‘Law Of The Jungle In Yap’ Episode 4 (2015-06-19)

I had been wondering earlier about the large group with 12 members for this season of jungle survival in Yap as the groups for the past seasons were much smaller. With the departure of Seong Su, Yi Gyeong and Kang Nam and arrival of 3 new members, it’s now clear that not all members would be staying for the entire duration of filming on Yap. A small group would be easier to manage as not everyone can endure the rough living conditions.
4-1Sang Hyun, Ji Won and Su Bin were probably looking forward to their adventure on paradise island.
It was certainly unexpected to have to alight a short distance from shore and wade over the uneven seabed.


Holding on to each other as they carefully made their way in. Ji Won seemed rather fearful of what was in the water so the other two decided to tease him by picking something up and throwing it in his direction. 
Byeong Man welcomes the new members and to let them know what to expect, had Ryu Dam show them his leg which was covered with insect bites.  They would have to be prepared for the constant attacks from the many mosquitoes and sand flies.
The group was amused that Ji Won had brought along kimchi in a cold pack which he managed to get through immigration. At first I had thought that he should have known they could not possibly bring it into the jungle and then realized that he had brought them as a gift for the filming crew. 
Okeefe’s Island, also known as Tarang
The team would be heading to the southeast tip of the island where they would find stone money that faces the sky.
No proper walking path and they would have to rely on a compass to find their way.
They would also have to be careful of the spiky Pandanus leaves.
“This is the first time in my life coming like this, not knowing where the path is and just going in the direction as Kim Byeong Man. Moving just a little would bring on cold sweat, and the bugs are attacking.”
Tightening the straps of his knee protective gear.
The problem mentioned is that of worn down knee cartilage (osteoarthritis).
It must be tough to trudge up the slopes with his problem knees. I was a bit concerned to see him like this but glad that he did not seem to be hurting much. I got a bit worried when I did not see him with Byeong Man’s group in front, or with Ji Won’s group at the back. Surely they would not have left him on his own so it was a relief to see him catch up with the first group. He was probably a bit behind them.
Checking the compass often for direction and keeping to the southeast.
Though Byeong Man had walked ahead quickly, Ryu Dam had probably been instructed to stay with the slower ones trudging behind.
4-8aFinally reaching their destination and locating the stone money which faces the sky.
4-9This was the site where David Okeefe had used to live on this island in 1871 and he had made this table in a similar shape as stone money.
For their second survival challenge, they would not be able to use a knife but to rely on whatever is available in nature. As some of them were wondering how they were going to catch and clean fishes or cut fruits without a knife, Byeong Man asked them to look around for sharp pieces of stones which they could use in place of knives. He also showed them how to break the tip of a bamboo stem into sharp strips to use as a hunting tool.
Ji Won found a piece of wood with a sharp tip which he could use for fishing.
He probably cannot swim as he keeps to shallow water
and has difficulty using the snorkel piece.
4-12Sang Hyun’s DIY net made with of a piece of flexible branch and strips of bark.
Sang Hyun felt a bit piqued by Ji Won’s comment that the fish would go through the big holes of the net as he had spent an hour working on it. Probably he was using more bark strips to go across the frame. While looking at Sang Hyun’s vest Ji Won got the idea of using it as netting. He is certainly another resourceful person with creative ideas.
4-14aHaving fun with their DIY net and shouting with excitement when they caught a tropical fish in the shallow water.
According to Su Bin, it’s a triggerfish which has sharp dorsal spine. He is quite knowledgeable about the various species as he loves the sea and look upon the fishes as his children.
4-16Sang Hyun had wanted to keep the fish in the enclosure which he made with some rocks but it managed to slip through the cracks.
4-17Sang Hyun’s next DIY project ……. a bamboo raft.
“It is my dream to build a raft and take it out to sea. To build a wooden house and take the raft down the Mississippi River with my friends. It had been my dream since young, building this raft brings me back to my childhood.”
4-18Sang Hyun to the PD “Really?!”
Sang Hyun was telling the PD that if he could take the raft out there (pointing into the distance), then he would not need to do filming. To his surprise, the PD replied that if he can do that, he will consider it as a termination of his survival challenge. That certainly spurred him on to complete his raft.


Sang Hyun testing his raft which floated successfully much to his and everyone’s delight. As he paddled away happily, Ji Won shouted that they should go together and splashed him with water when he did not stop. These 2 are so cute sometimes, just like big kids.


I’m Yoon Sawyer and this is my dream come true ……
For a moment, half of the raft was submerged when Sang Hyun shifted his balance.
Calling out to Ji Won that they would need to tie up the raft again.
Probably the binding was not strong enough.
4-24Getting ready for some underwater viewing from on top the raft.
4-27Using a bait to catch the many fishes among the reef but without success.
The team did not get a good catch for the day and had only a small fish to share during dinner. Since everyone was hungry, Byeong Man negotiated with the PD that they be allowed to use a fishing net and in return, they would give some of what they catch to the filming crew. Though the PD relented, it was with the condition that they would have to give up half their catch to the crew.
While Byeong Man and Su Bin headed out for some offshore fishing, the rest tried to catch fish in shallow water near to shore.  Sang Hyun got to stay on land, probably being the oldest in the group and due to his fear of water. In the previous episode, Seong Su had also stayed behind while the rest of the members went hunting.
Ji Won “What red fish?!”
Ji Won was scared when the cameraman mentioned a red fish which had passed him in the water.
Sang Hyun probably wanted to tease him as he added that the fish bites people.
In next week’s episode ……. the typhoon strikes





