Sang Hyun In ‘너를 사랑한 시간’ (Cameo)

While going through a heartbreak over a colleague who had married another woman, Oh Ha Na fantasizes over some of her ideal dating partners.  Sang Hyun appears as himself and as a composer who sings to her.

cameo 2

cameo 2a

cameo 3
Oh Ha Na “Ah, Yoon Sang Hyun, a composer and romanticist ……
cameo 4“But he’s popular with so many women and already married ….. eliminate!”

cameo 5

The other men who were also eliminated

cameo csh

cameo ojw

cameo L

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12 Responses to Sang Hyun In ‘너를 사랑한 시간’ (Cameo)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    I think it could be a funny drama, at least what I have seen from it! 😀 I like HJW, she is excellent actress and she is very nice with super shape! Well, these persons as eliminated men are very interesting! 😀
    SH was lovely when he was singing, although, the song was not too good for me! Sometimes I have the idea that he is preparing for a new role, for a famous singing guitarist in the future! I do hope he would play such a role, but until then he should learn to play some real chords on guitar! Perhaps, when he would be at fanmi in Japan, SC could give him some lessons as they are good friends, even if a border and some water is between them now! 😀 And it would be good to hear some new songs!!!
    Chu Song Hun is a very lovely person and he is more conservative in real life than in this episode! 😀 I know him from the Return of Superman and he was a surprise for me as he is a very kindly person who takes care all the members of his family and he admires her daughter very much! Sarang is a little lovely beauty, just like her name shows!!! 😀 By the way, I can remember a similar movement from SH in an advertisement! So, I would have waited this opening shirt from SH, not from CSH! 😀 Although, SH’s denim shirt was also enough deeply opened! 😀
    On Ju Wan’s face is familiar, but I don’t know even if I have seen any film from him.
    L is really a good dancer and singer and he has very cute face. I like people who has two little dimples on face as they seem to be smiling continously! He has a special eradiaton when he is smiling to HJW! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      This brief scene with the few men in HJW’s imagination was funny and I had a good laugh when OJW made those ‘allluring’ poses. I didn’t know earlier that Chu Seung Hun is actually a Japanese until I was checking him out on Google. I first saw him in Return of Superman and found out that his wife is a Japanese but I thought it was a inter-racial marriage. L has a cute face and very good looking especially when he smiles 🙂

      I think SH was wearing a white singlet with his shirt so it’s not much ‘opened’ haha. CSH on the other hand is really muscular 😀 HJW is lovely, I think she would do well in comedy. Recently I happened to watch one of her shows which was filmed overseas but did not take note of the title. She was staying at a beautiful BnB place with her sister. And I couldn’t help thinking how pretty she looks, with her lovely long hair and flawless skin.

  2. sheeprondo says:

    I have watched the episode too.Sang Hyun is definitely the most appealing among all but ironically being so popular is the reason why he is eliminated.
    I wonder how Maybee would feel being the wife of such a charming man and the idol of so many people.
    I also feel that Ha Ji Won could be a perfect match on the screen.

  3. shandy says:

    Since Yoon had appeared in the recent two variety shows,
    he’d undergone ever so many changes —— from the halo of
    Hallyu star Oscar, to the recent cool detective Ha Mu Yoon
    —— Yoon drew a curtain on his flamboyance. He went back
    to nature, assimilating into the law of jungle, with his simply
    austere and unadorned style, yet he keeps appealing to me
    with his simplicity, child-like cheerful and genuine personality

    The elation of knowing him gonna play a cameo is unspeakable.
    I’ve expected a surprise from him. I know he’d make it, and he
    acted out exactly I’ve been anticipating !
    Would it be a warm-up for his acting skills ? I dunno, but he
    definitely shows a very good part of his romantic side.
    Since he’d kept those charming glances behind the scene,
    I know we would have missed so much of those beautiful and
    romantic expressions which dominate the major part
    of most speechless scenes and the sumptuously wrought

    By rite he should know we’re pining for his coming back to the
    front of camera ~ I luv his simpleness, but when he turns out
    to be a charming and romantic composer, he’s equally striking
    a responsive chord. And I luv his way of making a conspicuous
    performance, no less or no more than striking a note !
    We miss so much of his acting, which is all in his eyes ~

    • juleecwk says:

      We sure miss watching SH in a drama since Gapdong ended. A pity this cameo appearance was so brief but still, it was better than being without. Most likely we would have to wait until next year for his next drama but in the meantime, hope we will still get to see him in other variety shows.

      Hope he is enjoying this break and able to do all that he had wanted to do this year. Enjoy his time with family, looking forward to a new addition soon, making things for his new home and having a good rest. Hope he will also enjoy the coming fan meeting. Could we hope that he will have a new single and a song of his own?

  4. Ruha says:

    may I know what song that SH sing in this drama?
    Thank you

  5. Pilar says:

    Hi, I am Spanish and I love Sang Hyun, he is muy fav oppa…please someone could say me what is the name and the episode of this drama?? Thank you! You have a fantastic blog 🙂

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