2015 Yoon Sang Hyun Summer Fan Meeting (2)

Pre-sale booking for the summer fan meeting starts today 26th June for the fan club members, after which the booking will be opened for general sales. Please refer to above link for booking.
Pre-sale: 26th June (18:00) to 29th June (12:00)
General sale:  29th June (12:00) to 6th July (12:00)
Event:  Yoon Sang Hyun Fan Meeting – Summer Harmony 2015
Date:    25th July 2015 (Saturday)
Time:   16:30 (Admission)    17:00 (Start)
Venue: Prince Hall, Grand Prince Tanakawa Hotel, Tokyo
Benefits: Handshake & 2 shot photo with Sang Hyun and 2 commemorative memorabilia.
prince hall
Prince Hall
The hotel venue is the same as for the White Dinner Show held last December.
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2 Responses to 2015 Yoon Sang Hyun Summer Fan Meeting (2)

  1. gildatoya@yahoo.com says:

    Hope i could go.

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    Yes, I think SH likes this hotel very much! I hope it would be a lot of people and he would be very sincer and would reply to the questions as I think there would be many!

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