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8 Responses to ‘Law Of The Jungle In Yap’ Episode 4 (2015-06-19)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    I have watched the 4th episode online and it was much better than the previous episodes were. It was good to see SH in that funny white cap. I had very similar one when I was very little child! 😀 And seeing the three funny men hand in hand in the shallow water, made me laugh! I don’t know if JW is such a type who is always afraid of everything, but it’s really strange as I won’t imagine about a rapper! 😀 Yap is beautiful, but that so many mosquitos, I could die from them. When I was at Lake Balaton last year, at night there were so many mosquitos, that we were unable to open our mouth as it was full of them. So, we hadn’t have dinner at all! 😀 Many protein!!! 😀 Fortunately, those didn’t bite us! That road to almost nowhere was very hard, like El Camino… I am really sorry that SH has problem with knees, perhaps, he should drink Flexigel and take Kurkuma capsules as those could help a lot, for Mom was excellent! I have to realize again that SH is unable to sit in one place for a long time, he has “DIY-pressure” 😀 His mind is always working and after the thoughts are followed by deeds! 😀 SH is very creative, just like JW, but while SH is a hardworker, JW likes if somebody else does the tasks! 😀 Although, he can tell how anyone can impove the other’s ideas and he is very creative when he has to save work for himself! 😀 I can say he is lazy, but lovely! 😀 By the way I don’t understand why JW undertakes such challenges, as he is afraid of everything! 😀 Perhaps, he is testing himself! I think SH didn’t want to finish his jungle challenge so much as he enjoyed the building of the raft! Though, he didn’t sail to faraway from the shore! But I was surprised that he can put his head into the water!!! It’s a big step to someone who is afraid of water! Congratulation! I think the view under the sea could be wonderful!!! On one photo above SH seems to be with wet hair like HMY at the beatch! 😀 I loved SH with that hair very much! It suits him very well and it’s sexy!

    • juleecwk says:

      JW seems to be afraid of many things, probably that’s why he had wanted SH to go along on this show. He’s smart, has a quick mind and would do well in problem solving. I like his easy going personality. SH must have enjoyed himself on this trip as he got to make his raft and sail on the water, though not along the Mississippi. It’s a pity he has some problem with his knees, hopefully it’s not severe. But he should take care. As for his fear of water, maybe it’s not so bad if he’s not totally immersed in it.

      SH enjoys his DIY activities. He had mentioned previously that he would like to make things for his new house, and would probably be doing that for his kids. I hope his new house is ready.

  2. Henrietta says:

    Julee, with the joining of these new members, what is the viewership rating of this episode? I feel episode 4 is the most enjoyable one compare to previous, not only because of SH.

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Henrietta,
      Viewership remains high at 11% for ep 4 but highest so far was for ep 2.
      Ep 1 @ 11.5%
      Ep 2 @ 11.8%
      Ep 3 & 4 @ 11%

      I’ve enjoyed ep 4 too with the addition of the 3 new members. They make a fun team and it’s nice to watch SH with his DIY projects. There’s still one member (Dasom) who has yet to arrive. Since both SH and JW had only stayed for a week, my guess is those who remained until the end were Byeong Man, Ryu Dam, Jeong Jin, Han Byeol and Su Bin.

      I’m looking forward to SH’s cameo appearance in the new drama. Hope we do not need to wait too long for his next drama, perhaps only sometime next year? Btw what kind of role would you ladies like to see him in for his next drama?

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        It would be good to see him in a role of a bad person, who was perhaps famous, but dreaded and who had to do those bad things for his nation or for a noble goal… Although, those people could have romantic and good moments, too. So, I want to see him in a different role, not a comical one, but a very serious role!
        Otherwise, it doesn’t matter as he can play any role very well!

  3. Henrietta says:

    I want him to be a detective or an undercover detective or even a bad guy. I do not want him to play the comical role again. Hope he will start filming after the setting up of the new house. Actually, I have a bad feeling that he will semi retire, he could operate the cafe (built in his new house 1st floor as he mentioned before) with Maybee to earn money and enjoy the quiet family life together. Hope this would not happen at least in this few years!!

    • Zsuzsanna says:

      He won’t surely retire even for a short time as a new caffé is unable to bring so much money that he could maintain his usual standard of living, mainly that his family has expanded and would expand with more people and dogs! 😀 And we have to know that a new business in the first 2-3 years, in the best case has zero balance or takes the money and it doesn’t matter who is the owner!!! And of course, it depends on the location and the marketing!!! He has to work very hard to bring up some children… 😀 So, I am sure we would see him in new role soon. Otherwise, it’s not too good idea to leave the world of artist for a long time as it’s very hard to get back into the public awareness, as there are always newcomers who can do it on the same level as you do or better at least according to the directors… And I don’t know the income of his wife, but I think she is unable to get too much from the royalties?! I think SH is the person, who knows very well how hard he has to work to create the good existence!!! He is clever, so, he will do it!!! 😀

  4. juleecwk says:

    Not to worry ladies that SH might semi retire from acting because of that cafe he’s setting up at his new home. He had mentioned at that time that the cafe is not meant for money making. It is meant to be a nice relaxing place for people in the neighbourhood to drop in for a cuppa, something for his mum and sis to do and because MB loves coffee too. Maybe he had also wanted to make that place a little more lively.

    Surely he would know that location is not the best for a real business. If he really want to set up a food business, it would certainly be somewhere with a lot of potential customers. Maybe he could do that later as one of his future options. In his younger days, he had set up that little restaurant halfway up the hill where his potential customers were female university students and they had been drawn to the handsome chef 🙂 If he really were to set up a restaurant in future, I will surely drop by if I were in Seoul. And I might want to drop by in Paju to visit his cafe too 🙂

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