‘Law Of The Jungle’ Episode 3 (2015-06-12)

In this episode, Byeong Man and his team was given a challenge by the PD to fulfill a mission of meeting the sharks, feeding them and to have a successful hunt in order to receive stone money which they could use to make a purchase. While Byeong Man and Han Byeol set out on the shark mission, the other members would try to catch fishes among the reefs and hunt for crabs on land.
For those who have yet to watch this episode and hoping to see the rest of the team, Sang Hyun with Ji Won and Su Bin will be appearing in next week’s episode 4.
A surprising revelation on the relationship between Seung Su and Han Byeol that goes back 13 years.
Han Byeol and Song Ji Hyo who both acted in the 2003 horror film ‘Wishing Stairs, Wishing Corridors 3’ had taken acting lessons from Seung Su.
Han Byeol was given the hammock but the men would have to sleep on the ground. Probably they did not sleep well due to the many mosquitoe bites. Han Byeol was more fortunate as she was better prepared and well covered up, even with a plastic bag over her feet.


Jeong Jin using an extended branch to pluck breadfruit (pic below)
More info on breadfruit …. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breadfruit
Byeong Man and Han Byeol sets out to the open sea for the shark mission.
The small clearing where the team had set up camp can be seen at the right border of the insert.
Doing a last check on the communication device on Han Byeol before she takes the dive.
Han Byeol had taken preparatory diving lessons before the trip so the members should have known about this dive. As can be seen in the episodes, most of them can swim. We know Sang Hyun cannot swim due to his hydrophobia but not too sure about some of the others like Seung Su and Ji Won.




Byeong Man and Han Byeol staying close to the reefs from where they would watch the sharks. Though the sharks would be just a couple of meters above them, this was probably the safest place to be. During the safety briefing, they were told not to touch the sharks or the bait which would be attached to a line.


As soon as the bait was lowered into the water, the sharks appeared and many could be seen circling around it.  Though this species is probably not the aggressive kind and were more interested in the bait, it must be pretty scary to see so many of them.
3-15The bait in the attached cylinder


3-17Sharks just overhead.
It must be an awesome experience for those who make this kind of dive and being able to be so close to these creatures in their natural environment. Another wonderful experience would be watching the giant Manta rays which are plentiful in this area.
Manta rays of Yap …… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dz0zBPudQDY
Taking a last look at the sharks circling around the bait a short distance away.

This time the bait should be attached to the other boat so that they can safely make their way up.  But still I could not help being fearful for them when they made their ascent, especially when they had just surfaced and were hauling themselves onto the boat.

Another adrenaline charged activity of shark feeding.



3-22Han Byeol is certainly one plucky lady, courageous to take this dive among the sharks and roughing it out in the jungle with the men.
While Byeong Man and Han Byeol were carrying out their shark activity, the other members split up into 2 teams for fishing and crab hunting. Kang Nam and Yi Gyeong did not managed to get any fishes but since they still needed to complete their mission, their catch of a single sea snail would have to do. The other team had more success and managed to catch a huge crab.
Since the team had completed their mission, they received a piece of stone money (in Rye Dam’s hands). Byeong Man suggested that they use it to buy ripe bananas and pineapple as the bananas they found were unripe. He would be making ‘jungle pizza’ for dinner.
Byeong Man preparing ‘jungle pizza’. Pieces of breadfruit were stuffed inside a hollow bamboo stem, coconut water added in and the opening sealed with banana leaf. The bamboo stem was then cooked in the fire pit.
3-26The cooked breadfruit had turned into a soft starchy paste
‘Jungle pizza’ garnished with pieces of ripe pineapple and banana. The taste of cooked breadfruit is described as akin to potatoes.  For more on cooking with breadfruit (close up view below) ….


Coming up next week in episode 4 ……. Sang Hyun, Ji Won and Su Bin arrives in Yap





It gives me a good feeling to see Sang Hyun having fun here.
Yoon ‘Sawyer’ building his raft


3-35aThe adventures of Yoon ‘Sawyer’ on Yap …..
Yap! See you next week in episode 4.
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7 Responses to ‘Law Of The Jungle’ Episode 3 (2015-06-12)

  1. Henrietta says:

    Yeah, finally I could see SH in the coming episode! Miss you…

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    Well, I have seen the 3rd episode online and it was more interesting then the second one! And I am sure if SH would be there, that would be much more funny! 😀 As he is a big little boy, we can see as he is swinging on the tree! 😀 And he is brave as he can go to the deeper sea even if he cannot swim!
    That diving was really great, I would like to try it out! I think being deep under the sea with sharks above!!! Well, that is a great adrenaline rush! 😀 And feedign the sharks, too! You know even if the Jaws, american film serials were only film and fantasy, but when I see sharks, those scenes come to my mind! Frightening! I think from the first team my favorite is Ryu Seung Su, who is a little bit similar to Sang-Hyeon by his behaviour, although, he is not so creative and skillful as SH!
    But I could laugh a lot about him! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      Do you dive, Zsuz? It must be like being in another world down there among the sea creatures.

      The movie ‘Jaws’ had given people the wrong impression about sharks. Not all of them are aggressive. It seems the author of ‘Jaws’ later regretted the way he had depicted them and the gross exaggeration of them as deliberate man eaters.

      Quote: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaws_(novel)
      In the years following publication, Benchley began to feel responsible for the negative attitudes against sharks that his novel engendered. He became an ardent ocean conservationist. In an article for the National Geographic published in 2000, Benchley writes “considering the knowledge accumulated about sharks in the last 25 years, I couldn’t possibly write Jaws today … not in good conscience anyway. Back then, it was generally accepted that great whites were anthropophagus (they ate people) by choice. Now we know that almost every attack on a human is an accident: The shark mistakes the human for its normal prey.”

  3. shandy says:

    If Yoon comes to be my most fav man, then HB should be my
    fav lady. Both of them share quite the similarity—— their
    indomitable ballsiness.
    She looks like a weakling outside, but a strong lady inside, is
    no less than Yoon whose manliness is covert, and who would
    never be subjugated to the vast ocean though he’s a fear of deep
    sea.The breadfruit looks savory.The team leader is not only a
    skilful hunter, but also a good cook.

    • juleecwk says:

      The team leader KBM has been with this show since it started in 2011 so he would have had a lot of experience in living in the wild and able to take good care of the members. With HB being the only lady in this first group, I wonder if there were any inconvenience for her. But she’s one tough lady indeed.

  4. Henrietta says:

    Julee, do you hear today’s news that “SH will appear in the upcoming SBS weekend drama “The time we were not in love”, starring with Ha Ji Won, to be aired on June 27. Although he might appear only in one episode, but isn’t it a happy news to us?

    • juleecwk says:

      Yes Henrietta, I read it today and had just posted the update 🙂
      Hope SH will appear a bit longer in this cameo compared to that very brief preview in Pinocchio.
      This drama looks interesting and I would like to watch it since I like Ha Ji Won.
      Wish SH would be doing a new drama too.

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