‘Law Of The Jungle In Yap’ Episode 5 (2015-06-26)

I had really enjoyed watching this episode, especially the hilarious part of Sang Hyun, Ji Won and Han Byeol trying to capture the large coconut crab they had found. While the crab was just sitting immobile on top of the net and not making any attempt to escape, the nervous trio were scrambling to stuff it into the plastic bag. This scene certainly had me in stitches and is best watched from the clip itself.
5-1Trying to get the coconut crab out from its hiding place.
5-2Sang Hyun finally managed to push the crab on to the net and excitedly calls out to Han Byeol to bring over the plastic bag.
Han Byeol freaks out at the sight of the large crab up close and drops the bag instead.
I could not help laughing out loud at this part when Sang Hyun recoiled each time Ji Won pushed the net towards him.
At one point the net fell out as it did not completely go into the bag but they finally managed to stuff it in.
Though they had a good catch of a few fishes, crabs and a big scallop, they had to give up half the amount to the filming crew according to their prior agreement with the PD.  What they had left was certainly insufficient for 7 people. Crabs have little meat and even that scallop shell contained only a small amount of edible flesh.


Let’s share that piece of crab meat …..



5-10Still hungry after sharing what they had, Su Bin got upset which made the others feel a bit awkward. 
5-11Sang Hyun was asked to say something in view of the sombre mood …… “We have made a promise ….”
I suppose what he meant is that they were committed to the show in spite of the difficulties they have to face.




Sang Hyun covered up his face with a gauze type material to prevent mosquito bites while sleeping, but had left his hands bare. He could not sleep well, perhaps due to the uncomfortable environment. When asked by the crew, he said that looking up at the moon while sleeping made him think about his wife. He must have missed her.
In the middle of the night, they were woken up by sudden strong winds.
Sang Hyun sits next to the fireplace as he felt cold.
In response to the very sour mangoes he tasted but which Su Bin seemed to have no problem eating.
Their new challenges were to find the Manta rays and catch fishes which were more than 30 cm in size. If they succeed, they would receive stone money. Byeong Man takes Su Bin and Han Byeol with him for the first task while the rest would go fishing. It was also Su Bin’s dream to see the Manta Rays but unfortunately the worsening weather was not conducive. The team was disappointed and had to give up after waiting underwater for 30 minutes.
5-19While Ryu Dam and Jeong Jin set up a trap for the wild chickens, Sang Hyun and Ji Won repaired the raft.
5-20The discomfort from his knee problem was obvious this time.
He had earlier put on his knee protective gear as the rainy weather made his knees ache.




With the raft successfully repaired with reinforced binding, Sang Hyun and Ji Won takes it for a ride. The raft was a bit submerged with their combined weight but they managed to keep it balanced. Ji Won was nervous and a bit worried about them becoming food for the sharks.
Contrary to our earlier guess that the raft was attached to some piling, the things sticking up at the corners were actually their cameras.  But I think they were never in any great danger while in the water as a couple of boats with the filming crew and others could be seen nearby.  I’m sure the PD would have also ensured that their safety would never be compromised, especially with the members who cannot swim.
5-25Feeling the exhilaration of their raft being pulled along by the wind. Just look at that happy smile.
Ji Won joins Ryu Dam and Jeong Jin on the boat
while Sang Hyun enjoys fishing from his raft.
Just not their lucky day as they did not manage to catch any fishes and the Manta ray sighting was also unsuccessful.




5-30aEveryone was delighted to see the kite flying high up in the air but unfortunately the string broke and they lost it.
At that moment, it started to rain heavily and they were told by the PD that the local weather had forecast a typhoon the next day. If the weather were to worsen, they would have to withdraw but fortunately the rain stopped after some time.
No success with the wild chickens which eluded them by perching high up on the trunk and flying off into the nearby trees.


In this week’s episode 6, the typhoon strikes ……



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2 Responses to ‘Law Of The Jungle In Yap’ Episode 5 (2015-06-26)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Unfortunately, I could see only the second part and I won’t be able to watch the next two episodes online. But hopefully, I could watch all of them with english subs in the future!
    SH is really creative and tries to find the possibilities to make their lives much easier there! 😀 Seeing the quantity of foods, I think they gave up some kilos during this wild “vacation”! As I see JW and SH became very good friends, that’s great! I don’t understand the promise???
    Well, I know how terrible is “sleeping” with mosquitos in the same place as it’s impossible to sleep! That’s why I bought a baldachin gauze type net which can be fixed on the ceiling and it keeps the mosquitos faraway, in that case if I won’t move at all night, but I am a constantly moving type durint sleeping! 😀 They should have used such a net fixing to a tree and they could sleep better. But covering the face with a ribbon on the neck, I think it’s dangerous! Seeing them I got a strange feeling… 😦 It was good that the storm came as I think the mosquitos flied away! 😀
    I also look up at the moon when my lover is faraway from me as we could see the same moon and then we could get closer, but I think the best solution for SH, if he miss his wife so much, that he doesn’t lose her so many times alone! If he is with her, he must not see the moon, but her immediately! 😀 Otherwise, if I would like to be very bad, I would say that SH was worrying what kind of mess will wait him when he would arrive at home! 😀 I am just joking, but that closed door doesn’t go out of my head! Sorry! 😀
    I like SH’s facial expression when something strange and unexpected thing happens to him! I could laugh a lot!!! Tasting a sour mango can’t be too good, but I like to eat lemons, just bite it! 😀
    I am sorry that he has pains in his knees, and the grim weather wasn’t too useful for his health! But it is a great progression from SH that he could put his head into the water! Congratulation! Next step is to learn swimming! When they were sailing with JW, that was really great! Like two lovely children! And they could sing: “I am sailing, I am sailing Home agian ‘Cross the sea, I am sailing Stormy waters To be near you, To be free!” 😀 Sailing is amazing, I did it many times on normal sailboat! It gives a great freedom as the sailboat is splitting the water…
    It’s also happy moments from my childhood the kite flying on the Temple square or in the City Park! We also made the kites by ourself and it was much better as we could draw anything on it!
    It was funny to see the battle spirit in SH when he saw that cock! I think he could think only about his stomach, I mean filling with fried cock! 😀 Unfortunately, the cock could fly, even if he is not so high and faraway as SH sang it!!! (I believe I can fly!) Sometimes I think our thinking is very similar, and from one thing we associate the same way! 😀
    Thanks Julee, and hopefully next time I could be informed about the next episodes at least by you again!

    • juleecwk says:

      Making a raft and sailing it, making a kite and flying it …… all these would probably have brought SH back to his childhood days. It was lovely to see SH and JW’s excitement when the wind propelled the raft forward and that happy smile on SH’s face was priceless. I think he probably did not regret joining this show even if was tough at times. If they had really caught that chicken, I wonder who would be the one to slaughter it. Perhaps they might get a chicken in the coming episode.

      When we were watching the trailer before its premiere, we got the impression that the PD was putting the members at risk with that scene of SH all alone on the raft and suddenly those sharks tearing into the bait. And the members having to brave the strong winds of the typhoon. But now we know that the PD was prepared to have everyone withdraw if the weather conditions worsens. But a concern that now bugs me is of the team not having enough food to eat.

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