‘Law Of The Jungle In Yap’ Episode 2 (2015-06-05)

I had mixed up the broadcast day of Law Of The Jungle, thinking it was on Saturday but I managed to watch episode 2 anyway. It was interesting to watch the continuation of Kim Byung Man’s team in their battle with the giant eels but unfortunately the other members were not shown in this episode. Hope we’ll get to see more of them in the coming episodes.
A thought which occurred to me about such reality shows being filmed in the wild is that the producers would have sent out a team to first explore the area and find out about the possible risks. So they would probably have known what can be found in this place and whether it is safe. But still, there will always be a degree of risk involved.
Viewership ratings:
Episode 1 @ 11.5%
Episode 2 @ 11.8%
Watch episode 2 @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6iFFLgb7Z8
Just when it seemed that the slippery eel would get away, Byung Man and Yi Gyeong managed to scooped it out of the water and knocked it out by throwing it repeatedly onto the river bank.  I could not help feeling sorry for the poor eel though.
ep2-1Kang Nam was thrilled when he managed to catch their second eel but had to give up his long pants to be used as a net when they came upon another huge eel.
ep2-2Byung Man was unexpectedly bitten as he tried to drive the eel out of its hiding place.
A monster eel with sharp teeth but strangely, they did not seem too worried about their legs.


Though they caught the 3rd eel, they decided to release it back into the stream as they had enough for dinner with their earlier catch of 2 eels, a number of large prawns and small fishes.
Yi Gyeong grimacing at Han Byeol’s way of slicing the eel. At one point it gave them the jitters when the headless eel seemed to be still moving but it was probably due to reflex action.


ep2-7Byung Man using a split bamboo stem to cook prawns


ep2-9Cooking eel on a heated stone slab.


ep2-10aThe next morning, the team moved on to their second destination Tomil, an area with mangrove swamps located northeast of Yap.



ep2-13Indian almond
The members set up camp for the night. Byung Man being an experienced member in jungle survival easily sets up a hammock by securing it between 2 trees and is certainly good at tree climbing.
The thought of diving at night gives me the creeps as one cannot imagine what lurks in the dark water.
I suppose they would have found out from the locals beforehand where it is safe to do so and it’s just shallow water.


ep2-19Byung Man managed to catch a fish with his bare hands but it gave him the slip.
So why are these huge stone money pieces all gathered together in one location which serves as a stone money bank?
ep2-15The stone money are made of limestone from the volcanic island of Palau (about 400 km away) and were transported to Yap on canoes. Yap being a coral island does not have limestone.
ep2-16The stone money were kept together in one location as they are heavy and difficult to be moved around.
In next week’s episode 3 ….. diving among the reef sharks and shark feeding



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2 Responses to ‘Law Of The Jungle In Yap’ Episode 2 (2015-06-05)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    I went home earlier and I could see this episode online. Well, as I don’t understand a lot, even if they talk a lot of word I know, it’s boring a little bit! I think the girl can eat anything with big pleasure! 😦 😀 The fruits are very interesting and yes, everything was slippery and dangerous! Seung soo is funny person, even if he didn’t seem to be for the first time! 😀 Well, perhaps, Byung Man is perfect in fixing hammock between 2 trees, but I think we should ask Seung Soo what his opinion was! I think he would say differently! 😀 😀 His bottom… 😀 I have bursted out of laughing! 😀 And the olimpyc champion with that olimpyc flame-type pice of wood and as he was running! 😀 By the way, I didn’t really understand the stocking sceen, but it was funny… 😀 But I haven’t seen anybody to climb up to a tree so easily, I was really surprised!!! Great!
    Otherwise, I hope when SH would be on the screen and JW, those episodes would be much funnier and more interesting! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      The stocking scene from ep 1 ….. Han Byeol was telling Seung Su that cinnamon powder would repel bugs so they were going to fill the stockings with it and hang these on their tent frame. SS said something about the stockings bringing back some memories, not sure if it has anything to do with the Infinity Challenge game in which the performers had done the same. It was meant to be humorous since their faces would be distorted.

      HB had wanted to see SS put it on so they played the paper-rock-scissors game where the loser would have to put on the stocking and act out something. She lost twice so had to put it on herself but managed to win on the 3rd round and got her wish. Hope SH and the rest of the other members would be shown in the next ep.

      SS is the oldest member among the whole group of 12 and has a fear of flying. So he was rather nervous at the airport and on the plane (ep 1). He seems to appreciate being one with nature, climbing on to a branch and sitting atop a rock to ‘meditate’. The narration in ep 1 pointed out that the most senior members (Seung Su & Sang Hyun) have a childlike innocence and are fearful …… SS afraid of bugs, pretending he’s running with an Olympic torch and SH running away from that poisonous frog , screaming like a kid when the trunk he was clinging on to was being pushed up and down. And SH enjoying the adventure like Tom Sawyer 🙂

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