee but perhaps SH was wearing tights so he wore it over them.

      I was wondering why it was shown on different knees in different scenes. Only when I took a closer look at that scene with him cheering Dasom’s wave dance @ 7:38 did I notice that he was actually wearing them around both knees. Both knee braces were also clearly visible in that scene of Dasom throwing some ‘seasoning’ into their barbeque and the zoom-in @ 8:24.

      These knee braces are usually worn for relief for painful and weak knees.

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        He mentioned that he had an injuries in his knee and that’s why he was unable to go for hiking since a year??? And I think the time that “Mad Monk Sang-Hyeon” has spent in the monastery during the HC2 was perfect for his soul, but it wasn’t too easy for his knees! 😀 Those many kneelings down and standings up could have been terrible for him!!! That monk was really lovely, but I have to admit this practice wouldn’t have been recreative for me, neither just for my knee, nor for my soul!!! 😀
        Otherwise, I was surprised that SH was able to be on that little raft without fear! Great! Perhaps, next time we would see him diving under the sea???

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